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Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !
Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !
3,028 backers pledged $139,865 to help bring this project to life.

The Beginning And The End! - Shiness is announced on PS4 and XB1!

Posted by Ynnis Interactive (Creator)

Hi everyone, We did it!

Shiness officially announced on PS4 and Xbox One!  

We raised exactly 139 865$! We naturally rounded it to 140 000$ on our own, which makes it possible to release Shiness on PS4 and Xbox One!

This is only the beginning of a great and bright adventure. We really hope you will enjoy the game, and we can’t wait to release the alpha!

Shiness is no longer a project; it is now a real upcoming game!

Thank you so much guys from all our heart, thanks to you we can realize our dream and make a great game. 

If you have discovered this Kickstarter campaign too late and want to help by pre-ordering the game or buy some nice add-ons through Paypal, we are opening next week a backer page in order to let you do that.

See you Soon!

- Enigami Team 

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    1. Thom Snow on

      Can't wait for Wii U option :D

    2. Sir Jordi

      I jumped in for the Wii U port..let's hope it will be announced soon!

    3. Vince Vazquez

      I'm certain you guys will hit more stretch goals as development continues and you show off more awesome videos!

      Oh man, that reminds me! Anima: Gate of Memories is doing another funding run and now that this is done, I gotta throw a few bucks at that! That's looking awesome too!

    4. Shannon on

      Becoming an actual game is great news as this seems like a very fresh game with interesting characters, music, art direction and gameplay... But I'll be damned if raising 150K or even the 190K wouldn't make me giddy like a little child with excitement! Congrats

    5. Jay Shah on

      I am without a PS4 or XBOX ONE, but I am excited to see Shiness finished for the PC!
      Make this game awesome and keep us all posted! Glad to have backed this! >_<

    6. StromIV on

      Congrats, and here is to hoping that the PayPal - when setup - donations will bring in a few more stretch goals.

    7. Pierre Laporte on

      congratulations ! :)

    8. Kytana on

      No bad bad bad.
      But Congrats.

    9. Evan Adams on

      Well congrats. Here is to hoping more features get added due to Paypal backers (and maybe post-release content).

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      You'll make me the happiest man on the planet!

    11. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Congratulations! But please add a Russian translation! :)

    12. Seth Brown on

      So glad it's coming to PS4. Can't wait!

    13. Missing avatar

      FOSSAT Maxence on

      Congratulations !
      You guys rock!

      Just because I'm curious: do you have any idea of when will the full game (not alpha or beta) be released ? (not precisely of course)

    14. zebastiane on

      I hope with Paypal you can reach Wii U stretch goal. This is the main reason I backed this project, playing this great game on my Wii U.

    15. Isak Wennstig on

      il see you guys at the field of pe alpha access forum

    16. Samladdy on

      Congratulations once again Ynnis Interactive :) really can't wait for this game and still so happy that this game will be available for the PS4.

      If there are any live demonstrations I would love to come see the project and how it is going... Also hopefully a cheeky little demo to play ;)

      All the best and congratulations once again, you deserve it!

    17. Mellefly on

      Yay ! I can't wait to play the game on PS4 ! :)

    18. Pascal H. on

      I wish it would come to WiiU... I'm never gonna play it :/

    19. Ynnis Interactive 8-time creator on

      The game is created for PC at first, consoles are only a port of the PC version.

      Thank you so much, that's an honor for us to see people liking our work!

      @Nawaf & Denis
      Thank you!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jakob Mühldorfer on

      Will consoles get a PC port...or could it be the other way round? Just asking if it could affect the graphics details eventually...

    21. Alex Brown on

      I love you all so much right now. This has been an amazing project to back and follow I must say

    22. Nawaf Alharbi on

      Yess !! Finally ! Shiness will shine its light on the PS4 and the XBox !

      Thank you everyone for your kind support !