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We want more copies of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and we think that maybe you do, too!
We want more copies of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and we think that maybe you do, too!
1,791 backers pledged $51,955 to help bring this project to life.

Funding Goal For Better Production Quality

Hey everyone!  First off, thanks for the tremendous showing of support on this project.  We're really excited that so many people want copies of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and want to see her story continue.

So, I recently got off the phone with the printer, and it looks like if we get a big enough order of books together, then we'll be able to print the books with much higher production quality.

FUNDING GOAL: $40,000 - If we reach this goal, we will be able to increase the production quality of the books and print it all in color.  The book will feature the short story "Phantoms" (image above) and the four mini-series covers in full color in the back, along with full color extra materials.  The black and white pages of the main story will also be printed in 4-color black.  This means the blacks and grayscale art will be much richer because we will be running the 4-color process on the entire book.  The linework will look better, the subtle grayscales will be more subtle.  Everything will just look better than it ever did before, when Daisy was only printed using a 1-color process.  We will also be taking the time to experiment with getting some subtle color tones into the book, such as a light sepia adjustment.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there.  The more people we get involved in this thing, the better the product will be.  Thanks again everyone!  Please spread the word, and let's make this an even nicer book!


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    1. Nathan Reed
      on June 5, 2012

      Achievement Unlocked: 4 Color Printing - Yeah!

    2. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on June 1, 2012

      Oh, and only the short story "Phantoms", the mini-series single issue covers, and the early Daisy artwork are going to appear in full color.

    3. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on June 1, 2012

      Ross > We actually tried colorizing pages a while back and it doesn't look good. We are printing the pages in black and white using a 4-color process. Just means it will look less "ashy". When I worked with a publisher for Daisy Kutter years ago, we had to bump up the contrast considerably to deal with the graying out of a lot of the black areas when printing 1-color black. This way, the pages should look the way we see them on the screen. No worries. It's all good news. We like the black and white look, too!

    4. Ross Levine
      on May 29, 2012

      I'd like it in color, and I suppose "higher quality" also means higher quality paper and stuff?

      However, there is something to be said for the black and white look. I mean, look at Walking Dead, that's black and white and doing just fine :) . I'm not sure if the 4-color thing just means better grayscales and line art looks, or if, as per the picture you posted, you'll colorize it completely?

      Seems like largely good news regardless though!

    5. Missing avatar

      on May 26, 2012

      I just want to chime in that printing 4 color black offset does make a huge improvement, I've paid extra for a lot of record releases I've done purely because of the quality difference.

    6. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on May 26, 2012

      Richard > If you mean the short story, then yes, it will be included in the book even if we print it entirely in 1-color black.

    7. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on May 25, 2012

      Plug > to be clear, we love the black and white too. We won't be coloring the comic. We are just going to print the black and white pages using the 4 color process, as 1 color black tends to look a little dull or "soft". If you have a copy of Amulet, you can see the difference by comparing the text (1 color black) to the linework in the art (4-color black).

    8. Matt on May 25, 2012

      Yes! This would be so awesome if we hit that goal.

    9. Richard Cliffen on May 25, 2012

      Oh man. This looks epic. I hope that we hit the new goal. Will there be a way to get the mini comic regardless?

    10. Plug Uglie on May 25, 2012

      i kinda dig the black and white.

    11. Suzie Q Sailaway on May 25, 2012

      How exciting! I hope we make it to that goal. :)