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Producing & importing the traditional Irish liquor, Poitín to the USA. Small batch and hand-crafted, help us revive this spirit!!

We are producing and importing the first batch of 1661 Poitín, a traditional Irish Spirit into America!

Poitín is a type of liquor that has been made in Ireland for centuries and centuries. It is one of the longest established spirits in the world with a rich and turbulent history and it is exclusively associated with Ireland. The origin of distilling in Ireland dates back over 1,000 years. Before there was Irish whiskey there was poitín – a clear Irish spirit famous for its strength and “medicinal” qualities. The word itself is Gaelic for "little pots," which is derived from the small copper pots used by home distillers. It is an un-aged sprit that is traditionally made from potatoes or barley. Its taste varies by producer, but it generally has a somewhat herbal nose and is great as a replacement mixer in most whiskey, bourbon, or vodka cocktails.  It is also great neat or with a dash of water.


The name 1661 Poitin comes from the fact that the English Crown outlawed poitín in that year because of difficulty taxing it and as part of a larger effort to quash Irish culture. This ban lasted for more than 300 years. Recipes were handed down generations, and poitín was secretly distilled and shared throughout that period. Over time it has become a symbol of Irish pride and independence.

With your help I want to revive this age-old traditional Irish spirit. I want you to be able to taste and share this piece of Irish heritage. 

I plan to craft 1661 in a small batch Irish distillery and use only Irish ingredients, differentiating from most of the products on the international market that add “poitín flavor” to a neutral grain spirit. 1661 Poitin will be a handcrafted, small batch, pure pot still spirit using locally sourced Irish ingredients. I have consulted with different brewers and 1661 will reflect both its heritage and have mass appeal.

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1661 Poitín is a spirit that is both historical and looks forward to the future.  I want to create a bridge between the Ireland I grew up in and the modern palate.  It is intensely personal to me because it reflects my own story.  I emigrated from Ireland, but I never want to forget what makes that place so special to me. Growing up on a farm in the heart of Ireland has given me a love and respect for truly Irish products because there was simply no alternative. Working as a bartender in the U.S. taught me that, although Americans love Irish spirits, they didn’t have access to the most Irish of them all.  1661 was born out of my desire to share something uniquely Irish with the rest of the world.

In homage to this ancient Irish Spirit, 1661 Poitín will produce its first batch of poitín to revive the traditional Spirit of Ireland! 

The money from this campaign will be used:

- To work with the Poitín maker and the distillery

- For bottling, label and packaging costs

- For shipping, customs brokers and warehouse storage in the US

- For distribution and licenses

Please remember that you won't be charged if we don't reach our goal. So click the "pledge now' button and help revive poitín!

Why I am the person to make this happen:

I have acquired my Federal Importer's Basic Permit and Federal Distributor's Permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the federal government. I have incorporated my company, traveled to Ireland to compute logistics, sourced distilleries, customs brokers, shipping merchants, labeling and bottling companies. I am now ready to produce my first batch of 1661 Poitín with your help! I have also worked in the bar industry since I was 15 when my parents bought a pub in the Irish Midlands!

Please take the time to watch my short video, to get to know me and learn more about 1661 Poitín! 

Please remember that you won't be charged if we don't reach our goal. So click the "pledge now' button and help revive poitín! If you can't afford to pledge please send this link to your friends and family, just getting the word out is so helpful!


Sláinte agus go raibh míle maith agat!  


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    A traditional 'hooley' (party) in Ireland; invite to a poitín whiskey tour of the midlands of Ireland (you select dates)... visit the unknown bars of the Irish Countryside and go where rarely any tourists ever go! 2 nights B&B and poitín on us!

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