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Live for tomorrow because you just might die today Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 18, 2012.

Live for tomorrow because you just might die today

About this project

Walker has spent the last 15 years of his life as a shadow of a man. He has lived his life alone, closed off from the rest of society. Damaged by past emotional trauma he believes he does not deserve a happy life, and has taken matters into his own hands to ensure that will never happen. However, today is a different day for Walker. Today is the day that Walker must re-examine his life, and figure out what went wrong before it is too late.

This film is an art house style film that will examine the mind of a man who has gone from happy child to dead inside adult. The film will follow walker through childhood, teen, and adulthood, as we try to pinpoint the exact moment it all went wrong, and we try to see if it can ever go right again.

This is a Student Film for California State University Northridge

Producer: Joel Darden
Director: Sam Wexler
Director of Photography/Co-Writer: Timothy Dolan
Writer: Jace McPartland
Editor: Mitchel Council
Sound Editor: Tate Hollander

Where Your Money is Going:

Entire Prop List
Toy Robot ‐ $25
Presents‐Can be made by crew
Birthday Cake ‐ $10
Candles ‐ $2‐4
Cards – Can be made by crew
Balloons ‐ $5
School Posters‐Can be made by crew
Roses X5 ‐ $30
Candy (Box)
Groceries ‐ $10
Paradise Lost (Book)
Flashlights (For ushers)

Outfits for ushers (Younger versions of Walker)
White shirt X3 ‐ $20

Make‐up Purchase from ‐ $150
Craft Services ($100per day x 6 days) ‐ $600

Film Purchase + Development (16mm) ‐ ~$702
Film Purchase + Development (super 8 – 2 ROLLS) ‐ $28 for purchase –

High School – $25
Day Parking permits for talent ($6 x 4) ‐ $24

Shooting Schedule:

Dates and Locations
Day 1 – Home Video Scenes & Pictures for Projections
Day 2 – Apartment/Flower shop/ City Street
Day 3 – H.S Hallway & Hallway Projection
Day 4 – Screening Room & Theatre scene


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