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Match wits with an evil wizard in this brand-new puzzle hunt by Nathan Curtis.
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Mid-November Update

Posted by Nathan Curtis (Creator)
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It's the middle of November, which means crunch time is upon me for What's That Spell. Unfortunately, I have encountered some delays. In particular, one of the props that accompanies the puzzle hunt is fairly time-consuming to assemble. I have some assistance in assembling this prop, but making 300 or more copies will take some time, and I have found that I can only manage an hour or so at a time myself due to my physical limitations.

At this point, I anticipate sending the props out in the middle of December, with the puzzle hunt to follow on its heels. I appreciate your patience so far, and hope that you will find that the puzzles are worth the wait.

But if you have been hoping for something to solve, do not despair! While I am still working on the props and other elements of What's That Spell itself, I am much closer to having the bonus puzzles ready. In fact, I plan to send out half of the bonus puzzles (7 or so out of the 13 that were funded in the stretch goals) early next week, so that those of you who are celebrating American Thanksgiving will have some puzzles to work on over the holiday weekend. I don't know when I'll send out the second half of the bonus puzzles, but I think they'll be ready before the props and puzzles of What's That Spell. And if you ordered additional puzzles part of your reward, those should be ready by early December.

Before I sign off, I also want to mention another Kickstarter project you might find interesting. One of my guest constructors, Pavel Curtis, is the creator of a series of logic puzzles he calls Adalogical Ænigmas. He is packaging the first couple dozen Ænigmas into a single collection, which you can find at His project is well into the stretch goals, so in addition to his own puzzles you will get contributions from several other constructors, and with just over 26 hours to go, now is the time to back the project and support such a talented constructor.

Thanks again for your support and patience. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my (and my guest constructors') labor with you.

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    1. Roy Leban on

      Some people may care a lot about the schedule, but I think most of us care more about the quality (and your sanity and health). The Year of Puzzles kickstarter was a bit late getting started, had some rough patches in the middle, and ended a bit late as well. We had a small but vocal contingent that was really mad about it, but the vast majority of backers were very positive and appreciated the quality.

      Yesterday, I received something that was a year and half late. And there are several things I've been waiting on for a year or more (plus a few I know I will never see, pretty frustrating). A tiny percentage of projects meet their schedule perfectly. As long as you deliver, most of us will be happy and you can ignore anybody who complains too much :)

    2. Keith Jackson

      Quality is MUCH more important than on-time delivery! I, for one, am happy to be patient.