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My true story of the sensory sensitive genes that made me too much for this world, how that broke me, and then made me stronger.

My true story of the sensory sensitive genes that made me too much for this world, how that broke me, and then made me stronger. Read More
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Ane Axford
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About this project

The Story of Sensitivity ::

Only one story of sensitivity has been shared publicly. This story equates sensitivity with disorder, weakness, shame, and pity. So, whenever I talk about my understanding of sensitivity to others, both in my work and my personal life, it still can't be seen the way I mean it because this old story is still where most people are starting from. I want sensitivity to be seen in a neutral light so that we can all be free to use it powerfully. 

Being born with a highly sensitive nervous system means you can't suppress what you sense, and that people are going to see in you all the things they try to hide about themselves. It is inherent vulnerability, and no one wants to be vulnerable. So, they are not going to want to learn how to use it or how to see a highly sensitive person (HSP) as anything but weak. But, vulnerability is actually the way to true power. 

Because of this history of sensitivity, people can only truly understand ANY of what I am teaching if they have ALL of it in one place. We need a new paradigm. That is what this book is. It is my true story of transforming from really struggling on the inside, to finally understanding myself, and then using that information to lead with power. The EXACT SAME REASONS I was struggling are the EXACT SAME REASONS I am now leading a life I love that is beyond anything I could have imagined. 

The old story of sensitivity needs to be shattered. It is keeping too many people misunderstood and treated as if they should be different than they are. And this hurts us all. I am standing up to reveal myself in this book. I am talking about everything that has been judged in an open way. I speak as a human, as a therapist, and as a woman. I am talking about my whole life. I can talk about these topics in a new way because I have witnessed and experienced them for myself. There is no other book like this. It is a memoir that is giving relief to many simply by speaking the unspeakable and sharing a true story of possibility. 

This is not a "self-help" or "how-to", it is a "how I did it." It is a story of possibility. It's like the story of running the first 4 minute mile, once more people know that one person has done it then more people can see it as a possibility for themselves to achieve. You surely know a highly sensitive person if you are not one yourself, 20% of our population are highly sensitive. Spreading this book throughout the world can bring understanding in a totally new way.

This story needs to be one that all people hear. It needs to become normal and known about. There needs to be a space for sensitivity. 

The time for this is now.

The work I do is about a sincere mission to empower sensitive people. I give all that I have to that. If there is something that will benefit HSPs, I want them to have it asap. 

I had completed the intro and first chapter for a book proposal I was submitting. I plan to get this book published and shared with as many people on as big of a scale as possible. And I like to share everything I have with my community, so to me there was no reason not to share this chapter that I had already completed.

After sending it to my email list, I got loads of emails back like these :: 

"Wow. There are so many similar experiences I am astounded. I'm so glad I found you! I can't wait to read the rest. Please finish it soon :)"

"If you need any pre orders, you can count me in..."

"There is NOTHING else out there like this. This memoir is so brave and so needed. No self-help book has done for me what your first chapter has."

"Wow. I am so moved and emotional about what you've written, and I am just sitting here with my mouth a little bit open. Your bravery, your honesty, your clear vision... This is a gift that you're giving from the purest place, and I am so glad to see it, to receive it. I can't wait for the rest of it!!!"

"I am always looking for new ways to be authentic, and for people who understand this trait. I have been waiting for a book like yours for many years. So thank you."

"It is amazing and I am excited to read the rest of your book!"

"wow simply beautiful.... I will look for your beautiful book when you complete it.... I echo so much with what you say and the very first lines have me teary..."

"Great start to the book! Just wanted to keep on reading!"

:: :: ::

Why Kickstarter? 

After getting the responses listed above, I realized I don't want to and don't need to wait for a book deal to write this and get it out. I want to unite the supportive community that we already have to get my book out sooner. This book is the most important thing I have to give, it is all of me. That is why I am doing this Kickstarter project. And, that is why I am asking for your support. 

Your funding can act as a sort of book advance. This advance comes directly from the people who already know they want the book rather than coming from a publisher. This way everyone who wants it will be able to get it right now directly from me instead of waiting through the traditionally long process. Also, the more people who support this project, the more it increases the chances of a future book deal where it can be released on a global scale. Any extra funding will go back into providing more opportunities to experience the book.

What to Do NOW :: 

1. Read the 1st Chapter (click here)

2. Choose a Reward (to the right -->)

3. Share the Project (below)

I need you to give by funding this project and spreading the word about it. Funding the project means that you get great rewards, all of which include a copy of the book and exclusive project updates. You can see all of the rewards to the right and pick your favorite. 

Funding is not enough though. We only have 3 WEEKS to do this. The only way any one of us gets the book is if we all reach the limit. Once you have funded it, please share it so that we can reach our goal. 

Easy Ways to Share this Project ::

:: Save the image of the book (below) to your computer by right clicking on it and "save image as", upload it as your Facebook profile picture or simply post it to your wall, and the link to this Kickstarter page ( "Come out" to your friends about your sensitivity, encourage them to check out this page, read the intro + chapter, and fund the project. Tell them just how much it means to you.

Super Sensitive Book Cover
Super Sensitive Book Cover

:: Think of 3 sensitive people that you can send a quick, heartfelt email to with a link to this Kickstarter project encouraging them to check out this book and consider funding it. Just reading the first chapter may make a huge difference in their life.

:: Think of 1 person who may have some pain because of misunderstandings related to your sensitivity, send them a heartfelt email expressing your sadness and offering this as an opening to understanding.

:: At the very least, copy and paste this to your Facebook wall or Twitter :: 

Check out this project that I am funding about highly sensitive people (like me!), short + funny video to watch ::


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Pledge $11 or more About $11 USD

    Early release of Super Sensitive in PDF format :: Get the first version of this long-awaited book as soon as it is available, before it gets published. BONUS :: You get exclusive updates about the progress of the book.

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    Pledge $28 or more About $28 USD

    Super Sensitive PDF + Updates + Audio version of the book :: Listen to each chapter as an individual MP3 audio recording, with the author herself reading her book in her hypnotic voice.

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    36 backers
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    Pledge $47 or more About $47 USD

    Super Sensitive PDF + Updates + Audio version + Q&A Group Call :: Question and answer call with the author where you can ask all your questions and go more in depth on all the details that she didn't include in the book. You also get the chance to hear others like you ask their questions on the call.

    Estimated delivery
    26 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Become a Sensitive Small Business Sponsor :: If you have a business that benefits HSPs, have your name, business, website, and a one sentence blurb included in a special section of the PDF book. This is a great way for other Super Sensitives to find out about your sensitive services. Includes everything in the $47 reward tier.

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Super Sensitive NYC :: Enjoy a Saturday afternoon or evening with the author while she shows you around her favorites of New York City, some of which may be included in the book. Based on your preferences, Ane will design a 3 hour excursion that could include something like: a meal, dessert, shops, walk through the park or museums. Have 3 full hours of one-on-one chat time to pick her brain, laugh, sing, and go deep on whatever topic you want. Cost of one meal and any entrance fees for activities Ane plans are included, but any shopping beyond that is up to you. Includes everything in the $47 reward tier.

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    Pledge $875 or more About $875 USD

    Host the Author for a Group Event :: Have Ane come to your house, book store, wellness center, book club, yoga studio, family reunion, cafe, shop, office, etc. to do a book reading, answer questions, facilitate a discussion. If you are outside of NYC, travel costs and accommodations for Ane will be additional. Includes everything in the $47 reward tier.

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