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From a group of indie lovers who were not satisfied with the status quo, comes an idea that will turn gravity upside down - literally!

From a group of indie lovers who were not satisfied with the status quo, comes an idea that will turn gravity upside down - literally! Read More
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Help us sell our game! Make sure that you vote "Yes" on our Steam Greenlight page so that we can get our game distributed on the Steam network! (It costs nothing if you purchased a game on Steam already!)

Give Us the Greenlight on Steam!
Give Us the Greenlight on Steam!

"... an appealing platformer."  "It's certainly caught our eye."

                                                        - IGM Editor and Chief, Chris Priestman 

The Land of Eyas is an indie game for the PC (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) and X-Box Live Arcade developed by Happy Square Productions. The titular hero, Eyas -a little boy wearing an oddly-styled cat outfit, is in a world where he is caught between two opposing gravities. In order to return to the place that he calls Home, he has to learn how to navigate this world using the opposing gravitational forces and the objects he interacts with along the way. On his journey he is guided by tree wisps, who direct him to find the one they call M.O.T.H.E.R. He also encounters a mysterious girl by the name of Abrahm. Is she a friend or is she a foe? Play the game to find out!

Inside The Land of Eyas you will find a puzzle-solving, platforming adventure that turns the laws of physics upside-down.  Instead of just having a world where only one set of rules applies, you must interact with objects that lie within several gravitational zones. This forces you to look at your surroundings from multiple perspectives and to devise complex strategies that get you from point A to point B.

Throughout this world are many strange and intriguing creatures. You will meet a tree spirit who is searching for his lost memories that have been locked away within these very peculiar seer stones. He will need you to seek these seer stones out and return them so that he can once again remember his past.

You will also discover ancient, golden artifacts known as annuli. As you come into contact with each annulus, secrets are revealed and worlds are expanded. But will these annuli bring Eyas closer to the place that he calls Home?

Sometimes it is a challenge just to figure out how to bring a key to a locked door as you navigate your way through the various gravity zones. These sort of mind-boggling challenges will leave you guessing for hours.

You will also find interactive blocks throughout the worlds.  You can build structures that allow you to reach high places, you can ride on top of them to avoid contact with hazards, and (best of all) they can even make you fly!

There are many other mechanics that you discover along the way, like hazards, laser beams, gravity switches, bosses, chase sequences, interactive creatures, and more! However, in order to see them all, you need to play the game. So please support this project so that we can make this a reality!

Right now this game is already way beyond being just a concept.  The Land of Eyas is in a playable state with tons of completed content.  However, we still need your help so that we can:

  • Finish creating more game mechanics, like chase sequences, more environmental creatures, bosses, more characters, and an ending that will blow you away!
  • Promote the heck out of this game by putting it into venues, like Penny Arcade Expo East, South by Southwest Music and Media Conference, Independent Games Festival, Indie Game Challenge, and more!
  • Finish populating the 40+ stages with as much artistic content as possible:

What do you get besides the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the arts and funding starving artists? Well, how about:

If you have not already, then please vote "Yes" for us on Steam Greenlight so that we can become "greenlit," and then we will be able to distribute our game on the Steam network!

Follow us on Indie DB in order to get the latest news and ramblings by Stephen the Programmer!

Make sure you check out the official soundtrack from The Land of Eyas! (Likes, followers, and comments are especially welcome.)

Here is one of many exciting tracks that you can expect to hear:

Follow us on tumblr and check out our website:

Also, make sure you check out our artist, Matthew Kiehl, on his personal blog!  Likes, followers, and comments are especially welcome here as well!

Q: What is an "eyas" and how do you pronounce it?

A: An eyas (pronounced EYE-uhs) is a young falcon that is taken away from its nest so that it can essentially be thrown off a tree in an effort to teach it how to fly.

Q: Why is the main character wearing a cat costume?

A: Play the game to find out!

Q: Will the game give you the option to choose from other costumes as well?

A: Absolutely!  If we can get enough funding, then we will be able to create a costume selection screen where you can choose from among the finest costumes for Eyas to wear: a frog suit, a dog suit, a giraffe suit, a hippo suit, and maybe even a narwhal suit as well!

Q: Just how did you make that amazing trailer??

A: It is pretty amazing, amiright? Well, it just so happens that we had the help of some of the most amazing and talented individuals from the games promo agency, The Trailer Farm. We owe them a great deal of gratitude for producing this incredible trailer. Check out their web site to find out more!

Q: What makes The Land of Eyas more unique than other platformers?

A: The Land of Eyas is unique from other games in that you have to interact with objects located in two different zones within each stage where the gravities are opposing each other. This forces you to devise complex strategies in order to determine how to get from point A to point B.  This also forces you to look at your surroundings from multiple perspectives.

Another aspect that makes this game unique is that a great portion of the artistic content is actually created using labor intensive pen and ink art.  Check out the 'You Got Game Art Edition' reward under the 'What You Get' section to see some of the pen and ink art that was used for crafting this game.

Also check out the rest of the gameplay section to learn more about the various game mechanics that you will encounter.

Q: What will Abrahm look like?

A: Glad you asked!  Here is a sketch:

Q: How and when do I get my rewards?

A: For digitally downloadable media, a set of instructions will be sent to you by email. However, for other types of rewards, like Matthew Kiehl's artwork, you will need to send us your address so that we can deliver the content to your home. Immediately after our campaign has ended, if we have reached our goal of $10,000, then we will start sending out all content as soon as possible.  Rewards like Cirbie or artwork by Matthew Kiehl will be sent out by July 31st.  The Land of Eyas (both digital and box set versions) will be sent out one week before the officially announced date of release.  The release date for The Land of Eyas will be announced one week after the funding duration for this campaign ends.

Q: What is the game, Cirbie, all about?

A: Cirbie is the very first indie game ever created by Stephen Hoskins. This game features a little robot with a ridiculously disproportionate sword who gains health bonuses and combat experience by battling other robots in a series of underworlds. (Matthew Kiehl totally loves this game, and so can you if you contribute 20 or more dollars!)  All graphics, music, programming, and storyline are done by Stephen Hoskins.

Watch the trailer here:

Q: Can obscene, inappropriate, or racially offensive names be allowed in the game?

A: No...  If the name that you choose for the 'You Got Game Master Edition' or the 'You Got Game God Edition' reward is inappropriate, then we will ask you for another name to use instead.  If you fail to provide us one, then we will create our own name to use for you.  (You might not like the name that we choose as much.)

                          All content is copyrighted by Happy Square Productions, LLC.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that development machines could go down. We have machines that are constantly backing up our work on a daily basis. If one of our machines goes down, then it could take us up to a week to get ourselves back to a fully functioning state again. There would not be any lost work. However, we would need to purchase replacement hardware so that we can be protected against any future technological failures. Also, it usually takes about a week to get all of our audio software set up correctly.

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    You Got Game (Early Bird) - We are offering this reduced rate to the first 250 sponsors. Receive an exclusive digital copy of the The Land of Eyas one week before the release date!

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    You Got Game - Everything above + digital wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds!

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    You Got Game Special Edition - Everything above + the epic soundtrack for your listening pleasure and a bonus game, Cirbie -the very first video game ever created by Stephen Hoskins! (See the FAQ below for more about Cirbie.)

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    You Got Game Power Edition - Everything above + receive a special boxed, hard-copy edition of The Land of Eyas! That's a second copy of The Land of Eyas with disc art, box art, and a user manual too! Also, for supporting the art, Stephen Hoskins and Matthew Kiehl will personally autograph every single box that is ordered!

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    You Got Game Art Edition - Everything above + you will get an intricate, autographed, high-quality, matted 12"x16" reproduction of artwork from The Land of Eyas created by renowned artist, Matthew Kiehl. These rewards are limited, though. So act fast!

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    You Got Game Master Edition - Everything above + you get to name (within reason) and design an actual character in The Land of Eyas using one of our NPC character-sheets! That's right. You will be able to show all your friends that one of the characters from the indie game, The Land of Eyas, was actually modeled and named by you!

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    You Got Game God Edition - Everything above + we will create for you your very own stage within The Land of Eyas AND we will even place your name (or your company's name) into the stage so that everyone who plays the game will know that it was created just for YOU. Only FIVE people can purchase this unique reward. Will you get to be one of them?

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