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$5,224 pledged of $60,000 goal
$5,224 pledged of $60,000 goal

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Last update... but this is not the end.


Hello everyone,

Obviously we will miss our goal, we are far away, so we decided to stop our KS campaign. We prefer to focus on the last months of development. It’s sad and a bad ‘premiere’ for us. Because yes, it was our first KS campaign, our first experience of this kind, and it’s clear that we have learned a lot of things… but we have failed. Whereas the Steam Grenlight campaign was a big happy surprise – only 2 days to achieve, when a lot of good projects are blocked during 3 or 4 months – the KS campaign was the opposite.

We probably have made several mistakes:

- The trailer was too long, there were too many rewards, too much of this, not enough of that… probably! However that’s not the main point, even if the project is not perfectly presented, we had a lot of very good feedbacks about our game on other channels, and so we can hope that our game is good and that people like it… the issue is that very few people came on our KS page.

- The game was almost finished, KS is here to fund starting projects… it’s (almost) true! To be clear, we wanted to launch our KS campaign much earlier. In October, but we were late, then one told us to avoid November because everyone will talk only about Xbox One and PS4 (indeed), then to avoid December and January because everyone was on vacation and has no money left, then our KS validation took unfortunately one month. Thus when we decided to do a KS campaign our project was far from being finished. And we can swear to you that we needed this money. We are now in a very bad financial situation and we will make sacrifices to finish this game. Moreover, we considered that having a playable version of the game was a token of success for the project.

- We didn’t come with a big enough community of fans… it’s true! We started from scratch; we were a small unknown indie studio, known only in France because we have done a lot of ‘Work for Hire’ and some small indie titles, gathering a lot of experience. So we tried to make a little buzz with our first trailers, what we achieved with some success. But we didn’t build a real community that we would have brought the first day of the KS. More and more projects come and reach their goals in a few hours or days because they already have their backers. For the others, it’s much more difficult… unless you have the chance to be featured by KS.

- We didn’t make a classic RPG, a survival FPS with zombies, a platformer or space adventure in pixel art, an open world made of cubes, or the remake of an old title supported by an old star… indeed! :-)

- And maybe other reasons that we don’t know…

That said, we still strongly believe in our project. KTBG is an unusual game concept, it’s risky but at the same time we can’t be compared to any existing game, and we are sure that a lot of people are waiting for new gameplays. We thank you very much for your support, and we hope to see you for the release of the game in a few months. Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

Exkee Team

Never trust old grannies!


  Will you let this kind of people live?  

Join us! Help us to dispense Justice. Good and Evil are not always where we think they are :-) 

KTBG is a very original game concept in which we strongly believe, we just wanted to let you know that we will do everything to finish the game!

Introducing the Maestro! + Rap Edit


Exkee is working with an incredibly gifted artist in order to bring you a blasting sound: 

Samuel SAFA is a composer and a story-teller. His scores, his machines and his imagination serve ambitious art works. Eclectic and open-minded, he composed high-quality scores for many Video Games, Films, TV and Musicals. 

He appeals to two singers Pointt Reazon and Metaled to work together for the Rap Edit version of Kill the Bad Guy's theme! Check this out!

 And to see the Maestro in its natural environment, it’s here ;-)

 We hope that this artistic choice will greatly contribute to the game experience!

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