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The new Space: 1889! The first Steampunk RPG will return with new artwork, more background, new illustrations and new rules!
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New Stretch Goals! Full Colour Core Book, Character Pads and Gamemaster's Screen + NPC Booklet

Posted by Angus Abranson / Chronicle City (Creator)

As we're within a few hundred pounds (as I write this) of unlocking our first Stretch Goal, a 32-page adventure by John Wick, I thought I'd reveal a few more stretch goals that will hopefully be following, including making the core rulebook - in all of its variations - full colour; which has been a popular request in messages and also comments on various forums :)

So, here are the £23k, £26k and £29k stretch-goals!

LOCKED £23,000 - The core rulebook (in all its formats) will now contain colour archetypes, maps, and have some new full colour artwork included in addition to having sepia-ish pages and the original art from the German edition!

LOCKED £26,000 - More new full colour art for the core rulebook PLUS every backer of a physical rulebook (all variations) will be sent a pad of 24 Character Sheets FREE when we despatch the rulebooks to them. All Retailer pledges will receive one pad per book. 

Additional pads will be available as purchasable add-ons for backers who will be sent them ahead of the general retail release! This will be added to the 'Add-Ons' section when unlocked!

The PDF Character Sheet will be available as a free PDF to all - backers and non-backers alike.

LOCKED £29,000 - Gamemaster Screen & NPC Booklet! This four-panel Space: 1889 Gamemaster’s Screen made of solid cardboard provides you with a clear overview of all the important rules and tables you need during a game session – and at the same time keeps your players group from peeking. Also included is a 32-page booklet featuring descriptions and detailed statboxes of more than 60 Non-Player Characters. Whether you need simple thugs or an experienced officer, a High Martian warrior chief or a Venusian shaman, a smart hotelier or a graceful geisha: In this handy booklet you will find the right character for every possible or impossible situation. Completed by many examples and practical advice, it offers you an easy and comfortable way to fill the world of Space: 1889 with more life.

Every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will recieve a pdf of both the screen and NPC booklet for free as soon as it is available. Physical copies will be available as a purchasable add-on for backers who will be sent them ahead of the general retail release! This will be added to the 'Add-Ons' section when unlocked!

The German version of the Screen and NPC Booklet is currently at the printers so we can show you what the Screen will look like...

Front cover of the Space: 1889 Gamemaster's Screen & NPC Booklet.

The Four Front Panels of the Space: 1889 Gamemaster's Screen

The German interior of the Space: 1889 Gamemaster's Sreen. This will obviously be translated into English ;)

Thanks for everyone's support so far!



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    1. Angus Abranson / Chronicle City 3-time creator

      Matt, we can certainly have a look to see if we can play with both page formats for the PDF release so you can print them out and include them in your Screen. No promises but I'll see what we can do :)

    2. Matt on

      Hi Angus,
      I don't suppose we could convince you to produce landscape GM screen panels. I have a custom made GM screen that allows A4 inserts (four panels) and prefer landscape GM screen to portrait.

    3. MidnightBlue

      I really hope we get to the GM Screen...but those two color stretch goals (initial color and added color artwork) are the sweet spots for me.

      Can't wait!

      Any idea how much the two adventure book will be in physical copy add-on?

      I might just have to up my pledge in hopes of getting that bad boy...and move us closer to color for the main book.


    4. cdaniel

      The GM Screen looks great! Let's go for those stretch goals , and given the chance I will pick it up as an add-on without a doubt.

    5. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      I am really glad this will be an "free" pdf-addon (if we reach that far) - I do not think my rpg fond can take more of this (or my wife for that matter...).
      Lets blast through this goal and at the very least, not have anything less then £35k at the finish line!