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Command mighty Exosuits, traverse Time Rifts and lead your Path through a cataclysmic future in this epic board game for 1-4 players.
Command mighty Exosuits, traverse Time Rifts and lead your Path through a cataclysmic future in this epic board game for 1-4 players.
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Announcing: Cerebria - The Inside Word

Posted by Mindclash Games (Creator)


To ease the wait for Anachrony's imminent shipping, we have some big news for you today: we are excited to announce our upcoming title, Cerebria - The Inside World!

Cerebria - The Inside World concept art
Cerebria - The Inside World concept art

The powerful vibes of the Outside World have compromised the stability of Cerebria, and the Inside World slowly awakens from its timeless quiescence. 

The mighty Spirits of Bliss and Gloom arise from the deepest spheres of the Origin and strive to restore stability. With their control over the flow of Essence — the Origin’s creative energy — the Spirits evoke Emotions, Cerebria's inhabitants, to populate the regions of the Inside World and slowly shape Cerebria to their own image. Bliss Spirits dream of a Cerebria overflowing with Kindness and Joy, while Gloom Spirits are plotting to fill it with Suspicion and Animosity.  

The Sprits' efforts and the infinite circulation of the Origin's Essence will lead to periods of Dissonance and Revelation, when Bliss and Gloom face each other in various ways — and the prevalent Spirits may add a fragment to Cerebria’s shaping Identity. Once completed, the Identity will finally restore the stability of the Inside World.


Two Gloom Emotions: Pessimism and Despair
Two Gloom Emotions: Pessimism and Despair

Cerebria - The Inside World is a 2v2 area control team game where players impersonate Spirits associated with either Bliss or Gloom, striving to shape the Identity of the imaginary world of Cerebria to their own image. During the game, this Identity will be physically built in the center of the game board as a common effort of the two rival sides - the game ends once it is completed, but the amount of contribution to it from Bliss and Gloom will be crucial to victory.

Using Esssence, the Origin's creative power, the Spirits can invoke Emotions, Cerebria's inhabitants, which are double-sided cards that can be upgraded and can either accompany the player or occupy crucial spots in Cerebria.

Essence, the resource used for all actions in the game, works in an unique way: it has a fixed amount and circulates in a closed system within Cerebria, and if the Spirits fully exhaust the Essence from one of the Origin's five Spheres, various game-defining events can trigger. However, spent Essence will eventually always return to the Origin...

Two Bliss Emotions: Optimism and Hope
Two Bliss Emotions: Optimism and Hope

Cerebria is the brainchild of the same team that brought you Trickerion, cooperating with some very talented artists (specialized in creatures) and developers. This project is quite different from anything we've done before, and we are very excited to reveal more and more about its progress!

Cerebria launches on Q2 2017 on Kickstarter - until then, stay tuned for more on the game's BGG site and our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for all your support - we can't wait to continue the journey together!

The Mindclash Games Team

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    1. Leo Borg on

      +1 for Transhumanity. Sounds like it could be a really interesting game.

    2. Missing avatar

      KimDohyung on

      Can I get the tracking number?
      Thank you by mail.

    3. Mindclash Games 4-time creator on

      @Désirée & Adrian: Don't worry, Transhumanity is still 100% in the works, but it's a gargantuan long-term project that will only be released in 2018. Until then, we will have Cerebria, and likely another novelty for Fall 2017... ;)

    4. Adrian S on

      +1 @Désirée DragonsDream Greverud

      I really hope Transhumanity is still in the works?

    5. Lars Arndts on

      As Fry would say:
      "Shut up and take my money".

      I love the unique theme of the game and look forward to hearing more about the mechanisms. I'll be there when you launch your campaign.

    6. Collectr on

      Thanks for all the information - I will mark it in my list and if the rules are not too heavy and a german translation will be delivered, I will help you to get funded. ;)

    7. Wuktrio on

      This looks great, if the gameplay looks as interesting as it sounds I will be on board for sure! Great character design too.

    8. Désirée DragonsDream Greverud on

      what happened to Transhumanity?

    9. Mindclash Games 4-time creator on

      @Oliver: This game will be a lot easier to get into than Trickerion or Anachrony. It will still be fairly deep, but it's safe to say that this is our least heavy game to date.

      @Shane: A team consists of 2 Spirits, but they can be conveniently controlled by one player too. Actually, the player count we tested it the most with so far is 3 :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew B. on

      Told myself no more kickstarters for a while, dont think I can pass this up though. Mindclash has my loyalty.

    11. John Kaczmarek on

      @Oliver, also bsed on the BGG playtime of 60-120 minutes (and Mindclash's record) this looks like it will still be pretty heavy.

    12. John Kaczmarek on

      @Shane, from the BGG page it says 2-4 I'm assuming that since it's 2v2 If you only have 2 or 3 one or both teams will be played by a single player.

    13. Amber B. Panda on

      Oh this looks great... Definitely interested!

    14. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      2v2? Is this literally a 4-player-only game? That seems very niche and hard to get to table.

    15. Donald "deddragon" Diercks

      "Hope cannot be quelled."

      Love it!

    16. Collectr on

      Will the new title be also a harder game like Trickerion or Anachrony, or something lighter than that?

    17. MentatYP

      Wonderful artwork. It reminds me a little bit of Amanita Design's work on videogames such as Machinarium and Botanicula, which is a good thing.

      Looking forward to finding out more about this game!