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The parallelPALETTE isn’t simply a device, its a whole new way of thinking about painting.
The parallelPALETTE isn’t simply a device, its a whole new way of thinking about painting.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Max on

      I have sent you the E-mail David, please check

    2. David Kassan Creator on

      Hello everyone. We have shipped out all of the Parallel Palettes that we have an address for. There are a handful of people that we still do not have an address for. If you have not received your Parallel Palette yet, please email us at We will also be checking here, but is quicker. Thanks again to all of you wonderful people! -David L.

    3. Missing avatar

      Max on

      I got the email that saying my palette was shipped in December, but I still haven't received my palette.....

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael G. Roman on

      Happy New Year! I had an email stating that my palette was shipped a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I still have not received anything in the post...

    5. Missing avatar

      Beatrix Fekete on

      It would be nice to have another update, I haven't received my palette either and I'm not sure how long to wait.

    6. Cindy Kopenhafer on

      I realize it was shipped during the holiday but, still have not received palette and am not sure how to long to wait and how do I know if it was shipped??

    7. Laura Atkins on

      Btw, which delivery should I be looking for; USPS, UPS, or Fedex?

    8. Missing avatar

      Rose Watson on

      Just got mine in the mail today can't wait to set up and try this beautiful piece of ingenuity out!!

    9. Dean Mabalot

      Just got my Parallel Palette! all the way here in Honolulu, HI. Looks great, I got the manfrotto arm all set and ready for it. Looks great! Nicely done on the packaging. Definitely loving the freebies. The brush cleaner I've never used but I have used the bar soap before from the same company. Good job David!

    10. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the news regarding the new delivery date. Was all set up to use it it this month, but December is also fine. Looking forward to using this!

    11. David Kassan Creator on

      @ Jessica Shields: Thanks for the message! We are planning on an update this week! We are in the final stages of production, All approvals on our molds have been made, and they now producing our initial order of 2500, we are running into some delays however as there is a holiday that is going to delay production in China, as well as the Holidays here are making cargo space hard to find in shipping. So far we are looking at around thanksgiving time for delivery to our warehouse. Which bums me out cause im dying to get the palettes in everyone's hands!! We are planning to have some goodies from some other companies that we are including in the shipments. As well as some downloadable pdfs that can be printed, cut out and placed under the glass of the palette as well to help with color and value mixes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jessica Shields on

      It would be nice to have another update as it is mid October and there has been no update since Sept 1st. Definitely feeling skeptical.

    13. Ique Woitschach on

      Hi there! What about the palete? Do you have the dead line to shipp us the parallelPALETE? Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar


      Are you still looking to shipping in October? Would be nice to also receive a sticker of the Parallel Pallette crest!

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Balash on

      Early Christmas!!�

    16. David Kassan Creator on

      Hi Guys, No need to worry, We are receiving the final product/ box samples on the 28th of August for our final approval before they go and produce the complete ready to ship product. Which is looking like October.
      We have had a few delays, mostly some legal stuff and some extra testing to ensure the palette's quality. We have been working very hard on this project and I can't wait to get them in your hands to see what you create!!

    17. Matthew on

      Anyone else worried?

    18. Adrian Leung on

      Any updates? :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Sarita on

      I need to change my address. How do I do this? Congrats, btw!!

    20. Lucinda L Kessler on

      Anxiously awaiting ........

    21. Missing avatar

      Terence Williams on

      Add me to the "needs to change address" list. Thanks!

    22. jetsonjoe on

      So when will this be delivered and into my hands?

    23. Gary Lockwood on

      Our address has changed since backing the project, where can I send that info?

    24. Adam on

      So interested in this pallet, i can't wait to get it and break it in!

    25. Jasmine Commerce on

      Way to OBLITERATE your goal! Woohoo! :) Ellen's gonna LOVE her new palette!

    26. Brian Smith on

      Thrilled that I will soon be able to paint exactly like David. Can't wait.

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert H. Way on

      Congratulations on a very successful campaign. I'm so glad that I and several of my students could be a small part of it. I'm anxious to hear how the auction ended.

    28. Missing avatar on

      LOVELOVELOVE...can not wait to use my PP!!!! The demo was amazing. Nice parenting too!

    29. Missing avatar

      James Lorincz on

      Painted while watching the stream for most of the day yesterday and woke to the final hour or so this morning. Fun watching you guys - congrats and enjoy some well earned sleep!

    30. Laura Atkins on

      Can't wait to get the parallel palette! Btw, Will there be a "canned" version of your painting Demo?" I missed it as I didn't bid until last nite and got the link about an hour ago.

    31. Missing avatar

      Barbare E Williams on

      Thanks for sharing so much of your talent with us. Proud to be a supporter!

    32. Lucinda L Kessler on

      Can bids be placed for the painting here?

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Sheeler on

      Congrats on making goal...very much look forward to this.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Jithin on

      my first ever pledge on Kickstarter.. all the best for the project

    35. Kim Cogan on

      Awesome! Can't wait to use Parallel Palette, looks perfect for painting on location!

    36. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Wolff on

      Really awesome idea. Ever since i saw David paint using this on some of the earlier videos, i've subscribed to the homepage/newsletter. So thrilled that this is finally up to Kickstarter.

      This'll be the first kickstarter project i've ever endorsed - i look forward to seeing it take shape!