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Progress Report on Brawl in the Family: Volume 1

Posted by Matthew Taranto (Creator)

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd give you an update on the progress of the book.

First off, I have received your messages and am currently getting around to answering all of them.  Most of them are asking if they can still receive certain bundles now that the Kickstarter has ended, and I'm happy to say that yes, you can!  As long as it's not one of the sold-out bundles, you can send the correct amount via PayPal to (don't forget to add $15 for shipping outside the US, and/or 20$ for hardcover).  Please make sure you give a detailed description of what you want in the PayPal order though!  We will be replying to everyone too, so if you haven't gotten a direct reply to your query by the time you read this, you should get one very soon.

Secondly, in order to get the book finished by Februrary, I'm going to need to finish the creation process by the middle/end of October.  This is crunch time, so I'll be spending a lot of time getting everything ready by then!  I may have to take a couple weeks off of the comic itself next month for that purpose, in fact.

I'm currently working on all the new material in the book (namely the opening story and the big 2-page spread of all the SSB characters) and will be putting together the comics section itself very soon. And of course, I'd like to leave you with some new images from the book to whet your appetite.  You can check them out below!

Here are the first two (of ten!) pages from "An Insatiable Appetite," an all-new poem/storyline that serves as a prelude to the book:

This is the "Gooey Bomb" arc's cover:

Here are the "inside covers" of the book--I left a lot of space in the star so that I'd have room to sign/sketch!



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    1. Alexis Avalos on

      The gooey bomb arc cover ohmygosh I love it so much (but then again, I love it all so much)!

    2. Phil Henry on

      That looks fantastic! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product.

    3. Drew Betke on

      Note, the e-mail address in the e-mail was incorrect. Please ensure you Paypal money to .

    4. Unclever title on

      From what I can see, it's looking great!

    5. Matt Kava on

      Looking awesome, take all the time you need to deliver on this stellar project! Keep up the awesome work, Matt! Thanks again for all the amazing comics, songs, videos, jokes... all of it!