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A lovingly crafted ensemble of awesome video game comics that you should buy. Complete with dozens of pages of bonus material!
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Good news and more sneak peeks

Posted by Matthew Taranto (Creator)

Hi everyone!  Got some updates for ya.

First up, the good news: the book was originally planned to be 172 pages, but once I got started on putting the comics in, it was clear that they wouldn't all fit in that number unless I reworked some of them, or squished them together.  It was an option, but not an ideal one.  So I went ahead and ordered extra pages worthy to contain all the Brawl in the Family stuffed into this book.  I called up the manufacturers to bring the total to a big fat 192--and yeah, it didn't come cheap, but you guys supported this thing so well that I was happy to do it!  And of course, it comes at no extra cost.

Next up, to answer some questions--the digital rewards will be sent with all of the other ones, in February 2013.  The reason for this is because I wanted to finish the book first to make sure it'd be ready in time (as it is, it's already going to be close)--I will have the all the book images done by the end of the month, so I'll get to work on all the rewards then, while the book is being manufactured!

Brawl in the Family is also back in action again, so check out the newer strips while you're waiting for this collection!

Or just take a look at the sneak peeks below...

This is one of the Character Pages!  There'll be a dozen characters detailed in this section, with the main ones having a page all to themselves.  Please note that this isn't finished--character bios will go in those big, colored squares.

This is a small section of the two-page SSBB spread.  As you can see, I've still got some work to go on this one, as it contains every one of the Smash characters.

And finally...

The cover!  Wahey!

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading!


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    1. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      Ok, now I'm quite sad I only donated for the PDF Version. But 50 $ were quite expensive to get the book to Germany. I hope the Kickstarter for Volume 2 has the reward: Buy Book 2, Get Book 1 with it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Semudara on

      I'm really not crazy about the cover... don't get me wrong, it looks very nice, but I don't think the silhouette look represents the comic all that well. I expected something a little more.. colorful, and straightforward, I suppose. Kinda like that BitF emblem that's above the comic every day.

      I think this would make for an AMAZING inside cover, but as the front cover, it just doesn't scream "Brawl in the Family" to me. If you go with it anyway, I completely understand, but I really don't think it gives off the right feel.

    3. Missing avatar

      SuperSijy on

      This is looking awesome! So glad I saw the kickstarter and was able to donate! I've wanted a BITF book for a while, and it's looking like it's going to exceed anything I might have ever thought!

    4. Angus McPherson on


    5. Michael Kerr on

      Heck yes! C'mon, February!

    6. Eric Eddy on

      Looks great! I can't wait!

    7. Missing avatar

      Annie on

      Cool! Same as you, I'm also a kirby fan. I've been reading your comics since 2010. Their very funny and interesting. I also can't wait what kinds of bonus stuff will appear in the book

    8. Isaac Solum on

      Wanted Mario on the cover? Too bad Waluigi time!

    9. Amanda Gentzel

      Man, that cover is beautiful! I'm super excited about this book!!

    10. Michael Wootton on

      Looking absolutely fantastic!! That cover got me all giddy, can't wait for Feburary! :D

      Any chance the SSBB character spread might be made as a wallpaper for backers with the other digital stuff? It looks like it's already turning out to be an extremely awesome piece, and I can tell it'll be something I'd love to plaster on my computer screen. Thanks for your hard work, always look forward to the updates, all the best.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Dieterich on

      Looking good, Matthew! I'm really looking forward to this book.