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Yonatan K. MallingerBy Yonatan K. Mallinger
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Yonatan K. MallingerBy Yonatan K. Mallinger
First created
pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, November 11 2011 12:41 AM UTC +00:00


Piel Music Video -- Suck This Attitude

Two young girls seek revenge for a banker’s sexual-harassment actions, and find revenge when they plot to get his bank robbed.

This music video is, very much, like a short film in a way. It really tells an entire story in three minutes with lyrics instead of dialogue. The story carries strong social values and a powerful moral. The moral in this story empowers women, and exposes the filth in greed.

            A girl and a guy meet at a party, the two hit it off right away and they go home together. The following day the guy is at work, where he is a manager of a bank. His secretary walks in to the guy’s office, he spills coffee on his desk, and without any hesitation he hands a handful of napkins to the secretary, implying that she should start cleaning it Up. As the secretary cleans up the coffee, the guy stares down the secretary's cleavage. The girl, from the party, comes to the bank to visit him at work. The guy looks for a place where they can get some privacy, and decides to take her to the back where the safe is. In the meantime the same bank at a different point in time is getting robbed, the robbers are masked. They hold the guy at gunpoint, as they already have the code to the safe. Just after the robbers exit the bank they take off their masks revealing that the girl is the one who just robbed the bank. We see the girl talking to the secretary on the night that she met the guy, secretary gives girl an ample up with a picture of the guy revealing that the secretary and the girl plotted to rob the bank from the gecko. As the story ends it becomes more and more clear that secretary in the girl decided to rob the bank as a reaction to the guys disgusting actions.

This is a real passion project, with a lot of social value. We currently have almost the entire crew to help work on this project. We also have the entire project all storyboarded out, so we know exactly what we are planning on filming. What we need the budget for is to secure the locations, set design, wardrobe, food for the cast and crew, and some additional filming equipment.

Please help us make this project happen.

Here is the script for "Such This Attitude" song, music video.

For free download of album
Username: glitter
Password: blue5869


Wide shot establishing the club with a line of men at the door. Girl walks into frame towards the entrance of the club. Right before Girl enters the club she throws something in the trash can by the entrance.

music starts, no lyrics yet.


A couple of camera swipes establish a surreal/abstract party where everyone is on their phone-- either talking or texting. As Girl walks in she is completely ignored by everyone at the party, until her eyes meets Guy's eyes. Guy is sitting at the bar alone drinking and tapping his phone on the bar. The two characters exchange looks of interest/engagement. As Girl walks toward Guy a cut to the live band that is playing at the club. the two are flirting with each other at the bar.

The lyrics start when the two characters see each other for the first time. A cut to the band on the second line of lyrics. Cut back to the couple flirting on the line "better begin."

Interior-bedroom apartment-day

The two, side-by-side facing the ceiling, wake up pleasantly in bed next to each other. Girl pretends to still be sleeping as guy who does something cute to wake Girl up. When Guy nibbles on Girl's ear in a cutesy/romantic way Girl gives up on pretending to be asleep, and laughs from being tickled in her ear in that way. Girl rolls herself to the edge of the bed as she steals all of the blanket. Guy looks at his watch and realizes that he needs to go, and then he jumps out of bed. Girl is still in bed, looking at Guy. Guy is standing by the door, straightening his tie as he says goodbye to Girl and exits through the door.

Cut to the two in bed together on the line "but no." Girl steals the blanket on the line "I do what I want to do." Guy leaves through the door and closes it on the line "attitude"


The band is playing on a rooftop. landscape of Los Angeles in the background.

From the door closingall the way until the second "under the sun."


Guy is sitting at his desk working, as Secretary walks in. Guy spills his mug of coffee all over his desk, and without any hesitation he hans Secretary a handful of napkins,implying that she should start cleaning up. Guys implies this in a awfully rude fashion. As Secretary  cleans his desk from the coffee he spilled Guy is staring down  Secretarie's cleavage.

Guy spilled the coffee on "break out" Guy stares at secretaries cleavage on "we do what we want to do"

interior--bank--day (Different colors and contrast implying that it is a different day.)

Bank robbers wearing black clothes and black ski masks caring semi-automatic weapons storm the bank. they have all the customers lay flat on the ground ,

The bank robbers walked through the door on the line "we walk, we walk right through the door"


The band is playing on stage at the same party from the beginning. Guy and girl start dancing on the dance floor.

couple dance together after "cause we can't take it all"


As Guy is staring down Secretarie's cleavage, Girl walks into the bank. guy immediately gets up to greet her and hug her. Guy looks around the bank to see all of the workers. Guy takes Girl to the back where the safe is. Girl tries to make out with Guy. Guy resists her and opens the safe. 

Guy opens the safe on "oh, oh, oh"


The bank robbery picks up. One of the robbers grabs Guy and holds him at gunpoint. A couple of the robbers slide over the counter as Secretary and a couple more clerks hold their hands up high. Another one of the robbers heads toward the back, walks right up to the safe, pulls out a note with the code to the safe and opens it up. Guy is weeping as he begs for his life. Two robbers come back from the back area, where the safe is, with big cloth bags almost completely filled up. All the robbers start exiting through the front door with their backs facing the door.

the robbers exited the bank on the third "we walk right through the door"


All the robbers exit the bank to where the van was waiting for them. They toss the bags of money and the guns into the van and take off their masks, revealing that Girl is the one who has just robbed the bank together with the rest of the band.

girl takes off her mask before the sixth "we walk right through the door."


Secretary gives Girl a brown envelope, looks into her eyes as she delivers a tiny nod of assurance, and leaves. Girl opens the envelope to see a picture of Guy. Girl tears up the envelope with the picture and walks towards the entrance to the club.

Secretary nods to girl after the sixth "we walk right through the door."


inter cuts of the band playing from both locations.


The whole band gets into the van. Girl gets into the back of the van and looks back out the window towards the bank as the van drives away.

close-up on Girl as the Van drives away on "this attitude"

Fade out

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