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A Psychedelic Horror-Thriller... Based on Distorted events...
A Psychedelic Horror-Thriller... Based on Distorted events...
119 backers pledged $25,659 to help bring this project to life.

Absolute Final ETYS Kickstarter Backer Update -- It’s Been Fun!

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"Absolute Final ETYS Kickstarter Backer Update -- It’s Been Fun!"

Dearest Backers, Closing in on the end of summer, now a few days into August, I write to you with this Absolute Final Kickstarter Update to share with you the Final and Most Important News in this long, hard journey to bring this Micro-Budget Feature Film into existence. 

 “Expressway To Your Skull” has FINALLY and OFFICIALLY gotten news from our Distributor that it will be released on DVD and VOD in early November of 2015... only a few months away! 

 This is an exciting and defining moment for Expressway and we obviously could not have done it without your continued support. I still say “We” because there were obviously many wonderful, talented and creative people involved... even though at this point... let’s be honest... its just me, Mike Okum, the project’s creator, standing tearfully in the doorway as I watch my monstrous creation, all grown up and ready to go, about to leave my loving arms forever and venture into the wild blue yonder. But I just wanted you all to know how much this means to me... Maybe I’ll never be able to express my gratitude fully but this is my last effort to tell you I’m still to this day absolutely blown away by the generosity all my friends and family and even some complete strangers have shown to support my efforts to make my first feature film from the ground up. 

 And here we are. It’s been one hell of a long, strange trip but now its drawing to a close and you wonderful backers are getting the news of the Official Film Release right here before anybody else. I’m proud of the work that has ended up on the screen and fortunate to have worked with such a team of awesome people to make it a reality. 

 A Few Final Notes : 

 __All of you wonderful backers are officially subscribed to the Expressway To Your Skull email list to get (just a few) more updates via email as to the film’s release and for the planned release of a Special Edition Blu Ray Disc I will be selling exclusively through our (one and only) website:

 __Also I plan to sell a limited edition of “psychedelic shroom” sculptures through the site as well so if you’re inclined to own a novelty piece of art from the film or maybe buy an extra poster please check out the emails that will direct you to the site where all this stuff will be available in the coming months. 

__And... I’ll be releasing one final shorter, leaner, meaner 90 second trailer for Expressway around late September / early October... about a month away from the release date... so keep you’re eyes peeled for that content on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the videos hubs Youtube and Vimeo... 

 And beyond that I’ll just say one final time -- THANK YOU SO MUCH! -- It’s been a pleasure to take this incredible journey and share it with you via these updates along the way. 

 All the Best to You and Yours... 

 Mike Okum 

 The Official Breakdown: Expressway To Your Skull with be released on November 3rd 2015 through Brain Damage Film / Maxim Media. 

 Links:  // Brain Damage Films //  Maxim Media // 

"Expressway" on Facebook  // "Expressway" on Twitter //  MadWolfProductions on Instagram

“REWARDS” -- 2nd to Last Kickstarter Update for “Expressway To Your Skull”


Hello Backers!

Yes its already March of 2015 and “Expressway To Your Skull” had its World Premiere at the 33rd New Jersey Film Festival last month on Friday the 13th. We indeed had a great time and you can see pics from the event on our Facebook page. So after that re-energizing experience... a month later I’m contacting you to let you know we’re still alive and kicking and making progress toward expanding the audience for “Expressway” more than ever before. We hope to share more news about any additional festival premieres or a developing distribution deal as its happens and that news will come as our absolute final kickstarter update in the coming months.  

In celebration of our progress I’m happy to announce the release of our Soundtrack CD to all Backers who contributed at the $100 or above. 25 Backers will receive Soundtrack CDs in the mail. All you have to do is reply to an email Mike Okum ( will be sending to you personally with your most current mailing address and you’ll receive the Soundtrack in a couple weeks time. 

As for other rewards: The DVD and HD Download Rewards will be available to all Backers who contributed at that specific level once the film is distributed and released either on DVD or on VOD in 2015 (specific dates TBD -- estimated date of Fall 2015).

The Printed Poster and Mushroom Sculpture Rewards are on pace to be distributed to all Backers who contributed at that level by the estimated date of June 2015. Finally the Poster PDF as well as 3 High Resolution Film stills will be delivered to All Backers at All Levels at the end of March 2015 through the “Expressway To Your Skull” Mailing List. That wraps up our plans for the reward distribution -- If anyone has any questions or concerns please email Mike @ (

And once again -- Thanks for all your continued support. I’m personally glad to, at long last, finally be able to give back in the form of these rewards for your generosity.

Until the Final Update coming sometime soon... I wish you all the best...


Final Update for 2014 -- Feature Film Link Online for 5 days


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World Premiere and End of the Year Holiday Cheer -- Moving Forward in 2015


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Our Fall Update... Getting Close to the Finish Line

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Dear Backers,

It’s officially fall and Halloween is just around the corner. As so many of us make plans for that spooktacular holiday I thought it would be best to celebrate it with some more news from the world of “Expressway To Your Skull”.

As most of you know we had our private cast and crew premiere in Los Angeles back in August. It was a great time and we’re glad so many of our wonderful creative team could make it. However, to be clear, this was not our “World Premiere” -- which is an event we’re still holding out for with one of the key film festivals taking place throughout the fall and winter months ahead. There will be another update on that news soon.

But before that we wanted to get a bit more serious to set the record straight about our goals with the film and with the remaining rewards many of you were promised. In light of the recent changes Kickstarter announced to their “terms and conditions” we wanted to take this opportunity to remind every single one of you generous backers out there that we still plan on honoring the remaining rewards we promised to those of you who actually chose rewards as part of generously donating your hard-earned money.

It has to be repeated that we’re still extremely grateful for that generosity and as you know we did fulfill the ultimate goal for our small but steadily growing audience... We finished the film! Now, it’s true that the film is not yet available to be seen in theaters, on DVD, or through Video On Demand websites... but these plans are all in the works and it will take time for us to strike a proper distribution deal that would benefit our film and get it the attention it deserves.

Beyond our distribution of DVDs or HD Downloads there are some smaller matters involving the rewards. The first is the news that our Limited Edition Film Soundtrack CD is Very Close to being finished (See Design Below). We will also have a selection of TWO Poster designs for you to download via email. (Coming to your inbox soon). And for those of you who actually paid for the printed 11X17” poster reward we will have those available very soon too.

So as you can see we are indeed honoring our end of the bargain. We are planning to physically mail the DVD’s, Downloads, Soundtrack CD’s and Posters all as one bulk package to all backers who chose those rewards but it will take just a bit longer for all those packages to be completed so... of course... we really appreciate your patience.

Finally, when we’re able to -- we’ll announce any further local screenings we may have either in Los Angeles or in New York or New Jersey which is where the majority of you wonderful people reside.

Once again keep an eye out for more updates via email a little further down the line... We’re excited to see the final stages of this film project taking shape. And we hope many of you who haven’t had the chance yet to see the film will join us either in a theater or online to celebrate the completion and release of “Expressway To Your Skull”.

All the Best, Mike Okum and Julian Daly

Soundtrack CD Cover Design
Soundtrack CD Cover Design