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An "ecchi" visual novel with a '90s retro vibe!
An "ecchi" visual novel with a '90s retro vibe!
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October update + message from our musicians!

Posted by Vittorio Giorgi (Creator)


The game is almost ready! As I mentioned in last update, we'll begin to ship italian copies of the game very soon. We're debugging the international version of the game as we speak, and we'll post the game on Steam during the first half of November. International physical copies wll be shipped during the same period.

Now, a message from Oppaidius' main composer, Luca Della Regina:

Thank you for your great work, and for keeping the retro spirit alive, Luca!

And, as you may already know, Oppaidius proudly features 4 other musicians, great japanese game industry veterans.
One of them is Tsuyoshi Kaneko. Kaneko-san composed the soundtrack for one of the most crazy and memorable games ever, SEGAGAGA. The ultimate "meta-videogame", SEGAGAGA is a rpg where you lead Sega in its battle for supremacy against "Dogma" (*cough*Sony*cough*) during the first 2000s. I love this game. Kaneko-san composed for it great tunes, and arranged many Sega classic tracks in this superb soundtrack. Give it a listen, if you haven't already.
After that, Kaneko-san worked on many other great Sega titles, like Game Boy Advance Astroboy and the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Kotoku series, Visual Novels like Moero Downhill Night, and even the cult shoot'em up Thunder Force VI. Recently, he worked on the cute "Little Dragon's Cafe" for Nintendo Switch and PS4.
Kaneko-san made for Oppaidius TWO awesome tracks, you'll unlock them at the end of the first playthrough. Here's his hand-written message (yes, I almost shed a tear or two when I received it):

 Thank you very much, Kaneko-san!

Lastly: I pretty much finished my artistic work for Oppaidius (unfortunately!) so I'm free to draw some fan arts and stuff like that.
I'm in love with Darling in the Franxx's Zero Two, can you tell?

Thank you very much, as always.

Vittorio and the team

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      Crush on

      Thank you, Kaneko-san. Nice to have some special bonus after finishing the game. I look forward to unlock those tunes.