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The new Space: 1889! The first Steampunk RPG will return with new artwork, more background, new illustrations and new rules!
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On The Trail of the Gods and Free Space: 1889 Soundtrack!

Posted by Angus Abranson / Chronicle City (Creator)

HI everyone,

Thanks to many of you we've jumped a fair bit this weekend and have unlocked another stretch goal!

Everyone who has pledged at DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS or RULEBOOK PLUS or a higher pledge level will now get Shane Ivey and John Clements all-new "On the Trail of the Gods" 32-page adventure in PDF (in both Ubiquity and Savage Worlds systems) added to their rewards completely free!

So at the moment the DIGITAL RULEBOOK PLUS level gives you:

Space: 1889 Rulebook PDF (Ubiquity System)

Adventure 1: "The Order of the Invisible Eye" by John Wick PDF (Ubiquity System)

Adventure 1: "The Order of the Invisible Eye" by John Wick PDF (Savage Worlds System)

Adventure 2: "Thunders of Venus" by Steve Long PDF (Ubiquity System)

Adventure 2: "Thunders of Venus" by Steve Long PDF (Savage Worlds System)

Gamemaster Screen & NPC Booklet PDF (Ubiquity System)

The Venus Sourcebook PDF (Ubiquity System)

Adventure 3: "On the Trail of the Gods" by Shane Ivey and John Clements PDF (Savage Worlds System)

3-Poster Map Set PDF (see below)

Space: 1889 Soundtrack MP3 (see below)

Backers of the RULEBOOK PLUS and above level also get all the above in addition to receiving a physical copy of the rulebook (either Standard, Faux-Leather or Real Leather - dependng on what level they pledged) and a free printed character sheet pad.


We were asked if the 3-Poster map set would be available as PDFs so we've decided to roll the PDFs of all three maps into the 'PLUS' bonus levels - so all backers of the appropriate levels will now receive PDF files of each map.


We're also unlocking the Space: 1889 Soundtrack which is being given to all the PLUS level and above backers as a MP3 download, with a physical CD of all the tracks being added as an purchasable 'Add-On' for £11 (+ shipping).

"It's the year of the Lord 1889.

The British Empire extends over much of the globe and the German Reich Wilhelm II ascended to the throne last year. On the other side of the world, Japan is entering the industrial age, while the countries of South America are trying to find their place in the world. Technology, medicine and science have brought progress that would have been considered impossible a few decades ago. The industrialized nations exploit their technological advantage to dominate large parts of the rest of the world.

Much of this earth will be familiar to you, but there are differences… Mexico is ruled by an emperor, in France a social-democratic regime has been established that combines the beauty of the "Belle Epoque" with the ideal of social justice, the U.S. is broken after the civil war in the North and South.

But all these differences fade before the event that would change the world forever! In 1870, the brilliant inventor Thomas Edison tested the revolutionary "ether propeller". With his help he set out to Mars – and, since he returned, the industrial countries race to hoist their flags on neighboring worlds. Today - 1889 - people have already visited every planet between the sun and the asteroid belt.

Aether sounds invites you on a musical journey through the known solar system. Visit Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the caves of the earth moon.

Ideal as background music for each Space: 1889 RPG round and other Steampunk RPG."

(German CD Cover)

You can hear some samples from it on the following Youtube video


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    1. Angus Abranson / Chronicle City 3-time creator

      Opps... looks like I missed out the below in the free PDF rewards and missed my 30 minute Update editing window...

      You'll also get...

      Adventure 3: "On the Trail of the Gods" by Shane Ivey and John Clements PDF (Ubiquity System)

    2. MidnightBlue

      Very, very cool!

      I'm still hoping to get back up into the physical tiers after payday...but it is nice to know that even if I can't squeeze out the funds, my Digital+ tier will still let me look at and listen to everything...even if I can't hold it in my hands.