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From the creator of Brawl in the Family comes a book of 200 brand new comics, plus plenty of bonus content!
From the creator of Brawl in the Family comes a book of 200 brand new comics, plus plenty of bonus content!
1,756 backers pledged $90,173 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Davis Johnson on

      you know, it may be Waluigi's book, but in the Back in the family segment i'm really hoping there's a mention to Adeleine's addition in star allies, i just want to see how happy she is to adventure again...

    2. Missing avatar

      R Smith on

      What a fantastic song! Thanks Mathew, and wishing you better luck with the tennis from here in the UK .

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyler Roads on

      I'm super happy this is getting funded, but just wondering did we pass all of the goals? I mean it seems the highest was 75K but I think it only says we cleared up to 3

    4. Trygve Stemland Wilhelmsen on

      Hello guys and gals! Thanks for helping making this book become a reality. I'm looking forward to have this tome of WAHnders pride my bookshelf. But I'll cut to the chase. Many of you have probably seen Nintendo's E3 presentation this year, including the new Super Smash Bros. game. If you have, then you also know how Waluigi got snubbed and disrespected once again by Nintendo and demoted to the role of Assist Trophy for the third game in a row. If you want to see this beautiful purple man be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, please consider signing this petition to get us in the right direction! Thank you in advance!

    5. Philip Deneva on

      Ok... So, I know it's no April fools day prank... But it will be released in April 1st, right?

    6. Davis Johnson on

      10 months to go... can't wait!

    7. Missing avatar

      LinkBG on

      anyone have an extra copy of bitf volume 2 that's the only one i don't have

    8. Missing avatar

      Derek Cheng on

      Wait, I forgot to ask - so the total price for the signed book ending up as $69 WASN'T intentional?

    9. Philip Deneva on

      I just realized. MATTHEW! Do you even know about KUN?

    10. Philip Deneva on

      Totally worth the 45$. There are probably multiple people from KUN who donated.

    11. Johnathon on

      Congrats on the 90k

    12. Missing avatar

      Patricia A. Borel on

      Matthew, congratulations! So proud to be a part of this and I can see it will be a wonderful success for you, just like Brawl was! I want to get some of these to sell in my store again, lol! this is going to be so awesome, can't wait! Congrats again, Ms. Trish The Castle

    13. Luke Fox on

      Exactly how many dollars do you WAnt this project to get? Over 90,000? Well, everybody WAnts that. Everyone WAnts to hear *the phrase* "over 90,000."

    14. Banni Ibrahim on

      How the WAH did we hit $90K? Not complaining, but just.... WAHow!

    15. Sarah Schweitzer on

      I know you're not in Smash, but it would be cool to see you Waluigified.

    16. Missing avatar

      Golden Epsilon on

      Waa are number one HEY!

    17. abaddon1 on

      I personally think that a Waaaaaluigi sound-scheme would be sufficiently irreverent to commemorate such a momentous occasion.

    18. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      Yeah, he made more than the entire project goal in just the last 24 hours.

    19. KaijinZero


    20. Jackson Bailey (Waluigi's biggest fan) on


      WE HIT 90,000?!?

    21. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      I look forward to Waluigifying every character, and wonder how he can do Samus under that helmet...

    22. Jackson Bailey (Waluigi's biggest fan) on

      WE DID IT!


    23. Missing avatar

      Jun on


    24. Missing avatar

      R Smith on

      Congratulations great campaign can't wait to add this to our Brawl in the Family collection well done . Hope everything goes smoothly for you through to publication

    25. Vix on


    26. Missing avatar

      Alan Waters on

      This was a beautiful campaign, I'm happy for you, I'm excited for the future, and WAAAAAAAAA.

    27. Matthew Taranto 4-time creator on

      3 minutes left...! *puts on Waluigi One Day More*

    28. Wario on

      WA HA HA!

    29. Solcade on


    30. Matthew Taranto 4-time creator on

      We will be selling books on as well once they release, while supplies last!

    31. Luke D on

      Question; will it be possible to pre-order an additional copy after the campaign is done? Will the book be for sale on Amazon or some such area?

    32. Matthew Lam on

      Congrats on another successful kickstarter! I'll be honest, when I first heard about this on April 1st I thought it was a legit April Fools joke. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      And this is why I shouldn't use Kickstarter on a cell phone.

    34. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      For the next Kickstarter can we just offter to pay Matt'svocal rehab bills so he can male a full Waluigi album?

    35. Jonathan Stein on

      WAAAAA the music is so good.
      Any chance of getting the mp3s to the backers once all songs are complete?

    36. Missing avatar

      Davey on

      Added a few extra bucks, hope it helps.
      With sincerest of loving appreciation ♡

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Albero on

      Can't wait to see this book arrive! And it's now at $80,000! Perhaps another Waluigi song to celebrate?

    38. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      Damn you autocorwaaact!

    39. Missing avatar

      Phantasia Knights on

      Never underestimate the power of dozens of procrastinators finally remembers they have something worth backing to get back to. I have already cleared the shelf space for this wonderful Necrowaaambicon.

    40. Missing avatar

      Derek Cheng on

      Hey, I just checked and your just shy of 80k - will you add 1 last thing if you reach it?

    41. Luke D on

      *Inhales deeply*

    42. CaptainSpam on

      Did you think this campaign wouldn't hit its final stretch goal? TOO BAD.

    43. Missing avatar

      LinkBG on


    44. Kyle Brett Kilpatrick on

      Expecting only some of the Waluigi time??? Too bad—you get ALL of it. We did it!!!

    45. Maximilian Taylor on

      We pretty much got it adding in PayPal! WAA HOO!

    46. The Kirbinator of Pop Star on

      Just a thousand or so more (and I'm counting the PayPal backers)...

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