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First mobile green energy generator that you can carry camping with you! A 3D printed, foldable wind turbine boosting 300W of power!
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Project refund for all turbine purchases

Posted by Omni3D (Creator)

Dear Backers,

its been over a year of the project and its been quite a ride for us. We completed the project of the turbine, we’ve tested it and we even showcased it on the biggest climate conference COP21 in Paris last month.

The problem we’ve encountered is a finance problem which we can’t overcome - the costs of the parts alone are far bigger than we initially calculated and its impossible for us to deliver the turbines to you for the price you paid. However, regardless of the costs we’ve suffered during the past year, we take full responsibility for lack of product delivery and we’re going to issue full refund for all backers with turbine rewards. The refund process will take not more than 30 business days starting from today. 

We thank you for your support and patience during past year.

Omni3D Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Barry Herbison on


      What do I need to do to get a refund? Can you please advise.

      Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Margu on

      I'm still waiting for the refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Chichon on

      I still have not received my refund... what´s going on?

    4. Missing avatar

      Rahul on

      I have not got my refund as yet .

    5. Mirek Papež on

      Just received additinal update that payment has been refunded but still not on my account. Whats the plan?

    6. Omni3D Creator on

      Hi there, the funds for refund are secured - we're still trying to solve some taxation issue. All refunds should be sent next week.

    7. Gregor Luetolf on

      Hi Omni3D Team, what about the refund now? I didn't get my money back till now and tomorrow we'll pass the announced 30 business days. Are you ready to refund? Thanks, Gregor

    8. Missing avatar

      Ivor Shaw on

      Unfortunate to hear these results, but still the learnings and your experience are very useful. Can you please allow backers to have the design documentation and results for review in case someone has a breakthrough to share back.

    9. Lee Trott on

      I'm sorry to hear the project didn't come out as you wanted, but I really appreciate you guys giving us a refund, and I'm sure the others backers do too. You guys have a lot of integrity, and if you do end up doing another Kickstarter project, I'd be happy to back you again.

    10. Mirek Papež on

      Honest solution. Looking forward to refund.
      What is the outcome of your research? Are you going to provide backers with detailed documentation?


    11. Moritz Keller on

      I am glad this project finally comes to a more or less satisfying end (altough I have not recived any refund yet). Thanks to the creators for beign honest after all, I apologize that I did not trust you, but the strategies you used to cover up that there was no real progress on the project can hardly be distinguised of scammers strategies. This project was a good lesson and a major part of my enthusiamsm for kickstarter is gone. It was dissilussioning to see that the kickstarter team did not care at all about how the project is going, they did not even have the decency to reply to my reporting of the project (keep in mind that kickstarter still gets it's percentage for this project). As well I am glad we did not have to open a legal case, as legal certanity in Poland is not very well, in my experience. So I am awaiting my refund (yes, I am okay to go without intrest on my money). By the way, you can get pretty good turbines from aliexpress or other internet shops, altough they do not have "to-good-to-be-true" output ;)
      And I am interested, can we at least get all the documentation of the project, so even if you developed something very expensive, as this thing is open source, we should at least be able to build one ourselfs, so we can use your progress.

    12. Rene Marechal on


      bad luck for your company.
      I still hope you ever want to finish the project.

      Thanks for the refund.

      Best regards,