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A push your luck, set collection card game from the creators of Call of Cthulhu and board game design legend Reiner Knizia
3,697 backers pledged $106,994 to help bring this project to life.

The Semester is Over: You All Passed with Flying Colors!

Posted by Chaosium Inc. (Creator)

Dear MU Scholars,

Our Kickstarter has come to a successful end, and you've all graduated Summa Cum Laude—with the highest praise! 

The Chaosium team would like to thank you for your support over the past 21 days. We're delighted to be back making Lovecraftian board games again!

Now we must put our efforts into the next phase of this Kickstarter - delivering all of the rewards as quickly and efficiently as we can. The main sequence of next steps will be as follows:

  • Kickstarter is going to start processing backer payments by officially charging you via the payment method you set up when you pledged. It will take about 5-10 days to complete all backer payments. 
  • After payments have all been processed we will email you a survey from Kickstarter, asking you a few simple questions. It will mainly be centered around you providing us with your mailing address. 
  • In due course we'll then be sending each backer an email invitation to BackerKit, our chosen fulfillment partner. For those of you not familiar with BackerKit, it will help us with tracking and shipping you your rewards. 
  • Once you have been set up there we will send out the PDF reward items (diplomas, grad student forms, the MU short story) via Backerkit download. There will also be an opportunity to purchase add-ons, including extra copies of the game, and copies of Khan of Khans, our previous Reiner Knizia game. 
  • We will also start sending out the Framed Diplomas, Name Plaques etc to the backers that have them in their rewards package. 
  • You'll receive your "Field Trip" discount coupon for at this time too.
  • In the next week or so we'll be setting up a Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection forum at BRP Central. While we will always provide updates via Kickstarter first, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask them in this new forum, along with exchanging game-play strategies, forbidden wisdom from the library, and anything else related to the game. We at Chaosium will post there frequently.
  • In due course we will add more MU items to our Chaosium merchandise store at Redbubble, for t-shirts, wall art, mugs, stickers and the like.
  • We have already started working with the game manufacturer. When we have production updates we will post them via Kickstarter updates.
  • We will stay in regular communication with you! We delivered our previous board game Kickstarter on time and intend to do the same here. 

More soon! We wanted to get this update out sooner rather than later. 

As always, thank you for supporting this project.

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    1. Chaosium Inc. 4-time creator on

      All is proceeding well! We will be posting a new update and sending out the surveys next week, once we're back from Origins Games Fair, cheers Chaosium

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Loviska on

      Still no email here either, how about everyone else?

    3. Vajra on

      @Brad Thanks for replying. With other games I backed, the KS survey was sent after a week or so, so I started wondering if I somehow missed it

    4. Brad McLeod on

      I haven't gotten the email yet, Vajra. Just waiting, I figure.

    5. Vajra on

      Hi, did someone already receive a mail with the KS survey?

    6. Vincent Solfronk on

      The Stars Are Right! ^(;,;)^

    7. Art D

      I am generally not a fan of card games, but "Miskatonic University" looks amazing and is one card game that I'm glad to have backed!
      Huge fan of Lovecraft, so I can't wait to play it!!!
      Thanks, Chaosium.