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Have your cake and eat it too... microSD for Raspberry Pi!
Have your cake and eat it too... microSD for Raspberry Pi!
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pIO in China?

Just an FYI - these aren't produced by me. Even though they are using my photos, name, etc.

WiPi Wireless Bridge for Raspberry Pi

Last Call for Rewards!


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Pibow Case Update

I got a Pibow case a few days ago and put it together... the pIO adapters seem to fit ok - but it's a super tight fit; thats a piece of 5 mil Kapton between the acrylic and the adapter. 

I'm not guaranteeing that a pIO adapter will fit perfectly in a Pibow case - the tolerances of the laser cut pieces could vary greatly. It's difficult to tell.

However... if you have a Pibow case and your pIO adapter _doesn't_ fit, let me know. I'll hand-size an adapter to my case and send it to you as a replacement - with one condition. You need to pass-on the original adapter to another Pi owner. ;-)

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Reward Short List

I've spent the night combing messages, labels, shipping logs, returned items... and I think that I've got the last of the problems resolved. If you have not received your reward _and_ you have not received a personal message from me by today... please let me know as soon as possible!