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CA$ 21,014 pledged of CA$ 165,000 goal
By Motiph Robotics
CA$ 21,014 pledged of CA$ 165,000 goal

Thanks for the Feedback & Experiments


Hi Everyone and a big welcome to Moti's new backers! 

The past couple of days have been exciting. Moti was featured on TechCrunch and on the Arduino Blog, and has been getting more views as a result. We're still a ways off from our campaign goal, but we're thrilled with the interest, and hopefully the momentum continues. 

We've been collecting feedback both from backers and from those who might have backed, but chose not to, and we've learned a lot. The overwhelming response is that Moti is expensive. We hear you. $60 is quite a bit to spend on a single motor. The reason for the cost is that there's a lot of good stuff inside each Moti...the sensors, arduino-compatible microcontroller, the encoder, the driver and so forth. It's not feasible for us to make Moti cheaper at the moment. But we can do a better job of showing the value of these features, and of Moti as a whole. So we'll be posting a series of videos throughout the rest of the campaign to do just that. The first three are below.

The second feedback that stands out is that our fundraising goal is too high. It is hard to attain, and turns people off. We chose such a high figure because it made sense to us financially. Purchasing in bulk lowers manufacturing costs. We also thought that we'd need such a high number to know that there is actually a business here. But we were wrong. Raising half the amount would have accomplished both those things, and it would have shown more respect and understanding of the community we're asking to support us. Unfortunately, we can't change the fundraising goal after the campaign starts.

Despite this, we're still eagerly looking forward. This experience has distilled the opportunity at hand. Robotics is ready for a revolution, to move from industry into everyday life. It's hard to see right now, but so was the value of personal computing when first introduced. Just yesterday I listened to an interview with Steve Jobs where he said "the whole idea of the Macintosh was a computer for people who want to use a computer rather than learn how to use a computer." Moti is inspired by such ideas. It's a smart motor for people who want to make things move, not build the technology from scratch. Our task now is to discover all the useful applications ready to be set in motion. Thanks for your support.


Experiment 1:

Create a simple panning camera mount.

 Experiment 2:

Use the same panning camera mount for stop motion...technically this isn't stop motion but you get the idea. We tell Moti to turn in precise 20º increments. As far as we know, this is something other servos can't do without major modifications.

Experiment 3:

Not really an experiment, rather an older video of kids scratching a Moti-driven turntable at the NY Maker Faire in 2012. This was our very first prototype. It taught us how important instant feedback is for learning...a concept inspired by Bret Victor.

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