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We're creating a digital encyclopedia of PC game fixes, listing workarounds, utilities, mods and improvements.

"Step in the PCGamingWiki, which aims to make the biggest collection of PC tweaks, tips, and hardware guides on the Internet." - Alasdair Duncan, Destructoid.

We've all spent hours trawling through forums, websites and support Q&A to get a PC game to work. Do you spend more time researching and setting up games than actually playing them?

xkcd: Wisdom of the Ancients, used with permission

We present PCGamingWiki - an encyclopedia of PC game fixes. Our aim is to create a single, user-editable page for every single PC game, with information such as:

  • performance issues and fixes

  • optimisations and configurations

  • save game locations and syncing

  • graphics and FOV adjustments

  • bugs, workarounds and community patches

  • cutscene and video skipping

TotalBiscuit speaks about PCGamingWiki.

Check out some articles that has brought us the attention of the community and the media:

Taking it to the next level

"If they manage it, this could be one of the internet’s greatest resources." - Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun.

"At this rate PCGamingWiki could one day achieve its lofty goals, thanks in no small part to the passionate PC gaming community." - Mike Fahey, Kotaku.

"PCGamingWiki is a vast source of information every PC gamer needs to know about." - Adam Ames,

Even with all this success, PCGamingWiki has not yet reached the critical mass to be able to keep up with new releases, and to catch up on the vast PC back catalogue. Writing an encyclopedia is a gargantuan task, and it's an uphill battle for our small team of dedicated editors.

I believe that given enough time and support, we can create the biggest and best PC gaming fixes resource. This is why I would like to ask the community's help to deliver on one of PC gaming's most ambitious and important projects.


  • Kickstarter pledges will fund the completion of an ambitious one year content creation project. This one year project will significantly increase article quality and count, and allow the site to keep up-to-date with new releases, as well as delve into the hard-to-fix PC gaming back catalogue.

    The content creation project aims to kickstart the profile of PCGamingWiki so high that it becomes the place for PC game fixes. Our ambition is that people will always refer to PCGamingWiki first when they look for a PC game fix. Once PCGamingWiki reaches a critical mass of visitors and visibility, the site will become self-sustaining and will always be up-to-date.

    This Kickstarter is completely optional, and that the funding of this project will primarily impact the speed at which the content project and other sub-projects (such as translation) are completed. If you are happy to wait a few years for PCGamingWiki to get there naturally, there is nothing wrong with that (good things come to those who wait). Andrew will still continue to be committed to chipping away on the project approximately 1 - 2 hours a day, as he has been doing since the site's creation.

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  • PCGamingWiki is free, and always will be free. Server or hosting costs are paid for by advertising and generous donations from the community.

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  • Thousands of articles. I am an experienced, professional researcher and web content writer. High-quality articles will be produced regularly, with the aim of increasing the game article to over 2000, with more produced if the funding level goes over the goal.

    Previews and new releases. Time will be dedicated to building relationships with developers and PR, to source preview code. All the information you need will be provided, such as what DRM does the game use? Is there an off-line mode? What are the bugs, and what are the workarounds?

    Sales. Sales on Steam and other outlets will be targeted to ensure that relevant articles are available and up-to-date within hours to save every PC gamer time and money.

    Blog. A detailed blog of daily activities will be maintained, focusing on issues that are important to PC gamers.

    Advocacy work. I will be proactive with developers to influence their games to include the PC gaming basics: FOV adjustabilty, customisable keys, cutscene skipability and comprehensive subtitles.

    Offline viewing. After the year-long project is complete, the PCGamingWiki Digital Edition will be made available for download for eligible backers.

    Translation. Currently the site lacks dedicated people to work on translation. Funding will allow the follow through on a translation project, first in the Polish language, and then potentially branching out into other languages as well.

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  • Once the funding level is reached and secured, I will ensure that all pledges of donation, links and banner advertising pledges are honoured before full-time work begins on the project, which will be four weeks after the funding deadline has been met.

    Once this project is completed after the one year period, the PCGamingWiki Digital Edition will be made available to eligible backers.

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  • Think of the Kickstarter as a research grant for PC gamers. Your funding will allow full-time work to be carried out on the project, and for PCGamingWiki to reach its full potential.

    This project is not like other gaming Kickstarters, whose projects will be sold even after the funding period is over. This project's income for the next one year period is almost completely limited by the outcome of this Kickstarter.

    After Kickstarter and Amazon take between 8-10%, the figure that will be received will be between as low as $54,000, and with the 'no-show' factor of 5%, the final figure received will be approximately $51,000. (

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  • Help create one of the most valuable PC gaming resource, and give something back to the community.

    Our ads are disabled for logged in users as a thank you to our contributors and valued supporters.

    Our site is one of the few hosts of rare PC gaming files, mods and utilities via the

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  • Funds reaching over the goal will help fund various aspects of PCGamingWiki, such as bigger servers, better hosting, improved visual design and a full front-end for the Citadel webseed hosting project. I will also use additional funds to compensate some of our most dedicated contributors as a thank you for their support.

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  • The PCGamingWiki Digital Edition will be a simple offline distribution of the site after the completion of the year-long project.

    Names can be up to 30 characters long and messages can be up to 150 characters long. No messages or links with obscene, inappropriate words, and no pornography, gambling or piracy, up to the discretion of Andrew Tsai.

    The donation page will be linked in the sidebar navigation.

    All ad banners will be deactivated for logged in users, to show appreciation for their vital work in contributing to the wiki.

    The names to donators prior to Kickstarter event will automatically be moved to the appropriate new locations corresponding to the new pledge levels.

    The wiki will only ever feature x4 main graphic ad spaces based on the current MediaWiki 1.19.0 Vector skin. A 5th space of 120x90 will be retained for use by PCGamingWiki.

    Downtime of the site is monitored by the Pingdom service. At the end of the one year period, banners and links will be extended by however long the downtime has been.

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  • Please contact me for information about traffic figures of the site if you are interested in the banner rewards.

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