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A great way to store art paints, toys, games, yarn, sewing, tools, pantry items like flour or project pieces quick and easy access.

A great way to store art paints, toys, games, yarn, sewing, tools, pantry items like flour or project pieces quick and easy access. Read more
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The photo and video show the working prototype. I will use the funds to have the parts made commercially and to allow the user to choose the height of the "drawers" that swing out as needed. You will have the choice of three heights 5", 3" and 2" , that can be arranged in any order. Also there will be a top cover to keep it all looking tidy. The base will be a wheel around and the vertical pole will have the capability to add LED spot or flood lights.

Most of the cost will be for tooling the parts as they will be molded in ABS a very strong and rugged material ( your car body is probably made from this ). Here's how the project will proceed.

The stages of development will be this:

The drawers will be drawn in CAD so that they will have all the details for making molds. My son has 3D CAD drawing skills who has offered his time, for free, to help me with this project. When the CAD drawing is completed it will be sent electronically to the mold maker who can use automated tooling, CNC , to machine the molds. They will then make samples for our evaluation and testing. Small changes can be made to the molds at this stage. When they look OK we will then have enough made for the 1000 investors, plus some spares for showing the product to potential buyers. The mold tooling will be able to accept 3 different height of drawers. The first set will contain two 5”, two 3” and one 2” drawer. The pole can accept more than this so additional drawers will be available.

I will need some help from you in choosing the colors and you can give me your input on this.

The base with castors is a standard part used by office chair makers and I have a wide choice of suppliers for this. The one used in my prototype is an older style and the ones we will use for the new design will probably be flatter to the floor and have a more modern style. We will send a questionnaire out at this stage to see which style is most popular. One of the aspects of using Kickstarter, that I like, is that the investors can be part of the design process.

The pole and attachment depend on the base configuration and some custom parts may be needed, these will be either machined or molded.

Then all the parts will be collected and packaged for shipping. Some custom boxes may be needed for this.

The cost of making the 1000 sets for the investors looks like this:

Cost of tooling ….............................  .                                     35,000

Molded drawers $3 each 5000 total …................................    15,000

Off the shelf parts, wheels/base $12.00 for 1000 systems      12,000

Custom additional parts $3.00 for 1000 systems....................   3,000

Packaging $5.00 for 1000 …...................................................  5,000

Misc.......................................................................................... 5,000


My time is not included as a cost because I hope to have a product that I can sell into the retail market.

Based on products that are offered for this “mobile drawer” function I can find nothing really useful under $200 and in the art supply stores Taberets sell for double this amount. I think the set with 5 drawers will be very popular at a retail price of $150.

There is a wide range of accessories that we can make to add onto the set. Lights, brush holders, small tool trays, cup and water holder are some the ideas. I'm sure you will think of additions.

An important aspect of this idea is that I don't have a name yet for it and I would like all the investors to think up names and we'll choose one.. the investor with the lucky choice will get an additional set, for FREE of course!!

Risks and challenges

I have completed many projects mostly designed by myself . I ran a medical instrument company and designed the products. Since I know the mobile drawer system works well and have now used it I know that you and others will enjoy it. There are no parts that are technically outside of current manufacturing skills. I will use a 3D modelling software to ensure that the parts meet our expectations. The risk is that the project may not be a commercial success but you will still be getting your own set of drawers. I will absorb the design costs and almost all of the funds will be used for tooling. My hope is that you will enjoy the drawer set and that I will have the opportunity to sell a product that is really needed.

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  • The "drawers" swivel and hold a lot of "stuff". They are a quarter of a 20" circle and 5" high. The Production ones will be waterproof so you can put dry or wet goods in them, flour, rice from the pantry. The unit rolls easily so you can put it in a corner when not in use. Put Lego pieces in it as your child will be able to store the pieces and also get to them easily. Handy when working on the car to hold parts. The post can hold a clip on lamp or a sign so it would work in a store to hold items like underwear or socks. Every home could have two or more and save space and allow for accessibility too.

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