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In this 2-4 player game use your army, sorcery cards and gold wisely to best your enemies and be the first to overthrow the king!
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NZ$ 510


King Whitemoore rules over the land of Ardifern.

The next blood moon is fast approaching and legend states that the King is harbouring a great power which will be released under its shadow, dispelling all sorcery from the land. 

As a sorcerer yourself you have come to this land to vanquish this power. 

Amass an army. Fight to the end. 

Become allies with Minotaur’s, Centaurs, Dark Elves or Goblins. Take over a port to hire mercenaries. Conjure a Blood mist, Golem soldiers and Gruesome Phantasms or use dragons to wipe out the enemy.

In this 2-4 player game you must use your army, sorcery cards and spend your gold wisely to best your enemies and be the first to overthrow the King.

Risks and challenges

The only set back with the designing of this game is if I find employment, taking time away from the design process.

Even then I will strive to work on this game and make it a reality

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