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Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness ! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 8, 2014.

Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness !

About this project

Shiness is a Role Playing Game which will let you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will stay with you for a long time! With its unpredictable storylines and frenetic gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play the story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally brought to life.

If you have discovered this Kickstarter campaign too late and want to help by pre-ordering the game or buy some nice add-ons through Paypal, we have opened a backer page in order to let you do that.

 Shiness has been greenlit! Thank you so much for your votes!

#Update 3 PS4 Stretch Goal 
#Update 6 Let's get some ADD-ON ! - Update about multiple copies.
#Update 9 First Environment Video Tour 
#Update 10 Dungeon Screenshots! 
#Update 13 First Gameplay Video!

Add-On Rewards allow you to order extra items! This will allow you to get an extra reward and help support Shiness even more.

 5$    Digital Manga Volume I.
10$   Digital Copy of The Sound Track (FLAC & Mp3)
15$   Digital Copy of the Game (PC,Linux,MAC,PS4)
20$   Physical Discipline Card Sketched by the author.
25$   T-shirt
30$   Physical Manga book volume I signed by the author.
40$   Physical Dictionary
50$   Physical Artbook signed by the author.
115$ Figurine 4.7" 

If you want more information about how to get your add-on visit this link:

Planned platforms: PC Windows and Mac OSX (more if we are able to).
Release date: Q1, 2015 on PC, Mac. 
Approx. gameplay time: 20 hours in the solo adventure mode, infinite for the online mode.
Language: We invented a full Language (more information further).
Subtitles: French, English, Brazilian Portuguese, German

A long time ago on a planet called Mahera, many species lived together in harmony. They were all linked by a spiritual energy, source of life and progress. This Energy was called the Shi.

As the civilizations were thriving, the Shi started dwindling which eventually led to a devastating war. The storm of violence unleashed by living beings became unstoppable. The green grass in the valleys was coated by ashes and the rain suddenly became a reminder of the horror suffered by the crying of a planet its own children were mistreating. The all-encompassing link the Shi was once able to maintain failed, hence causing the core of the planet - its heart - to collapse. Crackles appeared all around the globe and then, in a gigantic explosion, Mahera became a cloud of dirt and lighting bolts, enclaving each civilization to its own part of the globe:
Meteora masses of land-floating nearby from one another, forever separated both physically and spiritually.

Since those dark times, Human, Sheiks and Waki rebuilt their lives separately and life went on.

This disruption of the nature caused Mahera to split into celestial islands, called Meteoras and by then signing of the end of an era.

Since then,Human,Sheiks and Waki rebuilt themselves separately and life went on.

Chado and Poky, two friends from the Kimpao islands in the land of Wakis, will accidentally land on Adorn Island. You will play Chado (at first) and your first goal will be to find your lost friend Poky. Little will you realize, at that time, that you will be involved in a story that will reveal a far more important destiny ...


Chado can summon a rock on his back. It can be thrown, dropped or be used as a weight. As you progress in the game, Chado will be able to :

  • summon multiple rocks.
  • summon different sizes of rocks.

Depending on the rocks' size and Chado’s level, throwing a rock before a battle can stun an enemy, which is sometimes useful… _________________________________________________________

His mechanical engineering skills actually span from his ability to manipulate magnetic fields and influence electrical streams. Therefore, Poky can repair machines, or pull to him the evil ones he is fighting against. He must beware that others don’t see him, or they will attack.


Rosalya can summon fire, lighting up any scene and dissipating darkness. She is capable of opening paths, detecting traps as well as reveal hidden or invisible foes and animals.

Use your brain to combine these abilities to progress through the game, but don’t forget that your group can only count 3 characters at any given time! _________________________________________________________

Kayenne has a psychic ability: telekinesis. Using his power, he can move distant doodads (only if not mechanical), activates assets or paralyze enemies in combat. _________________________________________________________

Armed with a plant whip, Askel can catch objects on others (friend or foe), and otherwise unreachable items (like an equipment). He is very useful to expand your inventory.

Shiness will make you explore many areas of the game by leaving on quests, resolving puzzles, fighting against enemies, bosses, notorious monsters and hunting animals to get items.

We wanted to make Shiness intuitive and accessible whilst maintaining a high level of interest for more hardcore gamers. There will be a bunch of very hard challenges in the game that only the best of you will be able to handle!

Brace yourselves for some epic fights...

Since Shiness is inspired of manga comic books (think about Dragon Ball & Naruto for example... ), it made sense for us to make our battle system a fighting game.

But since it's a RPG, we needed to have a certain level of strategy depth during fights. Far from traditional turn-based RPG systems, we wanted fighting and exploration to remain closely connected at each and every moment. Therefore, every fight happens directly on the main map with barely no transition between the fight and the exploration modes (the only difference being the summoning of the Arena), maintaining a fast rhythm and constant in-game action interactions !

We mixed magic and close combat to make the player come up with many strategies for defeating your enemies. Just like in classic Fighting Games you will be able to punch, kick, counter attacks, dodge as well as use combos!

Arena :

Just like in any fighting game, your foe and you will fight by throwing each other punches, kicks, devastating combos, spells, and so on. The arena is linked to one of the element (water, fire, earth, air) which interacting with your magical statistics and takes strategy to whole a new level: using a spell from the same element than the arena will drastically increase its power, range, or effect... But you should take into account that it does apply to your enemy as well…

However, even if your character faces an enemy in a closed arena, your nearest teammates can interact with the fight.

Companions that you have configured before the battle will act according to what happens during your fight. Shiness' combat system is highly dynamic. Given its wide range of attacks, your hero will only be at his full potential if you memorize all specials combo combinations.

You could also do combos by completing successfully a series of actions. Those special attacks are more powerful and impressive.

Finally, you will be able to trigger some Hyper Modes, spectacular sequences which will change depending on the designs and powers of each character. By following a series of actions, the "Hyper Mode" will launch a devastating attack.

Engaging the battle :

As players, we feel bored of RPG with farming quest without any interesting story-line. We are spending considerable time and efforts to prepare for you a great story-line with each quest :Investigate, interrogate, defeat strong notorious monsters, and face tough challenges.

One of the points of interest of Shiness is also its cross-media part : by reading the comic book, you will find some clues about the game ! Read carefully, and then trigger these special quest in the game...

But the main point about the quest system is the following: for each and every quest in the game, several ways to solve it shall be available!

As an example, imagine a very simple quest in which your group will have to pick up an item lying in a cave, guarded by a bunch of enemies. Some of you will fight and defeat all of the monsters, pick the item and bring it back. Others will infiltrate the cave, stun or paralyze enemies, grab the item and run away before they wake up. Others still will directly try to negotiate with the enemy leader to buy the item back... Depending on your choices and actions, your reputation and quest rewards will be different, and after a while affect the way NPCs interact with you.

Unlike most of the Role Playing Games, the world will change according to your decisions. Thus, if you use diplomacy in most circumstances, some areas will be more welcoming; some cities will expand, new shops could open and bring in specific items…

Hunting :

The Meteora islands are the living place of several harmless creatures. During your adventures, you will have to hunt them for the purpose of quests or simply to get new items. Some say there are creatures that carry very rare items… Animals are harmless and shy, every little being will run away whenever you’re around.

Whether they fly, crawl or swim, a great diversity of animals inhabits the lands of Meteora.

In Shiness, martial arts are often more efficient than weapons.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to learn and equip 3 types of arts on your characters:

  • Physical Art: Enable to learn new combos and Hyper Mode
  • Magical Art: Enable to learn new spells.
  • Supply Art: This one is generated from the combination of Physical and Magical and it will affect the behavior of the equipped character in all of his social interactions.

During the game, you will get several disciplines in order to learn new techniques and grow more powerful.

Each character carries his own props such as bracelets, necklaces, etc… Those props changes the look of the heroes as well as their statistics, their affinities with the natural elements and even the reputation of the team. You will be able to assign objects (in limited quantities) to your characters in order to use them during fights.

In Shiness, the Shi is used to fuel magic spells. In order to use it efficiently, you will have to master the alchemy of the elements and know the weaknesses of your opponents. You can cast several during a fight such as damage spells, defensive spells (health care, increase of statistics…) or even status effects (poison, blindness, paralysis etc.).

There are two steps to cast a spell:

Channeling: Your hero summons the Shi and focuses (you can channel as long as you want but it will cap after a certain amount). Channeling time depends on the spell’s parameters (damage, resistance, area of effect…)

Launching: Aim the opponent with the spell.

However, be careful because the spells you have selected are limited. It is up to you to wisely prepare your spells before a tough fight.You can be interrupted (so does your opponent) while casting a spell if your enemy succeeds to hit on you at the right time.

Online Mode ?

We currently dream about making an online mode, but we need your help for that, and if we manage to fund this game we will be introduce three online modes as stretch goals (co-op, versus, world challenge)

Shiness is currently being developed for PC (Windows) and Mac (OS X) with the Unreal Development Kit. We have a prototype of the game that has proven its worth. It already includes all playable characters, monsters, quests and challenges. It also features the basics for our battle system and a chunk of our universe.

The prototype has been tested multiple times on public events we have attended in our country, France. We have received lots of good feedback so far from all the people who have played the prototype. Those tests helped our development team a lot in order focus on the gameplay issues to improve the overall feeling.

More than a video game, Shiness is also the beginning a comic book, and both media will be increasing the storyline and the background. While you read the manga you will definitely discover some secrets of Shiness's universe.

Enigami is a team of passionate and dedicated people who are working on Shiness.
Since about a year, some of us decided to stop their current jobs to start working full time on this project, carefully using our savings to make it happen. The others are working every night after work with only on goal in mind: make Shiness live !

That's why we need YOU, to make this real!

You did notice in the trailer that the characters were speaking in a language you never heard before. That is simply because we invented it ! We wanted the game to have a distinct feel and identity, and this was a way to achieve it!

Thanks to Clement and Deborah - who are post graduate students of linguistics at University of Bordeaux -and their amazing work, we have a grammar, a vocabulary and even a dictionary ! We now sometimes make jokes in our studio in our unique language.

Voice talent :

To make this language alive we needed to cast some actors. We worked students from the Eicar School in Paris who very much enjoyed to help. The result was so amazing that we decided to do the adventure with them until the end, if we manage to finally release Shiness.

Game scoring is composed by our game producer himself, Hazem Hawash. Why him ? Because his long time dream has been to make a great OST for a game that can be played by a lot of people... Hazem's major influences are Nobuo Uematsu( Final Fantasy ) , Yasunori Mitsuda ( Chrono Series ), Joe Hisashi ( Studio Ghibli ) and Yoko Kanno.

We have included them here, please tell us what do you think :

Angel, our sound designer, is an amazing guy that has believed in the project since its early start, event when our prototype was not yet good enough. He also uses his voice for some creatures in the game, like Gromiz or Pigrel.

Since the beginning, the team for Shiness has very little budget, and we have been doing everything out of pure passion. We spent 3 years (a long time to go when you have no social life..) developing this project with a small team, and it is still far from over.

When Ynnis joined the project, they helped in many ways including allow us to advance the game sufficiently to be able to launch this Kisckstarter.

We believe in our project so much that we think we will be able to convince you. And we badly need the money to make the game happen and finish it. That is why we launched this Kickstarter.

We want to build the game with YOU guys and hear YOUR opinion in order to make it better. It gives us energy to see people interested in our project, which we are counting us to make us unstoppable so we'll take on any challenge and make a great game !

Why do we target 100 000 $ as our initial goal ?

We made some calculations. Though some of us have already spent years on the game, and others months, we yet need almost half a year with a full-time team to finish the game - and that is without counting any beta tests. With 100 000 $ we will be able to pay the whole team and get the small extra help we need.

Risks and challenges

We started all this with a dream: create a RPG that reminds the golden age of RPGs with its fantastic stories, huge universes and original gameplay design.

The real challenge for us was to create a correct mix in transforming a 100 % fighting game into a 100 % RPG game. Also, with the comic book, we wanted to provide an unique experience based on cross-media storytelling.
In order to limit the risks, we worked with the famous Unreal Engine 3 for all our coding and asset rendering.
We have been working on the coding for over a year. The prototype we have created work, we have at least one fully designed level, lots of texture and mapping.
Though we are a new team, we believe we have done enough work to prove we were capable to do everything.

Our main subjects of worries are the following :
- We are passionate. We always want to add new things into our game. In doing so, we might exceed our delays.
- If we go through with the game, for the online modes, we also plan on developing our own proprietary server architecture. We don't have extensive experience with this.

Everyone at Ynnis and Enigami is trying very hard to prepare you to enter to the Shiness Universe. With your help, we feel confident we are able to deliver what we have promised. Though we might be delayed, and we might just want to deliver more...

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    PIGREL PACK + Digital release of the game + Your name in the thank you page of shiness website

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    CHADO PACK + Early Beta Access + Beta Forum Access Badge + Digital Full Manga Volume I + Digital Artbook + Digital Original Sound track + Digital Dictionnary of the Shiness Language

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    Everything on the POKY PACK + Digital WorldMap. INGAME REWARD : Rares Discipline Cards you can use in game + New Character Skin Have a special Magic Combo you can use in game + Your name in end credit as a backer

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    Everything on the ASKEL PACK + 2 Digital Copies of the game!

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    Everything on the ASKEL PACK + Physical Game + Physical Making Of

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    POKY PACK + Digital WorldMap + 3 Digital Copies of the game + Early Alpha Access + Alpha Forum Access Badge + INGAME REWARDS : New Character Skin + Rare Martial Arts(Combo & Magic ) + Your name in the end credits

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    SHINESS PACK + Early Alpha Access + Alpha Forum Access Badge + Physical Manga book volume I signed by the author.

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    Everything on the MINGANE PACK + Physical Secrets Guide + Physical Original Sound Track + The lost records that never integrated on the game + T shirt at your size + Physical Manga Book Volume 1 Sketched by the author.

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    ==== NASHOBA PACK ==== Everything on the IRYS PACK + Figurine 4.7"+ Physical Artbook Signed by the author.

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    == LEGENDARY AMOS PACK == Everything on the NASHOBA PACK + Your character will appear in the "Wall of Ancient Heroes" in Mantara City + Call a Special AMOS skin as a mount ( only for kickstarter )

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    Everything on the LEGENDARY AMOS PACK + Yoursef as a STATUE in the game.

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    Everything on the GROMIZ PACK+ Your name on the opening credits + In Game New Area Access "Secret Dev Room"

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    Everything on the KOCLI PACK + yourself as a NPC in the game with the sentence you like.

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    Everything on the MANTARA PACK + Design with the team your own monster in the game !

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    Everything on the MANTARA PACK + Design with the team your own BOSS in the game + Credited as en executive producer !

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    Everything on the MANTARA PACK + Travel in france ( at your cost ) and come one week at Enigami, you will design with us an area of the game, design a monster and a boss, also you will test the versus mode against developpers and it will be streamed on the Shiness official youtube channel. If you want to learn some tips to create a video game you will also be assisted by any member you like to learn anything you want.

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