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Bright Eyes is a DIY kit that inspires people to learn programming and look cool while doing it! Glasses with 174 LEDs, enough said!
Bright Eyes is a DIY kit that inspires people to learn programming and look cool while doing it! Glasses with 174 LEDs, enough said!
145 backers pledged £17,696 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Dear wonderful backers,


As of today the last of the Kickstarter rewards have been sent out... we made our March deadline!! We are super happy about that.


To celebrate - and to give you all something to do for the Easter weekend, we wanted to share a new tutorial with you. We created a new editor application that allows you to draw or paint your own images, and even create your own stop frame animations on Bright Eyes! 

Check out the new tutorial here!

As a reminder, if you want to play with Bright Eyes, here are the other tutorials for your viewing and playing pleasure:

How to convert images, videos or animated gifs to run on Bright Eyes
How to program Bright Eyes for the first time with Arduino
How to control all the LEDs on Bright Eyes with Arduino

We want to thank you all again for your amazing support in making this possible - you guys really do rock.

More tutorials will follow, and if you have any feedback, do let us know.

Love and LEDs from the TWSU Team


Dear backers...

Well what can we say?


We've made it and it really is thanks to your belief in the Bright Eyes Kit. We are going to be very busy in the coming days and weeks to get your rewards to you.  We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Thanks again!

Love Daniel & the Technology Will Save Us Team

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First Batch of Bright Eyes ready to roll

Hey Guys,

Firstly thank you for all your support so far!! Only 19 hours to go now and we are not far off so fingers crossed!!

You have already been so helpful, but we could use your help a little more. Please Tweet, share and spread our campaign amongst your friends, family and networks and help us reach our target. We have until 10am (GMT) tomorrow to do so and with your help we are sure we can make it!!

Now we have been telling you about all the great new updates we have made to Bright Eyes and now we can show you! First batch are all ready to roll, now including a microphone, some awesome Sugru and 6 great pre set animations, so take a peek and enjoy!!

Thank you!


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Bright Eyes <3 SUGRU <3 GITHUB <3 ASSEMBLY

Dear backers!

We have been very VERY busy... Please enjoy this massive update!


We are pleased to let you know that Bright Eyes will be shipping with a gift pack of the amazing sugru! For those of you who want to make your Bright Eyes super comfortable and face fitting - Sugru will help you do that. If you don't know what Sugru is - you should check them out. They're awesome, and they're our friends and their factory is a just moments away from TWSU HQ! 


We have just uploaded our first few bits of code to github.  You can the Arduino code that allows Bright Eyes to play back videos on the LEDs. You can also find a Processing sketch that helps you to convert video to a format that Bright Eyes can read.  We will be constantly updating it as time goes on. But we're super pleased with where we are now, and ready to start sharing with the world!


We have just received some of the first boards from our assembly company. They're looking very VERY cool. Check out the photo below.


We've decided to offer a new reward! If you are keen to get started with programming and Arduino, you can support us at the same time as getting started! You will be able to get one of our TWSU Start Arduino Kits AND the scrolling text message on Bright Eyes. Seriously - if you were on the fence before ... you should consider this reward for certain!

Thanks again for all your support so far.

Love the TWSU team.

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First update: THE MICROPHONE

Dear backers,

First of all - a massive THANK YOU!
You are our first group of supporters and we will always recall your support.

We wanted to share a couple of updates:
1. We have just approved a minor (MAJOR) change to Bright Eyes: They now include a built in microphone!  What does this mean to you? Well it means that if you want to make Bright Eyes respond to sound - like in a club,or while you sing for example, it'll be even easier. You just have to learn how to program it to do so!

2. We've added a reward for those of you who have backed us with £1. Your support will be recognised online - every pledge should be rewarded!

3. We've added a couple of answers to our FAQ for anyone who had any lingering questions.

I'll be adding some photos in the days to come. So watch this space!

All my best,