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A push your luck, set collection card game from the creators of Call of Cthulhu and board game design legend Reiner Knizia
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Download 'The Deductive Method' on Backerkit; Manufacturing the game now completed

Posted by Chaosium Inc. (Creator)

Dear MU Scholars,

The Deductive Method PDF now available to download on Backerkit

The special Kickstarter exclusive Miskatonic University short fiction, Molly Tanzer's The Deductive Method is available for you to download via your Backerkit Account (all backers at $25 Professor level and above).


It's currently offered as a PDF. We'll be adding other digital formats (EPUB, MOBI, PRC) shortly. The story will remain a Kickstarter exclusive until mid-2019.

We hope you enjoy the tale!

Manufacturing the game now completed; #ShipsofCthulhu will soon set sail

Our printers in China have advised that the manufacturing process of the MU game is now complete. Next week, the cargoes get loaded onto container ships to be delivered to our fulfilment warehouses in the USA, UK, and Australia. Once we have the details, including the names of the ships and their arrival dates, we'll let you know. That's also when we'll be setting a lockdown date for Backerkit; you'll have until that date to modify your order or update your shipping address.

Our warehouses will commence fulfilling Kickstarter orders as soon as they receive their shipment. Based on previous experience, shipments tend to arrive in Australia first, followed by the USA and then UK. 

Customs and shipping willing, we could possibly still be able to start sending out rewards to some backers by the very end of November; however, early to mid December would be a more realistic time-frame. 

Field Trip Coupon extended to December 31st

We have extended the 10% Discount 'Field Trip' coupon to December 31 to enable you to use it for the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set and the special Masks of Nyarlathotep Leatherette Edition, both of which will go on sale next month. 


Note, if you are just after the standard hardback slipcase edition of Masks, it is available now:

We have also recently released Terror Australis 2nd Edition in PDF for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game

We also want to let you know that the long-awaited Call of Cthulhu official video game was released on XBox One, PS4, PC and Steam on October 30. The game was produced under license by Focus Home Interactive, and is inspired by and emulates the essence of the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG.

Call of Cthulhu is available here:

As always, thanks for supporting our Kickstarter!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brand Bogard on

      ummm, what link do we use to download the pdf for backers?

    2. Missing avatar


      Hello. I would like to know how is the shipping going?. In this update, from 18th November, you posted "Once we have the details, including the names of the ships and their arrival dates". Any news about this? Thanks in advance :)

    3. Chaosium Inc. 4-time creator on

      @nick eden. The Field Trip voucher is usable one time only.

    4. Missing avatar

      nick eden on

      Is the Field Trip voucher one use per person, or can we keep using it up to new year? Bought something on the last day it was active in October, might want more come Christmas...