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From the creator of Brawl in the Family comes a book of 200 brand new comics, plus plenty of bonus content!
1,756 backers pledged $90,173 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Davey on

      Hiya, I am very late to the WAA.
      Added a few extra bucks. It is not that much ... but I hope it helps.
      BITF & WITF ♡

    2. Matthew Taranto 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone! As I've said, I'll still be glad to send out your orders if this is too much of a bother, but all the help is greatly appreciated. And yes, to those asking, you can just adjust your pledge by however much necessary. KS doesn't actually go through with applying the pledge amounts until the campaign ends (in this case, on May 1st).

    3. Hector Padilla on

      I have just added it. =)

    4. Gabriele Fossi on

      Added 30$ to bring Waluigi in Italy with the comforts he deserves.

    5. Feraly on

      Adjusted my pledge to account for $45 shipping, hopefully Waluigi likes this!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brad Kitts on

      So I just add 30$ to my pledge if I am outside of the US?

    7. Matthew Halls on

      Meh, I have some spare cash on me; pledge updated to $45 shipping for a UK order ;)

    8. Amy Kim on

      Also, my friend love his playing cards from the last kickstarter and I love the stuffed King DeDeDeDeDeDeDeDe

    9. Amy Kim on

      I'm not part of the international crew, but I've bought a higher pledge level and threw a few dollars extra in. Hope this helps.

    10. Tomaz Bowers on

      I upped mine from 15 to 30 cuz thats all I can afford. Canadian dollar to us isn't the greatest or id def help more

    11. Kevin Kenel on

      I'll increase a bit again to offset others expenses, I'm not overseas either but I do like helping out if I can =).

    12. kiwikenobi on

      Sure, I can chip in a little extra to help out with the overseas shipping. Not that I'm getting anything shipped to me, and I'm not overseas, but you're a cool dude, Matthew, and you deserve it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Arianna Pushkin on

      Waluigi is worth it, updated

    14. Jérémie Eiselé on

      Hey Matthew !
      I'm sorry, but I did my best at your first update, I can't go higher for my pledge... But it's higher than the estimating international shipping cost ! Good luck anyway !
      Oh, and by the way... French Waluigi approves your drawing !
      Au rev-waaaaAAAA !

    15. Maximilian Taylor on