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Transform your iPad, tablet, or smartphone into the world's coolest multi-touch laptop. The WINGStand creates success. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 26, 2011.

Transform your iPad, tablet, or smartphone into the world's coolest multi-touch laptop. The WINGStand creates success.

About this project

THE WINGStand WILL BE MADE IN THE USA, Shipped Sept. 25!

We've begun the manufacturing process with an injection molding company out of Olney, Illinois. Not only will we be manufacturing in the U.S. but the black WINGStands will also be made using recycled, regrind plastic. Eco and local - two great things about the WINGStand.









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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out the WINGStand and supporting the project. In case you’re interested, here’s a little more info about the WINGStand and the story behind it. Also, there are FAQ's at the bottom of the page if you have a specific question in mind.

The Cliff notes version:

“The WINGStand creates the world’s sharpest multi-touch laptop by physically integrating a wireless keyboard with an iPad, tablet, or smartphone. It connects to a full sized keyboard making it possible to type naturally as one would with an actual computer. 

The WINGStand is manufactured via a process called injection molding. This allows us to assure an impeccably high quality product, but it also entails a large upfront cost for initial tooling. The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money cover these upfront costs and make the WINGStand a reality.

The WINGStand accommodates a myriad of different devices including the iPad, iPad2, iPhone, and all other tablets on the market. It also works with most cases including the iPad Smart Cover and 1st Generation iPad case. Independent of a keyboard, the WINGStand doubles as an upright stand for tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.

The Extended Edition:

The WINGStand was designed to give tablets the same interactive capabilities as actual computers. Because touch screen devices have always lacked a tactile interface, it has been impossible to write with them as if they were computer. As such, devices like the iPad have been used almost exclusively for reading and media display. But not anymore. 

The WINGStand solves the typing issue by uniting a touchscreen device with a wireless keyboard, thus creating a de-facto laptop with an iPad, tablet, or smartphone as the monitor. But the WINGStand does a lot more than the standard laptop. For instance, the WINGStand setup allows you to remove, rotate and reconfigure an iPad, tablet, or smartphone in any orientation. It enables one to switch between different devices for different circumstances, and it even doubles as an upright stand without a keyboard when needed.

We’ve worked to create a device that mirrors the same clean, elegant simplicity of Apple products. The design is sleek, with subtle curves and smooth faces. Our goal with the wingstand was not only to make you more efficient but also to inspire you - to bring simplicity, clarity, and elegance to your life. 

So Why Kickstarter?

Why are we launching on Kickstarter? Because the injection molding process used to create each WINGStand is quite expensive. The price of tooling, the machinery, setting up the equipment, and ordering the first run of WINGStands is more than most individuals can afford, let alone an enthusiastic student. Kickstarter is a way of building energy around the WINGStand and raising enough money to make the product a reality.

But in reality it’s a lot more. This Kickstarter campaign is also a way of showing that today, a good idea is no longer limited by age, or connections, or money. With a good work ethic, a dose of youthful enthusiasm, and a community of active, involved and supportive patrons, any good idea can be realized- even one developed in a Stanford dorm room. The WINGStand, I hope, will be testament to that fact.

With regards,

Daniel H.


  • The WINGStand works with all tablets and most smartphones on the market. For Apple devices, the WINGStand accommodates the iPad, iPad2, iPhone 3 and 4, and the iPod Touch. It also works with most cases including the iPad Smart Cover and 1st Generation iPad case.

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  • Yes! Just be sure to add $8 for international shipping or $3 for shipping to Canada!

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  • Not if you want to use it as a stand. However, to create a multi-touch computer, you'll need an Apple wireless keyboard to sync your device with. If you don't already have one, the Writer's Set includes a flashy, new keyboard.

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  • Yes. Though we're hoping to reach our goal, you can rest assured that if the $9,500 total is not reached you will not be charged a cent! Your contribution will be completely refunded.

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  • Domestic shipping is covered. If you are international add $8 to your donation amount.

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  • - The WINGStand system is adaptable to any orientation, whereas the Apple dock only works with in portrait mode.

    - It can be adjusted to work with devices other than the iPad (like the iPhone, Xoom, or other tablets for more portable computing.)

    - The system can be used while the iPad in its case and works with both the iPad and iPad2. It was also designed to work with future, thinner tablets that may follow the iPad2.

    - Because the WINGStand clips detach from the keyboard, it is a much more portable typing solution than the Apple dock.

    - The WINGStand doubles as a stand when not used with a keyboard.

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  • The WINGStand setup works with any device/case combination that is less than or equal to 0.5" thick. Among the possibilities are the iPad case, iPad2 smart cover, and the Incase Magazine cover for the iPad2.

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  • Yes

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    Pledge $20 or more

    822 backers

    Personal Set – You are pre-ordering a white WINGStand set to turn your iPad, iPhone, or tablet into a premium multi-touch computer. Add $15 for each additional set you would like to order. Includes shipping within the USA.

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    Pledge $30 or more

    496 backers

    Deluxe Set – You will receive an exclusive Black WINGStand set for Kickstarter members, recognition as a deluxe contributor on the WINGStand website, plus detailed instruction on how to sync your iPad or iPhone with a wireless keyboard. Add $20 for each additional set you would like to order.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    124 backers

    Writer’s Set – A full computer set! Receive either a black or white WINGStand set plus a brand new 2011 Apple wireless keyboard. In addition you will be given detailed instructions on how to sync your new keyboard with a wireless device.

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    Pledge $250 or more

    3 backers

    Founder’s Set – You will receive 5 beautiful sets of white or black WINGStands to give to family and friends. These will be shipped in exclusive packaging recognizing you for your valuable contribution to the WINGStand. In addition you’ll be listed as an executive contributor on the WINGStand website and will receive an hour of Skype time to discuss design, innovation, and the follow up products to the WINGStand. To top it off when we ship your WINGStand, we’ll send you a PDF eBook illustrating the evolution and development of the product. And yes, shipping is definitely covered.

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Angel Set - You will receive an exclusive WINGStand set handmade from aircraft grade aluminum. The set will be shipped in a deluxe rosewood carrying case, engraved with a personalized letter thanking you for your leading role in making the WINGStand a reality. You will also receive 10 sets of WINGStands available in either white or black to give to family and friends, recognition as an Angel investor on the website, and for the top two contributors, your name will be immortalized on the packaging of all first edition WINGStands. If you live in the Denver, Boulder, or San Francisco Bay Area, I’ll give you a sneak peek of the products that will be coming later this year. And yes, shipping is definitely covered.

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