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An "ecchi" visual novel with a '90s retro vibe!
An "ecchi" visual novel with a '90s retro vibe!
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Summer Beta is ready!

Posted by Vittorio Giorgi (Creator)


Summer Closed Beta is on its way!
In the next hours you'll receive it. Check your email!

If you didn't receive it in the next 8-12 hours, drop me a line.

Some Beta data:
- There are 3 "secret" music tracks:
"Burning Love Arrange Version" and "Liberty Dub-Tribal Techno Version" (this one is very rare!) both by Tsuyoshi Kaneko, and "Slow Day (Room) Arrange Version" by Hideki Higuchi.
Those tracks will appear random in certain sections of the game. The full game will feature a different way to unlock them.
- Credits list is the same as the demo. The full credits list, including your names, will be featured in the full game.
- This Beta is in English and Italian. Japanese language support will be added in a future update.

As I already said, the Key you'll receive unlocks the full game as well, so it counts as a Kickstarter reward for a "Digital Copy" of the game!

Join us on Discord:

Thank you very much, as always.

Vittorio and the team

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    1. Vittorio Giorgi Creator on

      Steam policies changed about 2-3 times already in the past months, so we can't tell when the game will be released if it will be ok or not... right now there's no problem. Actually, the current beta and demo builds are already +18 (for Steam, just a nipple alone is +18), and they are allowed.
      If we encounter some problems, we'll look for a solution... My main concern is of course to keep the game as it is, with no cuts or changes whatsoever.
      Thank you for playing then beta!

    2. solyleo on

      Thank you for the answer, my concern is how the game will be if Steam doesn't allow the current version since you said it will be 18+? BTW, I am really enjoy the Beta, thank you!

    3. Vittorio Giorgi Creator on

      The game will not have a +18 patch, there will be only one version of it (if Steam will still allow it).
      It will be +18, tho (due to nudity and a "hot" scene) but no real porn scenes.

    4. Greg Gordon on

      Never mind, I just found it.

    5. Greg Gordon on

      Sorry, but I must have missed the email with my key. Where can I look to find it?

    6. solyleo on

      Hi, there. Just a quick question, is there any 18+ patch for the game after full release? Or that is the only version on steam? Thanks!

    7. Vittorio Giorgi Creator on

      Skip to unread and rollback options will be added to full game (this Beta is not too long, so they were not vital features at this point). About the text being unreadable on "flashy background", which section you're referring to? This it the first similar feedback I receive.

    8. Sablons Paul

      Tried the beta, and quickly stoped... at this stage this unplayable for me, the text is unreadable on the flashy background, very slow fading black screen, no option to skip already read text and no rollback... nope, all this for me is too much annoyance for me to continue playing.