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Video reviews of every game I've ever played. This might kill me.

I'm Nathan, and I have a problem. I've played a LOT of video games over the years. Starting on PC, NES, Genesis, and all the way up to modern consoles, I've played insane amounts of games and have kept playing them with no sign of stopping. It's a dangerous game! (pun intended)

I originally started reviewing games by hand on my game blog, Nathan vs Video Games. The blog's popularity took off and it got kind of absurd, with the site getting several hundred thousands unique hits a month. Crazy!

There's just one problem: you have to read to enjoy it. And we all know reading is on the out 'n out. 

So this kickstarter is so that, rather than do all my review typed out with the words and the letters and the reading (seriously. Reading = old news.),  I will create hilarious* video reviews for your pleasure!

I also want to capture myself playing through complete game with commentary (much like a Let's Play) only playing really bad and obscure games. 

As an avid retro games collector, I have tons to comment on and provide feedback, helping consumers buy the best games. This will help collectors avoid the crap games. Plus, it'll be entertaining and delightfully stupid!

I don't need much to get this up and running. I don't want to ever have to put ads on my blog or my youtube channel, so I'm turning to Kickstarter. The funds for this project will go directly to getting a good capture card, a good video camera and (if it gets high enough) a decent computer to process all these awesome high def videos on.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to make the best video series your brain has ever born witness to! And yes, you can watch it with your eyes and listen with your ears! As a bonus feature!


  • YES! What I really want to cover is a lot of retro games, possibly obscure ones. It drives me crazy when I go to a video game store and see around 300 NES games and have NO IDEA which ones are good and which ones are total crap. So I'm hoping to do captured video straight from the NES games (no emulator bull!) and get lots of those up. Maybe have a big database of good games worth purchasing; all that jazz!

    Aside from that, I want to do tons of commentary videos when I play through some genuinely awful games. I think that would prove amusing (plus my friends want to get in on it as well!).

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  • I'm glad you asked! I want to provide awesome content, so here's a list of things I'm going to do should I go over the goal!

    - Get a PSP and do PSP reviews!

    - Get a bunch of mics and a splitter so I can do group stuff better!

    - Get a ton more games to review!

    - Party hard!

    So ultimately, the more that ends up donated the more motivated I am going to be with this whole thing. I'm going to make movies until the cows come home!

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