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Frankenstein Faktoria is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game where YOU play one of the Doctors tragic creations...
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Shalleymouth Rewards – New Lower Price Points & Explanations…

Posted by Angus Abranson / Chronicle City (Creator)
When I launched this campaign I included three Pledge levels that would enable backers to become part of the world of Frankenstein Faktoria. I had priced these at what I thought was a competitive rate compared to other campaigns which offered similar rewards, but I suspect that as Frankenstein Faktoria is both a smaller, and certainly less well-known, campaign than some others – plus comes on the back of a festive season – that the higher reward levels haven’t proven to be as attractive as I had hoped.  

I had planned on writing an update highlighting the Shalleymouth Rewards more in anycase, but I have also taken this opportunity to lower the three pledge levels. This has been done in the hope that some of you may be interested in changing your pledge to take one, or to make them more attractive for new backers who may join the campaign between now and its finish date. 

The following pledge levels have changed… 

Townsfolk of Shalleymouth : From £50 to £30 

Shalleymouth Town Planning : From £75 to £40 

Shalleymouth Dignitary : From £100 to £70 


Shalleymouth is the nearest town to The Factory. Indeed, the Factory and Castle are built on a hill overlooking the town, its presence casting a cloak of malevolence, suspicion and dread across the townsfolk. 

Whilst Shalleymouth is spoken about in the original game there isn't a lot of information available. As part of this campaign we are also looking at producing a new Shalleymouth supplement for Frankenstein Faktoria, which you can pledge for in certain tiers (Visitor of Shalleymouth and above). 

Some of these tiers will allow you to leave your mark on the town... become a citizen or dignitary or maybe even help establish one of the establishments there. Landlord of a pub? The local Undertakers? Matron of the Orphanage? A priest or nun? Or maybe a simple Tailor? There are also opportunities for an illustration based upon your likeness to appear in the Shalleymouth book. 

We will be release two short PDFs (@ 2-4 pages each in length) a month from April 2018 until March 2019, with each looking at a new establishment. Then, once the series has finished, we will compile all of them and send the Shalleymouth backers a PDF containing all 24 establishments plus a voucher to order a physical copy at cost + postage through DriveThruRPG. 


Let’s have a closer look at each… 

Townsfolk of Shalleymouth (24 available) 

We will use your name, or a name of your choosing, as a resident of Shalleymouth, in one of the locations featured in the twice monthly Shalleymouth PDFs. Your entry will appear during the first year. You may appear as a resident, a member of the Shalleymouth Police Force, a tradesman or woman working at one of the local establishments, a teacher at the local school, or one of many professions and personalities that call Shalleymouth home. 

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable names. You will also be listed by your name as a 'Townsfolk of Shalleymouth' in the Thank You section of the Shalleymouth book. 

Shalleymouth Town Planning (12 available) 

With the Town Planning pledge you not only get to name a resident of Shalleymouth but also one of its establishments. We will work with you to name a location or establishment in Shalleymouth to be featured as a location in one of the twice monthly PDFs. Your location or establishment will appear during the first year. Maybe you’d like to be a landlord of your own tavern, manage the travelling fair or circus that comes to town, the shady barber, toymaker and owner of the local toy store, or one of dozens of other possible establishments that would exist in Shalleymouth. 

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable names. You will also be credited in the PDF and the Shalleymouth printed edition as 'concept by [your name]' for the establishment in question. You will also be listed by your name as a member of the 'Shalleymouth Town Planning Council' in the Thank You section of the Shalleymouth book. 


Shalleymouth Dignitary (12 available) 

In many ways this is similar to Townsfolk of Shalleymouth pledge level. But we not only use your name, or a name of your choosing as a resident or dignitary of Shalleymouth, but also use an illustration containing your likeness. So whether you’d like to be the Chief of Police, head of the Shalleymouth Herald newspaper, or a simple butcher, baker or candlestick maker... this is the reward level to also be seen as well as mentioned. 

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable names. We will work with you in deciding the profession of the resident or dignitary that you'll be in the book. You will also be listed by your name as a 'Dignitary of Shalleymouth' in the Thank You section of the Shalleymouth book. 

In addition each of the above will also give a physical and electronic copy of Frankenstein Faktoria, all the monthly Shalleymouth PDFs, plus the option to buy the final Shalleymouth book compilation as print cost + postage (via a DriveThruRPG coupon), and also any of the digital stretch goals that the campaign might unlock.

I hope some of the above may appeal to you. Thanks for all of your support, be it a £1 Glass Eyed pledge or a possible future £70 Shalleymouth Dignitary one!

Have a good weekend!


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