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Have your cake and eat it too... microSD for Raspberry Pi!

I remember when the package from Farnell Element 14 came. My hands were trembling as I opened it... my pulse quickened. 

Could it be? YES!

It's amazing how far we've traveled in the world of technology. The SD card I bought for my RasPi, 4 GB, is twenty times larger than my first hard drive... and it only cost a few dollars.

And... it's a little big for my taste.

So - I've created an adapter I'd like to share with all the other Pi lovers out there.

It sits flush with the edge of the Pi.

At the cost of a little height above the SD slot.

Trim a little off your slice.

The adapter is pretty small as you can see - microSD FTW!

What's next?

I have production-ready versions of the adapter in hand... and I'm ready to press the 'go' button. This is essentially a group order - join in if you like!


 * PCBs will be produced / assembled in the USA

 * Gold ENIG contacts

 * Green soldermask with white silkscreen ( lettering )

 * push in / out microSD connector


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    One pIO adapter - includes worldwide standard shipping. Memory card not included.

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    One limited edition pIO adapter in purple soldermask with gold ENIG contacts - includes worldwide standard shipping. Will ship within 12 hours of project close (you'll get yours first). Memory card not included. All proceeds from this reward will be donated to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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