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The remaining 400+ strips from the popular gaming webcomic--across two big ol' books--complete with dozens of pages of bonus material!
2,708 backers pledged $276,502 to help bring this project to life.

Books are now being manufactured! Surveys coming soon!

Posted by Matthew Taranto (Creator)

A quick but significant update for everyone: just as the title of this update says, the design work on the books are finished, which means we just have to wait for the manufacturing and shipping and we can start sending them out! I can't give you the exact release date of the books yet, but last time, Volume 1 took several weeks to get ready and I imagine this will work similarly.

Now that we're closer to release, it's time for the Kickstarter surveys! I'll be sending them all out sometime this week, so keep an eye on your e-mail and/or Kickstarter account so that you can fill them in with your current shipping address and any other necessary info.

Book facts! Both books weigh in at a full 244 pages apiece, each more than 50 pages bigger than Volume One. Volume Two's extras include "Dedede Flies South" (a new story), a new set of character bios, Fan Comics, the Pre-BitF Gallery, and the large Special Thanks gallery in addition to the comics, comic directory, etc. Volume Three's extras include "A New Mask" (the Meta Knight story), another set of character bios, Lost Comics, an Extra Gallery, a new group picture of Smash 4's newcomers (up through Ryu!), another Special Thanks section, and a special Epilogue featuring my FIRST webcomic idea...

All in all, I'm proud of how they're turning out and I'm excited to get them in once they get manufactured. In the meantime, don't forget to fill out those surveys!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Raul Mojarro on

      I still haven't received my Kickstarter survey.

    2. James on

      I live in Yukon Canada, and my book hasn't arrived yet. How long should I expect to wait?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Amos on

      oh wait, hold on, I might have received the survey. Though a long long time ago, is the survey that we filled out for the special thanks names the same as the survey as of this update?

    4. Missing avatar

      Declan on

      Is there a big delay on the surveys? it's September and i did not receive mine. Also when are the books coming? Are they still in the manufacturing process? Its been a year since i contributed to your Kickstarter project. Im just asking a few questions. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just curious.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Amos on

      I still have yet to receive my survey as well.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Dieterich on

      Hello. I haven't received a survey yet. Is there somewhere I can go to complete it? Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Michelotti on

      Vikki: When I tried submitting the survey I didn't receive any confirmation and I still saw links to the survey at the the top of the kickstarter page. So I clicked that and submitted a second time, and I got a confirmation message and e-mail. Probably a bug in kickstarter. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, I suspect it didn't go through.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vikki on

      Got our survey - thank you! Just want to know if there's a way to check it got received? ^.^ My son wants to say congrats about the baby, and he hopes you give them the DeDeDoll. ^.~

    9. Robert Halenda on

      Good luck with the final shipping stage.

    10. Matthew Taranto 4-time creator on

      Oop--sorry about the lack of surveys! They will definitely be going out TOMORROW, so stick around!

    11. Nana Thorson on

      I have not received my survey yet. When will I receive my survey?

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Still no survey. I did give my info/address when I backed, and those haven't changed, so am I good?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Michelotti on

      I also have not received a survey yet...

    14. Michael McCarthy on

      Have all the surveys been sent out at this point? I haven't seen one yet...

    15. Matthew Taranto 4-time creator on

      Israel -- Good point! I've made a separate update post specifically for that. But please be quick about checking it because I only have a small window to do any last-minute tweaks!

      Kevin -- To keep things fair to everyone, the digital copies will be sent out once the physical copies are sent out as well.

      Erik -- If you've already filled out a survey (which have been sent out to some tiers), you can simply message me with the correct address. If not, simply put in your current address once the survey reaches you later this week.

    16. Missing avatar

      Erik Gutierrez on

      Hey Matthew, I've moved recently and I'd like to know if there is a way to get the books sent to my new address? I'm not actually sure how I'd go about contacting you specifically for that.

    17. Israel Medina on

      So, did you ever get around to fixing the Special Thanks section?

      I was hoping to see it one last time before you started manufacturing just to see if it was correct.

      My name wasn't on last time, @ZincAddict and frankly, I'm a little worried it won't be there when my books arrive Ö

    18. Kevin Roman on

      Digital copies when?

    19. Leonardo on

      Hell yeah son!