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Desda Zuckerman has written a breakthrough book on her vision of human energy anatomy Your Sacred Anatomy is an owner's guide for you!
Desda Zuckerman has written a breakthrough book on her vision of human energy anatomy Your Sacred Anatomy is an owner's guide for you!
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Today people are already reading their Your Sacred Anatomy print books and their E-Books and even some are gazing at their posters on the wall! It has been an incredible journey for me and without you it would have been so much less rewarding. It’s funny- Kickstarter calls the stuff you get for backing a project a reward- but it is me who got the big reward. Not just raising funds to finally get this opus out into the world and the warm satisfaction of that fact, but also by having the tremendous experience of community and support I had with all of you! Thank you so much for your love and respect, your help, your enthusiasm, and your patience. You are forever part of this project and the good it will do in the world.


 Here it is- the MP3 you've all been waiting for! I've recorded an exercise from the book for you. Returning Presence (print book pg.16) is probably the most important exercise in the book and I want to share it with you now. Use it in health and with my gratitude for your support for Your Sacred Anatomy! 

 Returning Presence Meditation 


Because you have all been so patient I would like to offer you a bonus reward. This is an MP3 recording of a meditation NOT in the book but recorded especially to bridge the two sections of Your Sacred Anatomy. Listen to it after you have read Book I and BEFORE you read Book II. It should help you open up to the energy shift that occurs as you move into Book II

End Book I Meditation 


I am proud to say that Your Sacred Anatomy is speech enabled. This won’t matter to everyone but it should. Not all E-Books are speech enabled so that people with visual challenges can listen to them on their readers. On my soapbox just a sec- I think this is something that ought to happen to ALL books as a matter of course. Authors please make sure your E-Book is speech enabled! Kindle Digital Publishing will do it for no additional charge. So ask! 


I will be participating in the Go Forth and Thrive After Cancer Telesummit, which runs January 14-25th featuring 2 speakers a day. Organized by CoreIndividuation practitioner, Barbara Musser and sponsored by her company, Sexy After Cancer twenty healing experts come together from all different parts of the healing spectrum to share their specialty and wisdom about cancer. 

For my interview Barbara talked with me for 45 minutes about how cancer, its treatment and other diseases affect the Human Energy Structure. I’m sharing January 21 with the marvelous Marianne Williamson at 4pm and me at 6pm PST. 

 In addition to an interview each expert is sharing a free gift with every participant. Mine is a 40-minute MP3 class on Reclaiming Your Health Using the Sacred Anatomy. Register at And begin 2013 with support for your cancer journey in all areas of your one precious life!

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YOUR E-Book IS NOW READY For You!- We will send out the link and password to each Backer who purchased one in a private email RIGHT NOW! This email will include all instructions for downloading the E-Book. Check your INBOX!


YOUR PRINT BOOK - Your print book should have arrived by now. If it has not- please let me know. Email me at Most of all- PLEASE let me know what you think. Your thoughts are very important to me and I value your opinions. 

YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGED-  The CoreIndividuation website has a special page devoted to the Kickstarter Backers. All backers are listed here in gratitude! The gold star backers (those who gave $125 and more) have been thanked in the book in the Acknowledgement section exactly as was promised. 

MP 3 MEDITATION- Each Backer- large and small will receive an MP 3 Meditation as part of your Kickstarter Rewards! We are sending an email to you with the download information this week. This Meditation is a companion piece to the book and will support your experience and enjoyment of the information.

POSTERS MAILED - All the posters were mailed before Christmas to qualified backers. Our poster came out so beautifully we've decided to put it up for sale on the website. Keep checking the site for this offering!

SPECIAL BONUS GIFTS FOR YOU- Because YOU, my beloved Backers have been so patient and so good I want to say thank you by giving each of you wonderful people a gift. I am sending a second email with download information for another MP 3 that includes a special guided visualization to be listened to when you finish reading BOOK I. This meditation is an activation to support your energy structure as you open and expand to the affects and responses the book will evoke in you and it will prepare you for the deeper dive of BOOK II. It is a special bonus early backers gift in acknowledgement of how much you all have meant to me and how incredibly grateful I am for your support! Bless you all!

YOUR SACRED ANATOMY PRINT / E-BOOK- FOR SALE - Both versions of the book are for sale on right now! Please do not be shy about sharing them with your friends. The Look Inside feature is now up and running. They are on sale for the New Year and as a launch promotion through the month of February at the low price of: print-$69.95 and E-Book-$35!

 BOOK DAMAGED IN SHIPPING? CORRECTION ON CREATESPACE POLICIES - I sent out the statement in my last UPDATE #24 about what to do if your book is damaged in shipping—I told you to contact CreateSpace- It turns out  I was misinformed! SO-if your book is damaged in shipping please CONTACT ME! CreateSpace will be HAPPY TO REPLACE IT but because I bought it I will have to be the one to request a replacement! Please contact me at and make sure to give me your phone number! I WANT YOU SATISFIED!!!

OUR GOAL: 25 REVIEWS OF THE BOOK ON AMAZON- Help promote the book by posting a review on Amazon. The way it works, when we reach 25 reviews the book automatically gets more traffic driven to it- such is the way of Internet marketing. Please help out and make your voice heard by posting your own review of Your Sacred Anatomy on the Amazon book page. A special thank-you to the wonderful Michael Margolis who got the ball rolling and posted the first one right away! 

 DESDA ON THE RADIO- I will appear on the Blog Talk radio show: “It’s All About You” in a live broadcast interview on Wednesday night January 2nd at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST. Darien Marshall will be talking to me about CI and the book. Please tune in and listen to my interview at http//’sAllAboutYou! If you miss it- the radio interview will  be posted on my website media page. As always, let me know what you think! 





The first mailing of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure is now arriving at Backer’s homes! I’m pretty ecstatic and want you all to let me know when you get your books! Email me right away at! If your book is being autographed by me delivery will be delayed a little. HANG ON! IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!


All the other rewards MP3, Poster and the E Book are on their way. I’ll keep you posted as we move closer and closer to completion! 


Your Sacred Anatomy is up on Amazon right now! The “look inside” feature will take a week or so to kick in- but people can now purchase this beauty for pre-Christmas delivery. An E Book option will be added when the conversion is finished. 


If by twist of fate your book is damaged in shipping CreateSpace- is HAPPY TO REPLACE IT! Please contact their customer service department if that happens. 


Right now CreateSpace is adapting the finished book design into an E-book format through a conversion program This means the E-Books will look a little bit different because—GUESS WHAT: The text boxes in the print book design do not expand and contract to accommodate font sizes shifts so popular with E-Books. Naturally, you will still get ALL of the information and ALL the beautiful pictures as the rest of the design will remain the same. 


I have learned from a Nook specialist that to read this Kindle program on your Nook you will need to: 

1. Locate the free program called Calibre E Book Management here:

2. Down load the Calibre program to your computer 

3. Download the E-Book file of Your Sacred Anatomy to your computer 

4. Convert it to Nook format with the Calibre E Book Management program 

5. READ and BE HAPPY! (This is the essential part!) 

 That’s all for now! What do you think of me and my baby? 

Happy Hanukkah to you all, 


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My friends, 

All our work, time, effort and creativity has finally paid off. She is here and she is a beauty! This is a truly exquisite book! Holding Your Sacred Anatomy in my hands was at the same time surreal and profoundly amazing! It almost hasn't sunk in yet- almost- but every now and then I find myself feeling this bone deep relief. So, I guess my wise body is “getting it” in a big way! .

So much has yet to be done for the project. I still have promotion and website updates, mailing everything and more!!  I am working hard to get all the loose ends tied up…

BUT THIS IS THE BIG NEWS:  MONDAY PRINTING BEGINS!   All that stands between you and holding your very own copy of Your Sacred Anatomy in your hands is printing it and shipping it. I am ordering copies to be mailed to you tonight and CreateSpace predicts they should arrive by December 20th. Books that I am inscribing as part of the Kickstarter reward for $125, $250 and $500 backers will come to me first- be signed and rushed directly to you from me. I will go as fast as I can!!! MP3 Meditations will be emailed next week and your E-Book link will land in your inbox as it completes the formatting phase. AT LONG LAST IT IS HAPPENING!

 I am moved to deep gratitude by your patience and support. I have loved your encouraging letters, your energy and partnership through this entire process. I will be on pins and needles waiting for your reaction to the book. Until then, take a look at Kim Glass and I holding our very first proof copy of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner's Guide to the Human Energy Structure and SMILE!

 Happy Days Are Here! 


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Greetings Backers!

I have great news for you on this cyber Monday! Your Sacred Anatomy is totally formatted and the cover will be finished formatting by end of day today or early tomorrow. After being checked for any technical transfer errors the book will immediately will go to the presses! 

I have just been told this morning that the hard copy proof has been expedited and they are working to get it to me much sooner than the drop-dead date of December 7th! THIS IS IT! 

 After I review my long awaited hard copy proof I will submit any changes needed and send it to print for REAL. Shipping to you will begin as the books are hot off the presses-

Those backers who ordered the $75 hard copy will receive books shipped directly from CreateSpace (the printer) while the $125, $250 and $500 backer’s books will be sent to me to complete their rewards with an author autograph and then shipped to you from me. The other rewards: the incredible poster and the MP3 meditation plus some surprises are all ready to go. They will be sent to you as soon as the book is finished and going to the e-book format which is the absolute last step! E-book links will be sent out upon completion of the e-book format which will be done by the time the books are printed. The complete backer thank you listing can already be seen on the or 

 Thank you all for helping us compile every single one of your correct email and snail mail addresses! WE ARE SO CLOSE! 

 Hope your holiday was filled with family, feasting and fun,