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Everybody has the right to create freedom in business and live life on their own terms and that's what this book will teach you to do.

I’m Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, and I’m on a mission to inspire people to build profitable businesses while living their ideal lifestyle.

I believe you have the right to choose to have more freedom to do what you want, when you want from where you want and there is simply no better time than now to tap into the future of work to achieve.

That’s why I want to write the Suitcase Entrepreneur book and I need your help to ensure my mission comes true by ensuring this message reaches all the people who want to live life on their own terms.

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@nataliesisson is on a mission to ensure you live life on your own terms. Help her write her book

Want to live life on your own terms? Then support @suitcasepreneur to write this book so you can

The Background To This Book

I know how it feels to be stuck in a job that sucks the energy out of you, or a business that feels like it’s dragging you down.

I built my business out of nothing but a blog, and a desire and determination to build a business based around my dream lifestyle, not the other way around.

And that’s why I want to write the Suitcase Entrepreneur book for you, and for the thousands of people around the world who believe there’s a better way to live and do business.

I want this book to challenge your current way of thinking.

You don’t need:

  • An office to run your business
  • A permanent residential address to live at 
  • To work traditional business hours – ever 
  • Your team to be present or even in the same country or timezone 
  • To meet your clients or customers face to face 
  • More than $100 or 24 hours to start your online business

Who is this book for

It’s for anyone who wants to quit their job to create their own path to freedom, doing what they’re good at, what they enjoy and what someone will pay them for.

It’s for the business owner who’s working hard to build a profitable company that makes an impact, but desires to have more freedom and flexibility on where and when they run it from.

This book is for you if you’re a marketing or business consultant, blogger, copywriter, website designer, software developer, coach, teacher or basically anyone who can package their knowledge into a digital product or service that people need and are willing to pay for.

It’s also for the corporate giants who are recognizing that they can use the vast wealth of global talent from around the world to create a flexible workforce, and use the amazing online tools to reduce their overheads and streamline their processes.

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About time @suitcasepreneur wrote her book. I’m supporting her Kickstarter campaign. You can too

You can create a biz you love and your ideal lifestyle. Support @nataliesisson to show you how

What Will It Cover

I want to show people that you can choose to live a life of freedom and run a business from anywhere using social media, online tools and clever outsourcing.

I’ve already started writing the first draft of my book that I want to complete by my birthday this April 3, 2013.

Based on what my community, readers, fans and clients want to know and learn I’ve narrowed it down to 3 sections (including the introduction and 10 Chapters):

1. Introduction To The World Of The New Rich And Digital Nomads

➢ How I transitioned from 9-5 job to building my online business while traveling the world and going on adventures
➢ Real Life Stories Of Others Living Life On Their Own Terms

2. How On Earth Does One Become A Suitcase Entrepreneur
➢ How to become a pro at being homeless
➢ Becoming a global citizen and legally setting up an international business
➢ Deciding on where to live and travel to and how to do it while on the fly
➢ How to make friends and lasting relationships in business and life when you’re on the move

3. How To Build An Online Business You Can Take Anywhere
➢ The future of work and why there is no better time than now to build your own business
➢ The only 4 things you need to run your business from anywhere
➢ The types of businesses best suited to a Suitcase Entrepreneur Lifestyle
➢ The best of the best online tools to run your business from anywhere
➢ How to build your entire business using social media
➢ How to build a world class team you may never meet

I'm flexible on the final structure of the contents of this book too as obviously it needs to cover the topics you most want to know.

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There’s no better time than now to create a business and lifestyle you love, and my friend Natalie Sisson thinks it’s about time we tapped into the future of work to make this happen. She’s writing the Suitcase Entrepreneur book to show you why it’s more possible than ever to live life on your own terms. She wants to show your support in why this book should be written.  Show some love and check out her Kickstarter Campaign today.

How You Can Shape The Future Of Work

I’ve built my entire business using social media and online tools and so it seemed a no brainer to use a great tool like Kickstarter to get the word out about my mission.

Last year a `big name’ traditional book publisher approached me about writing my book, then turned down my proposal, stating people “weren’t ready for completely virtual businesses”.

I wondered why on earth I was even considering going the traditional route of giving away all my control, content rights and the majority of my profits to a publisher.

It struck me this was just the same as working in a 9-5 job that gave me no freedom to make an impact on the world and bring my art to the people that needed it most.

I want to prove them wrong and give you, the public, the voice to say whether you think this book should be written.

If you agree then showing your support by choosing one of the rewards on offer gives you a chance to be part of history, to help me write this book and to prove that everyone deserve to choose to live their ideal lifestyle.

Where will the money go

The typical advance for most first time authors is just $5,000 and for that they give up a lot of control, profit from book sales and still have to fork out money for marketing their own book.

The investment you make to help me self publish goes towards covering the editing and publishing of my book and, if it goes well, the marketing of my book.

Based on extensive research, conversations with published authors and those who've done it themselves, plus Guy Kawasaki's APE (author, publisher, entrepreneur) book here are my estimated costs:

Content editing = US$800
Copyediting = US$1,000
Layout,cover and production = US$1,000
ISBN code for book (10 codes) = US$ 250
Shipping costs of books and free copies = $1,000+
Book Website setup and design = $1500+Kickstarter fees = $550

Forgoing work for 2+ months of writing = Priceless

Approximate Total Publishing Costs = US$6,100 / GBP 3930

This doesn't include the costs of an online marketing and PR campaign, circa $3,000-5,000 although I've buffered this into the funding goal.

Nor does it include the costs of the world tour that I will be covering myself (aside from lovely sponsors who work with me on the 7 meetups) as there's nothing I'd like more than to meet you in person.

This campaign is REALLY about building support and buzz for my book and involving the people who want to read it from the get go!

PS: if you read this far I'll be uploading the video properly but ironically Internet in Malaysia doesn't play fair for uploading times even on my 6th attempt.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The only setback will be not completing my book to get it out to be edited and published for when I've said I'll have it delivered. But once I set a goal I usually meet it and will be determined to do this and keep everyone informed who has supported it.


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