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An art book featuring portraits of the individuals who lost an American Presidential election, John Adams through Mitt Romney.
172 backers pledged $6,247 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator John Falcon on February 4, 2014

      I received my copy of the book today..fantastic production values! Thank You very much!

    2. Creator Terence "The Tigger" Chandler on September 7, 2013

      Last update was July - can we please get a status update? Waaayyy past expected delivery =(

    3. Creator Chicago Teachers: Inside Out on June 23, 2013

      So, are going to get what we chose anytime soon? Not wanting to be rude, but it's starting to be an exceedingly long time

    4. Creator Tamara on June 5, 2013

      Hey Shannon,
      Sorry to be a nag, but we haven't had an official update since March and although you did send me a brief email I would love to hear what's going on and when we can expect our books to be mailed.

    5. Creator Wesley Hirsh on January 29, 2013

      Awesome, Shannon. Thanks so much!

    6. Creator Shannon McCormick on January 23, 2013

      Hey Wesley, thanks for asking. More info coming very soon, but I haven't sent out surveys quite yet for physical goods, as I want to make sure I don't miss any change of addresses or anything like that, since we don't have books ready to ship yet. People ho claimed art pledges though should start seeing those surveys really really soon.

    7. Creator Wesley Hirsh on January 23, 2013

      Hey Shannon. Have you sent out the mailing survey yet? Because I haven't gotten one if you have.

    8. Creator Shannon McCormick on December 15, 2012

      Lizzy, yes! Thanks for seeing that, I should send it out in the message. My first campaign several years ago was for my theater company, Gnap! Theater Projects, and I guess that's how my Amazon Payments profile is still set up. I should go fix that as to avoid confusion in the future.

    9. Creator Lizzy Ball on December 14, 2012

      Glad to see that it was funded! Are you charging pledgers under the name "Gnap! Theater Projects"? Just making sure. Thanks.

    10. Creator Wesley Hirsh on December 8, 2012

      Hey Shannon!!! This is a wonderful idea and I'm so glad that the goal was reached. I can't wait to see the final product!

    11. Creator Shannon McCormick on December 6, 2012

      Thanks, Raj! We can't either! Thanks for your support!

    12. Creator Raj Kochhar on December 6, 2012

      This is such a wonderful idea! Can't wait to see the final result.

    13. Creator Shannon McCormick on November 28, 2012

      Thanks, lady!!

    14. Creator Mary Mullen on November 28, 2012

      Good luck on your book Shannon! I hope you get what you need :)