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Onewheel: the self-balancing electric skateboard that gives you the feeling of flying
Onewheel: the revolutionary electric boardsport that gives you the feeling of flying
Onewheel: the revolutionary electric boardsport that gives you the feeling of flying
1,015 backers pledged $630,862 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryan VanAlmkerk on

      Seb msg them or go to there website and email them

    2. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Actis-Datta

      Do I need to contact Kickstarter to get an answer to my several messages?
      Am I the only one who did not get his board?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Actis-Datta

      I still have not received my board.
      Can You please give me a date of delivery?
      Thank You!

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas E Seybold on

      I still have a new board never on the ground for sale listed for 1599.00 free shipping in the USA. Two sold on ebay for 1899.00.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas E Seybold on

      Brand new in the original box, wheel never on the ground. I broke my hip roller blading and at 73 dopy Dr say's no too any boarding for a few months.

    6. Missing avatar

      chiang jui sheng on

      What time did you want to send my goods?

    7. Missing avatar

      Bryan VanAlmkerk on

      We need a fender or something, the amount of stuff thrown on my legs are gross

    8. Missing avatar

      chiang jui sheng on

      I have not received my Onewheel........orz

    9. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Onewheelers,

      It's been a fantastic ride folks, and while it's far from over it is time to say good bye to Kickstarter. We've got a new shiny forum up and running and it's ready to serve as a one stop shop for helpful information, take on the most burning of Onewheel questions, and bring tougher our community of likeminded riders.

      Check it out:

      Thanks so much for your support and Happy trails!
      Onewheel Team

    10. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Your chance to get your personal Onewheel!
      Due to private reasons I am unfortunately not able the use my already produced Onewheel! :-( However this is your change to get yours! Its still in the factory and ready to be shipped! I choosed ONEWHEEL + ULTRA CHARGER for 1399USD. So this would be also your price. If you are interested please write to myonewheel (at)

    11. Jan on

      @FutureMotion: I am still wondering why you did choose a tire without any profile. I mean: take cars, bikes, etc.. - they all have tires with profiles. And onewheelers are driving in the same area as normal cars & bikes - so why did you guys choose for such a tire?

      I am not complaining, dont get me wrong! I am just curious :)

    12. germx on

      01, BMS indicating low battery
      02, Voltage too low
      03, Voltage too high
      04, Invalid power-up orientation
      05, Pick up detected
      06, Over-current detected
      07, Over-temperature
      08, Bad gyro
      09, Bad accelerometer
      10, Bad current sensor
      11, Bad hall sensors
      12, Bad motor
      13, Over-current detected
      14, Over-current detected
      15, Rider detect error
      From the PDF at:

      But I agree that it could be in the app.
      Also agree with fabuz that there are a lot of people really wanting the android app. Any news is always appreciated.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bryan VanAlmkerk on

      you guys should put the error code manual into the app so that anyone can access it or online, i cant find the codes anywhere except the manual which I no longer have.

    14. R Andrew Cocks on

      Had my OneWheel a week and I can say the most striking thing about it is that it is exactly as promised, it does what you said it would, at the speeds you claimed on the varied terrain you demoed. A solid product. Backers of other Kickstarter projects cannot say the same. Thanks for promising big and delivering big.

    15. fabuz on

      Hello, really need android app to check my battery statut before going outdoor for a ride...hope we will not wait 15month more for this....any new's about this?

    16. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Brian, That's someone else. Kyle Doerksen is the founder and inventor of Onewheel.

    17. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Andrew, yup! You're riding on the new firmware. Enjoy!

    18. Missing avatar

      Bryan VanAlmkerk on

      Im curious about vid also

    19. Lynn Preston on

      Anyone else wearing their tire down yet? Mine appears to be down to the wear marks. Trying to decide if I want to experiment with another model of tire, or just get the same one.

    20. R Andrew Cocks on

      Onewheel was delivered to me today. My borrowed iPhone says "Firmware version: 3000" does this mean I have the "new firmware"?

    21. Brian Gustave on

      You guys still haven't answered this question from Patrick Ewing, "Is this video on youtube back in 2008 of the founder or someone else who happened to invent a very similar onewheel?"…

    22. Missing avatar

      Bill Clarke on

      @Future Motion: so what you are telling me is you provided this mode for those of us without iPhones, and then you don't keep it up to date? How difficult can it be to make the manual switching the same as the 'default settings' modes? (assuming at some point you plan to support more detailed controls to settings)

      Please continue to fully support manual switching. There are many reasons to do so. Say I'm out riding my OneWheel in expert mode, and my phone dies. I want to let my wife ride it, but she's not feeling confident and I want to switch mode; or there are people who are interested in trying it out, and I want to switch to classic mode for them. And then I want to get home, so I want to switch mode again to get to top speed. You simply cannot expect me to always have access to a phone to do this. Manual switching is a great answer for this problem.

      Now you have me worried. Do any of the manual modes correspond to the current 'standard' modes? I don't have an iPhone in my household, and I have to borrow one in order to update firmware and switch modes using it. That's not really an acceptable state of affairs.

      Speaking of which, when can we expect the Android app? There has been no update.

    23. Lynn Preston on

      Loving the new Apple Watch integration - well done guys! Only downside it the app disconnects a few seconds after locking my phone. Not sure there is much you guys can do about that though as iOS is probably shutting it down to save power.

    24. Missing avatar

      MASYU on

      Flashing code , 16 of blinks.
      What does state this?

    25. Future Motion Creator on

      Hi Germx, standard Tire slime sealant works like a charm! Make sure to ride around for a few minutes after applying it so the goo spreads evenly. Cheers!

    26. Future Motion Creator on

      Hi Bill,

      We strongly advise against using this to select your riding modes. First, the 1 blink is a learning mode that is not ready to be used. It has not been refined or tested enough for it to be in public use so please, do not use it. Secondly, when we introduce new modes down the line the manual system will become outdated and correspond to the wrong settings which can also be really dangerous. Again, we strongly advise against using this system.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bill Clarke on

      Woah, there are four manual modes!
      I don't have an iPhone, so I borrowed one to update the firmware.
      I had thought I had switched it to expert mode (flashing twice when tipped on its side), but it was still pushing back way too early. Eventually I figured out that there are four modes when switching manually [*], flashing one, two, three or four times. There's no indication of which mode it is in when you turn it on regularly (which is a bit annoying actually).
      I only tried mode 4 after that: nice and fast. A bit of push back at the top speed, which takes a bit of getting used to.

      Future Motion: what's the difference between the modes?

      [*] To switch manually: turn it off, flip on side with power button up; turn it on and the power light will flash 1-4 times, telling you which mode it is in; tap the pressure sensor to go up 1 mode (or back to 1 from 4).

    28. R Andrew Cocks on

      Thanks OneWheel, got my tracking number today. Looking forward to riding this thing.

    29. germx on

      It's now confirmed that I loose half the tire-pressure in about a week. Any tips on sealant or something to fix the problem?

    30. Future Motion Creator on

      Hi Sébastien,

      Your board is ready to be sent but we will need you to pay for shipping before we can send it. Here is the link

      We can't wait to get you going!! Cheers!

    31. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Jude,

      Your board is going out this week - you will be riding soon!!

    32. germx on

      We need the android version, and a lock-down function for when leaving the board.

    33. Buck on

      @R Andrew:

      Yeah, Taxes were a rough ride this year...

    34. Jude InWook H on

      Same here in canada- still not getting my onewheel- ;(

    35. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Actis-Datta

      Dear Future Motion,
      Is there a way to know why I did not receive my pledge.
      I think I paid for delivery, but would need you to confirm it to me.
      Thank You in advance for your kind reply.

    36. R Andrew Cocks on

      Sale? Wow! Mine still hasn't been shipped and you are already selling yours.

    37. Buck on

      Mine is going for sale as I unfortunately need the money. :-(

      If anyone is looking for one, please let me know.


    38. Kaizad J Medora

      @fabuz OUCH!

    39. fabuz on

      Hello!aa shortly video about my second fay of ride....

    40. fabuz on

      ok future motion no problémo ;) but don't forget that we absolutly need it for the battery statut :)
      hope you understand ;)

    41. Future Motion Creator on

      We're glad you noticed Nicholas :)

    42. Kaizad J Medora

      Anyone else in Singapore got the OneWheel...? Feel like a lonely rider...

      There should be a forum of some-sort to allow OneWheel riders meet up for rides and share nice locations to ride..

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Jongeling on

      Love the new fade transition the lights do when switching from forward to reverse.

    44. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Kaizad,

      Awesome idea!

    45. Future Motion Creator on

      Hey Lynn,

      So unbelievably awesome to hear that!! Keep enjoying those powder days out there in Florida ;)

    46. Future Motion Creator on

      Hi Fabuz,

      We've had to push the android app out for the time being for more pressing engineering development. We apologize for the inconvience and hopefully you were able to borrow a friends Ios device to update to the new firmware! Cheers!

    47. Kaizad J Medora

      @Creator: How about an apple watch app so I can check the battery status as I am riding..? It could also show speed and distance traveled as well.

    48. Lynn Preston on

      This week I carved my 500th trouble-free mile on my Onewheel. Thank you Future Motion! I can't get over how much better the (already awesome) board got with the new firmware. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what you guys will do next.

    49. fabuz on

      Any new's about the android app please?

    50. Future Motion Creator on

      Sooo glad to hear it Guillaume!! Enjoy!

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