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Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !
Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !
Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !
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About Consoles - First Environements Tour - New music


Hello everyone,

We will add an additional question into the F.A.Q about consoles. You've been a lot asking about physical copies if we get to console goals. If you pledge for a physical copy of the game, once we contact you at the end of the campaign you will have to tell on which platform you want the get the game. There is no extra cash to get a physical consoles copy. About the stretch goals, if we don't hit the PS4 then the console will still be on schedule but it may be a lot delayed. We would first get some money from the PC sales to have enough to port the game and that would be the same for WII-U or XBox One.

Now let's go to the subject ;) 

We have been working these days to make an environment showcase of the game. We want you to discover the universe when you will have the game, that's why we are trying to show you the minimum to not spoil your experience. You will discover a very little part of Meonis Forest, Meonis Cave and the first sky village, Mantara City. We will also show you some concept art we've made to build the city, i really hope you will enjoy it.

Areas and music are still at a work in progress stage, but you will have a nice preview of the game atmosphere.    

Some Concept Arts :

To conclude, you can discover a new in-game work in progress music track there:

We want to thank you guys for your all support. We've been reading your comments and we really appreciate all of the effort you have put in already!

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    1. Nawaf Alharbi on

      I don't mean to compare the witnessed efforts, but the soundtrack reminds me of KH, in a good way.

      It's magical, fantastic, exquisite and surreal !

    2. Vince Vazquez

      YAY! I love seeing & hearing the art and music for this beautiful looking game! Hopefully we'll see some outlets post this update on their sites, and this video will bring more backers to the page! It is really fantastic! If you have any more in-game videos to show off, that'll boost the pledge period tremendously, I'm sure.

      But remember guys, about the consoles + cash stuff, after the Kickstarter succeeds, you can always do what a lot of other projects do and keep accepting donations through Paypal on your site or whatever. Or... uh... Humble Store preorders, or something? I'm blanking on the options, but I know other Kickstarter games do that kind of thing and throw the extra cash towards stretch goals (and continued development in general).

    3. Ynnis Interactive 8-time creator on

      Thank you guys! Share the video as far as you can ;)

    4. Gearsoul Dragon

      Fantastic art/concepts! :D

      Sooo... To be 100% clear, you CAN get a physical console copy? Can we get mockups..? :D

    5. Raül Meroño Pericas on

      Love the art concepts, the music and mainly everything shown on this first tour. This game is soooo promising. I really wish you an enormous success with Shiness!! Keep up the awesome work!!

    6. Marlo Ramirez on

      Very cool art concepts. I like how they have that traditional fantasy feel to them yet ya'll still managed to give them a unique look to them. And that music in progress sample sounds great. Definitely something I can imagine listening to while exploring the world.

    7. Sporic on

      Nice job!!! Very excited for this!