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From the creator of Brawl in the Family comes a book of 200 brand new comics, plus plenty of bonus content!
1,756 backers pledged $90,173 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      Can we add an option to get an updated slip case that holds this and all three BitF books? I want to give myself a hernia everytime I try to life Waluigi. DO YOU EVEN LIFT!?

    2. Missing avatar

      Piro_Maniak on

      You need more money for shipping ?

      Joking aside, will happily update my pledge.

    3. Jérémie Eiselé on

      WAAAAA Matthew !
      I raised my pledge a little to help you with the shipping cost. But I say you anyway TOO BAD ! WALUIGI TIME ! 8-P

    4. Missing avatar

      Allen Yang on

      WAAAAAA! And with 28 days to spare!

    5. Matthew Perdrisat on

      Nevermind, I found the FAQ where it specified there won't be a Paperback version, sorry for missing that!

    6. Matthew Perdrisat on

      Small question, will this book also be Hardcover like the BitF Trilogy of books? If not, will there be a tier for it?

    7. Kevin Kenel on

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAT if I was to add another $5 to offset the international orders a little bit? I live in America but don't mind helping a smidge.

      Heck I'll do it now.

    8. Michael Hill


      Now he can take over the world!

      ...or a small cul-de-sac in Mario's neighborhood.

    9. Tailszefox on

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I admit I did find the shipping costs quite low compared to the previous BitF kickstarters, but I figured you had found a more cost-efficient way of sending the books, or maybe that this particular book was going to weigh less than the others.

      Guess not! Still, more than happy to raise my pledge by $25 to help cover those shipping costs. Anything for our purple overlord!

    10. micah chetrit on

      Are there plans for any concrete stretch goals? Or just "more money lets me spend more time on this" style? Just curious

    11. Jonathan on

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Hoorah for waluigi! SO MUCH HYPE

    12. Luke on

      WAAAAAAAA! Congrats on hitting the funding goal!