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We want more copies of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and we think that maybe you do, too!
We want more copies of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, and we think that maybe you do, too!
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    1. David L on

      @Gary wow looks even better than the original. Nice.

    2. Gary Hoggatt on

      Wow, check out Kazu's huge new project! That's an amazing opportunity, and the cover of the first book looks great.

    3. David L on

      new blog post: Behind the Scenes
      thanks kazu. looking great!
      I love doggy!

    4. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Kazu here. Thank you for the comments, everyone! And thanks, David, for posting my recent blog post. Glad people are enjoying the story, and we definitely have Daisy Kutter 2 (and even 3) just waiting in the wings. The basic story is written, so I know what happens. I just have to find the time, and with the number of projects we have on our plate right now, that might be a little while. The good news is that we are creating a TON of new content right now, with Amulet 6, Explorer 2 and 3, and some other projects stewing up on the front burner. I've never been busier, nor have I ever had to make so much stuff.

      Rest assured, however, that I'm very often thinking about and planning ways to get the Daisy Kutter trilogy completed (yes, there is a very definite trilogy and story arc). With some careful planning and a lot of extra discipline, we might be able to do this. But it will be crazy. Also, we have a book of my anthology short stories that is nearly ready to go, so that might very well be our next Kickstarter project.

      And like we have been saying, if your book is damaged at all and would like it replaced, we do encourage you to let us know so we can make sure you get a pristine copy. Just send us an email and we'll get it done. No problem.

    5. David L on

      new update.

    6. robert lilley on

      Yer,got the book few marks on the hard back cover but that's life nothing perfect, read the book in one day it's the dog's boll@cks after reading indepentant novels for project? Lots of hugs UK reader

    7. Jonathan Lim on

      Thanks so much Jason!!! :) Got my Daisy Kutter copy last month, I'm from the Philippines. I got the unsigned copy of DK for hoping that sir Kazu will come here in my country so I can have it signed personally :D

    8. David L on

      Yea! Comment # 200! Anyways just wanted to say congragulations on your hard work Kazu and can't wait for book 2

    9. Cassiopeia Burrell on

      I received my signed and sketched copy a couple of weeks ago and it looks great!

    10. Buemba on

      My signed and sketched copy arrived today in Brazil. The back corners are a bit dented, but it's nothing I can't live with.

      The book looks beautiful and I loved the sketch, by the way.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gary Bettis on

      Mine arrived a couple of days ago in Singapore....perfect condition, fantastic have to keep going!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nightfall on

      Hey! Got my book a few days ago and apart from a small dent on one corner (which isn't that big of a deal) it arrived in perfect condition!
      The finished book looks really wonderful, keep on going :)

    13. Takaaki Furuse on

      Kazu! I just recieved my book just yesterday!!
      That was in a perfect condition. I couldn't find any scratch or damages with the books!


    14. PrimeLoki

      My books arrived! They are gorgeous and undamaged! Thank you so much!

    15. RevGra on

      Signed & sketched copy arrived in Germany! Thanks!

      Nearly undamaged, only the upper right corner of the book is bent slightly.

    16. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Thanks for the feedback, everyone! For those of you that received damaged books, Jason probably contacted you by now. If not, just let me know. We will ship out replacement copies right away.

      Glad people are happy with the book!

      Dennis > I can draw pretty quickly. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Matt Donovan on

      Hey, just received my two signed and sketched in copies. One of them was in perfect condition. The other one was pretty damaged. Almost all of the pages at the bottom were curled and there was a a pretty big dent on the top of the spine. But I loved the art and story itself.

    18. Dennis Sorensen on

      I also received my book safe and sound in Denmark a few days ago. I am really looking forward to reading it this weekend, and I have to say that your sketch of Daisy is a lot more cool than I thought it would be. Surely it must have taken you more than 10 seconds to draw? :)

      Thanks Kazu!

    19. Michael on

      Received my book in Denmark yesterday. Everything in perfect condition. Packed perfectly. Thanks a bunch!

    20. Londo2001 on

      My signed and sketched copy arrived today, absolutely love the sketch. The postcard and bookmarks are a great addition. I have to agree with some of the previous posts, the packaging is great the book arrived in perfect condition. I can't wait to get started. I just want to say you guys have done a fantastic job, all of your hard word and determination has really paid off!
      Thanks again...happy, happy , happy :-) from Oxford UK......

    21. Missing avatar

      Kat Kan

      My two signed and sketched copies arrived today. They were so carefully packed! I promptly re-wrapped one of them; it's for my brother. I'm so glad it arrived in time for me to send it as a Christmas gift! Thank you!

    22. Mark Andrew Smith

      My brothers got their copy a while back and great job.

    23. Mariya Krutova on

      My copy had just arrived in Russia without a scratch. I hadn't read it yet, just got home from post office, but the book looks so perfect. This reprint was worth waiting. Thank you for your efforts, Kazu!

    24. Missing avatar

      Roy MacKenzie on

      Hi Kazu; Just wanted to say that I received my copy recently, too. It's excellent! Thanks so much!
      I'm very glad to have a copy--I first read it when I found it in the library last year. It was a sad moment when I realized it was out of print, but then I found this and managed to get a great copy of my own. Win!

    25. Martin Gregory

      Arrived today in Australia, perfect condition. Absolute thing of beauty and the sketch inside the cover was fantastic. Will treasure this book for years to come, and I will be a guaranteed backer for Volume 2! Thanks very much Kazu.

    26. Erich L. on

      My copy just arrived in the Philippines! Great packaging--survived perfectly through the bumpy road of international shipping. Extremely pleased and will get about to cracking it open and enjoying it now. Thanks!

    27. Mark Bisignano on

      Got mine last week then had to head out of town for Thanksgiving. Oh, the anticipation! Back today to notice a bend in the corner. Checked that the cardboard from the packaging also was bent. Suggestion - Instead of a cardboard cookie sheet maybe a cardboard sandwich for Daisy 2 (man, now I'm starvin'!). Anyway, no worries. The artwork and story appear intact. And the sketch on the interior page. . .awesome!! Now for some reading!!

    28. Capricia Bruns on

      I received my book and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

    29. Missing avatar

      Martin Costello on

      Book arrived in Ireland last week in perfect condition. There's a blue blotch of ink on one black & white pages but nothing to worry about.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Mitchell on

      One more report -- book arrived in Canada yesterday; packaging-wise, the corners are a tiny bit bent, but nothing that wouldn't be happening the moment I put it on the shelf, so no worries there.

    31. Missing avatar

      Darren Sandford on

      Hi there,

      Just a quick note to let you know that my copy arrived two days ago. Packaging was completely intact, and the condition of the book is perfect.

      Thank you!

    32. Missing avatar

      Helen Boyle on

      Hi, Just a quick word to say that my signed copy arrived in Scotland in absolutely perfect condition - I literally just opened the package this moment. Thank you so very much, and I can't wait to read it!

    33. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Gregory and Sebastian - That's great to hear! I'm glad the books turned up in good shape :)


    34. Gregory Kane on

      Mine arrived in perfect condition to Canada :) I read it all today! amazing!

    35. Missing avatar

      Sebion on

      Hi Kazu. Just wanted to let you know that my copy arrived yesterday in perfect condition. the packaging was definintely sturdy enough in my case. I am from Germany by the way.

    36. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Matt - Not yet! We're packing those up right now, and they should be shipping early next week. Same with the 5 copy packages.


    37. Missing avatar

      Matt Donovan on

      Have the orders for TWO signed and sketched in copies been sent out yet?

    38. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Takaaki > We still have a stack of international orders about to go out in the post. I'll check with Jason when he gets into the office to see if your copy has been sent.

      Harald > Sorry about the condition of your package! We send all international orders out in pretty heavy duty cardboard, so it's surprising when those don't arrive in pristine condition. We'll send you a new copy right away!

      Aaron > Glad your book arrived safely!

    39. Missing avatar

      Harald Demler

      Got mine today. As I live in Austria, I think this counts as one arrived outside the U.S. (and yes its signed and sketched in)

      Sadly it arrived in a bad shape, the corners are all bent, the lower right one wuite heavily :(

    40. Takaaki Furuse on

      Is there anyone in the outside of the U.S.(say Asia) received a singed copy?
      I'm looking forward to receiving it.....

    41. Aaron Roberts on

      Got mine yesterday. Looks great, can't wait to read it this weekend. Thank you.

    42. Kazu Kibuishi Creator on

      Michael > Jason has sent you a message about replacing your copy. Sounds like that book had a tough journey. Hopefully the new book arrives safe and sound!

      David > We can send a new copy if you'd like. You should have a message from Jason in your inbox.

      Everyone else > Thank you for the updates!

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Oue on

      My copy arrived today. I was actually surprised that it arrived at all as there was a huge tear in the side of the padded envelope, big enough for the book to have fallen out. There was a bend in the front cover on the top right and the bottom right. Otherwise, I'm surprised there wasn't anything worse given what happened to the padded envelope.

    44. David L on

      Hi! Just got mines yesterday! The book was in pretty good condition when it arrived besideds the corners being a little bent, the spine was a little bump, and the package had a little rip but other than that the book was amazing! I had just fliped through it and can't wait to start reading, you have once again manage to exceed my expectations. I bet Daisy Kutters 2 will be even beter!

    45. tracy nickerson on

      Got mine today, looks good. Thank you!

    46. Christopher Broden on

      My copy arrived in the mail today. No issues at all. Can't wait to read the story.


    47. SugarCanKill on

      Got mine yesterday - perfect condition, looks amazing! Thanks very much, Kazu!

    48. Tom B.

      Mine was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. No damage at all, great read and the artwork was beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Daisy Kutter 2.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kate O'Neil on

      My copy arrived! Only one nick, which is about as good a delivery as I can expect from my mail carrier! It's awesome, I look forward to more of your works!

    50. Kevin Chu on

      I got my book! It arrived in great condition. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet but I will tonight! Thanks!

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