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Kickstarter for the Mars sourcebook!

Posted by Angus Abranson / Chronicle City (Creator)

[Clockwork Publishing speaking:]

The last adventure for this project ("Murder on the Ether Express") is currently in the review process with our editors and will head to layout soon - time for a new journey through the Ether!

We are kickstarting the English version of the Mars sourcebook, that has previously been published in German and has not been part of this Kickstarter.

The book is a 200-page hardcover and covers pretty much everything you might want to know about the red planet: inhabitants, history, the different regions, the colonial power's influence, Martian technology, mysteries of the red planet and so on. This is based on original GDW material, but vastly expanded (as in the Venus and Mercury sourcebooks as well).

After this Kickstarter project took far too long to complete (and is still in the last steps of this completion), we took care that the Mars project will not hit the same obstacles. First of all, we are handling this project completely on our (=Clockwork Publishing's) own and don't rely on any third parties. But most of all, we are aiming at not letting the project get to big and to not include stretchgoals that haven't even been written yet in German (or any other language). The Mars sourcebook has already been translated and we are aiming and raising the money solely for printing and distribution. Stretchgoals contain material that has already been published in German and has only to be translated. This way we should be able to finish everything in the timeframe set in the project and not hit any of the delays that we experienced here.

We hope to see many of you on our Ether flyer to Mars! :-)

(If you have any questions concerning the project or the Mars sourcebook, feel free to put them here in the comments.)

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