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The new Space: 1889! The first Steampunk RPG will return with new artwork, more background, new illustrations and new rules!
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Revelations of Mars Cross-Promotion

Posted by Angus Abranson / Chronicle City (Creator)
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In case you have missed this – there currently is another Kickstarter running, for a sourcebook using the same rules as our Space: 1889. It’s Revelations of Mars for the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG from our friends at Exile Games, the original creator of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. As the name implies, its a sourcebook describing a pulp version of Mars, which should be quite useful for both Hollow Earth Expedition and Space: 1889. :)

Kickstarter Cross-Promotion

As Jeff from Exile and we discussed our upcoming Kickstarter projects, we realized that players would be able to seamlessly share content between Revelations of Mars and Space: 1889. And we wanted to encourage that. So we came up with a special promotion for backers that support both Kickstarter projects.

Exclusive PDF Booklet

We're creating a PDF booklet containing quick start rules and two exclusive adventures--one for each setting. If you pledge at the SOLDIER level or above for Revelations and at the DIGITAL RULEBOOK level or above for Space: 1889, you will get the PDF booklet for FREE.

So whether you're a fan of Hollow Earth Expedition, Space: 1889, or both, you've got a good reason to show both projects some love. So please head over there, take a look at that great new book and pledge your support. Adventure is waiting for you.



(sorry for insolently copying your text and just changing it a bit, Jeff ;) )

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