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Slugs & Bugs aspires to be musically great, smartly silly, and quietly true. Above all, it should bring joy to you and your kids.
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Slugs & Bugs - I'm Adopted

Posted by Randall Goodgame (Creator)

Two years ago I flew to pick up my son Ben from Ethiopia. He was 2 years old, and now he is 4.  Adoption is now a huge part of my family's story, so I knew we needed a Slugs & Bugs song about adoption.  I also knew it would be a challenge.

Within the narrative of every adoption there is an echo of deep sadness.  Something has broken that will never mend.   Something beautiful may be revealed in time, but any adoption song I would write would need to somehow acknowledge the whole story - not just the sunny side.  Still, it also needed to fit on a fun and happy Slugs & Bugs CD.  In time, I wrote a lyric that acknowledged the facts about the hard beginning, but quickly turned to rejoice in the beauty reflected by our adoption into the family of God. 

Realizing the tender subject matter, and with a deep desire for the song to serve effectively, I shared the lyric with a few friends in adoptive families, eventually bringing it to my neighborhood church group (two of whom played on the song).  They listened, prayed for me and advised me, and after a heart to heart with Amy, I decided to change the first verse. (I'll share the old verse with you in another post down the road).

Over that next weekend I found the verse that made the record, and the song was complete.  It is one of my favorite tracks on the record, and I hope you like it too.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Haley Ballast on

      I love the song "Planting Trees" -- and now love it all more knowing the back story!! Very cool. :)

    2. Randall Goodgame 4-time creator on

      Hey Jennifer - yes, AP is one of my dearest friends and his family was a huge support during our adoption journey.

    3. Missing avatar

      Corrie Merricks on

      I love this song! I love how you captured this very significant thing, but I also love that it's fun and singable for kids. :) My brother and his wife were in Ethiopia with you, I think!

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Huss on

      So because of the "I Wanna Help" and "I want to ride in a wagon" songs, my daughter thinks this song is called "I Wanna be Adopted".... hmmm. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Cummings on

      Love the song, and I have to ask: is it you who Andrew Peterson references in his song "Planting Trees" ??

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Benefiel on

      Awesome song Randy. My wife and I were at her parent's church here in Xenia, OH when you came and talked about your adoption with us during Sunday School, so we understand your connection; plus my wife's family adopted a young girl they had fostered for over two years. I love the tie in to how we are all adopted into the family of God...beautiful.

    7. Missing avatar

      Haley Ballast on

      I like the changes -- thanks for all the prayer, sensitivity and intentionality that went into this song!

    8. Missing avatar

      kelly johnson on

      Excellent work! It's great! And just what I needed to hear today as a mommy in the process of adoption. Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christy Davis on

      Love it! So excited to have an adoption song to sing with my two! :)

    10. Ryan Szrama on

      Reminds me just a bit of Share the Well. : )

    11. Missing avatar

      steven holsenback on

      Randall, we can't thank you enough for making this song. God blessed us with a daughter 1 yr ago. Thank you as well for incorporating our spiritual adoption. Sharing how we got Elena is a natural intro into the Gospel!