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The only Open Source Arduino based Replica of an “Out of this World” computer.
The only Open Source Arduino based Replica of an “Out of this World” computer.
192 backers pledged $83,168 to help bring this project to life.

Major update, lots of news

Posted by S&T Geotronics (Creator)

Yes, we are still alive but we have been busy preparing for fulfillment. Here are a bunch of good news:


  • 1- 75% of BackerKit Survey Invites sent so far, with a 60% response rate. More surveys to be sent later. Make sure your BackerKit invite does not end up in your Spam folder.  
  • 2- All Add-ons have been added to BackerKit, most of them at reduced prices.  
  • 3- 3D Printing moving at a steady pace, building inventory.  
  • 4- Early batch of Raw Materials received, looking good so far.  
  • 5- In response to backers demand, we now have a 1:1 3D printed "Big Back" option.  
  • 6- Shipping should commence on schedule in 2 or 3 weeks.  
  • 7- Come see us this week-end at the Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast hosted in the Computer Museum of America and presented by the Atlanta Historical Computing Society.  


1- We have sent so far only 75% of the BackerKit Survey Invites and have already received back 60% of responses. The round keychain is already an overwhelming winner over the rectangular one. More people are interested in a cruise than anticipated. Other surprise: Majority of backers so far have or have access to a 3D printer.  

2- Once you receive your BackerKit Survey Invite, you will realize we are giving backers numerous add-on options, including some exclusives.  

3- With 9 3D printers now at our disposal day and night and at least half of them printing something at every moment, we now have a good inventory of 3D printed parts and feel we should be able to make all deadlines.  

4- Raw materials have started to come in, we don't expect any shortages. Very pleased with all suppliers so far.  

5- We have had collaborators and a few backers requesting a full 1:1 size replica of the DSKY, specifically including what we taught was an overly big, useless back. Well, we created it and indeed, it is big, providing lots on internal storage area. It takes 40 hours to print but it looks fantastic. Our "Big Back" upgrade is now available as an add-on.  

Full 1:1 (Big Back) Replica
Full 1:1 (Big Back) Replica

6- As planned, once we finalize our frosted window process (within 2 weeks), we should be ready to start shipping on schedule.  

7- S&T GeoTronics will be at the Vintage Computer Festival South-East in Atlanta this week-end. Come see us!  

Now that we have most logistics/production squared away, we will be able to focus full-tilt on software very shortly and expect updates via our Programming Open DSKY Instructables.  

Thank You for your support and patience, please be on the lookout for your backerkit survey invite soon and please fill it in without delay.  

- Marc and James @ S&T GeoTronics LLC


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    1. Bernd Zuerker | CONTACT LIGHT on

      How can I upgrate my
      EARLY BIRDS Assembled/Tested, 3D & Laser
      to a "Big Back"?

      How much does it cost?

      Thanks for answer..