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A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
9,830 backers pledged $378,758 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping plan in December 2017

Posted by (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

Good news is we collected another 1371 backers since last month. So far almost 70% of the backers have received their back items. The rest are on the way, we believe soon the snapnators will arrive you.


Just like we promised, we hoped to be able to dispatch all the remainders before this Christmas. But still there are certain amount of backers haven't get back to us. We understand you might changed your email address or inadvertently omitted the update, so we are putting this request again and distribute to our Facebook and Twitter. Hope you'll notice us and fill out this form to confirm the final recipient information. 

Please note: you don't have to fill out this form for 2 times, confirm with our online representative regarding the shipping status in case you haven't receive your Snapnator. If you face any after-sale issue, please refer to our after-sale policy We don't often reply the comments on Kickstarter, but that doesn't mean we didn't care about your problem. We think It's always a bad idea to solve your shipping or after-sale problems in a public place. Please try to connect with us through emails or live chat. You can find us here

 Sincerely yours, 

 Snapnator Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Humphrey on

      Yeah, total scam. I've still not received any product from them as an original backer

    2. Eric on

      Biggest scam ever.

    3. Erol Baykal on

      I'm pretty sure I am never going to see my Snapnator, nor my money back. Judging by the comments, it is not worth it anyway. Do not order anything from these people.

    4. Shamol Majumder on

      I got a prototype a year ago, the final product (that I still didn‘t get) seems to be the same poor quality, seeing the comments...

    5. El Lee on

      I am back #8677. After multiple emails, customer service replied on 31 January 2018 and said that I will get a tracking number. It is now 13 February 2018 and I have neither receive any tracking number nor product. Please help!

    6. Missing avatar

      James Sterbenz on

      After multiple emails and finally chatting with customer service a month ago and being told it would be sent within the week, still nothing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bruce Fredricks on

      Well, although I received mine it broke 2 months later. Oh well it was only $30.00.

    8. Corentin on

      Give me my money back !

    9. Missing avatar

      Jack Derrick on

      @snapnator - YOU'RE A FRAUD. Your product is not fit for purpose. You have multiple customers with issues who your are refusing to respond to!

      @potentialcustomers - if you value your Mac, please do not buy this product.

      @kickstarter - You really should step in adjudicate here. I for one have lost all confidence in any other pledges since falling victim to this scam.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Grech on

      For the love of all that’s true.... STOP BUYING THIS PIECE OF CRAP

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Grech on


      The usb type c connector you leave in the port is loose and DEFINITELY I would not trust it charging a 3.5k laptop....

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Grech on

      To all those still waiting for this piece of shit product.

      Within 24 hours of arriving I tried charging my Anker power bank USB-C battery charger.

      Not only did it not charge my battery, but it fucking came apart after only three connect-disconnects.

      The internal piece you leave in the laptop came apart and stuck onto the magnetic part that goes onto the cable

      It’s a bloody disgrace.

      To think I had to pick this piece of shit company as the first company I backed.

      Over and out!

    13. Missing avatar

      Danedeath on

      Honestly, this is just sad at this point. Don't even bother sending my product. Enjoy your free money.

    14. Missing avatar

      Timo Zeißler on

      it's a shame! Over one year now! I didnt received the product!

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary Kuzkin on

      Endless promises, over a year now, no product. Kickstarter ought to be doing something about this ...

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I will never fund another Kickstarter project again and am now warning all my friends of this scam. This project hurts your brand image Kickstarter since you still allow these scam artists to operate within your site.

    17. Missing avatar

      Otto Agne on

      You jockeying. It is one year now, I see the promise monthly. Still can’t get my order
      Be aware of ripping off.
      Hope some days my order arrives

    18. Nick Bombich on

      A bunch of empty promises.

    19. Missing avatar


      I still haven't received anything too :( Can anyone help me, since for more than a year, backer #7990

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike C on

      Haha I backed this and Vinpok Bolt over in IndieGoGo and the Bolt got to me faster.

    21. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Yay, sure!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Stefan Zrenner on

      Dear new backers. You have been SCAMED ask your bank to refund your credit card!
      How come Kickstarter allow such a scam! I never got anything from the company or either Kickstarter!!!!!!! - - - - - B E C A R E F U L ! ! ! - - - S C A M - - - S C A M - - - S C A M - - -

    23. Christoph Atteneder on

      Very funny! No one ever replied on any of my emails! Nothing was sent so far - this is just a perfect scam that will stop lots of backers of investing in kickstarter projects again.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jan Niemueller on

      I also backed for about one year. I never received anything nor got a detailed message why it's not sent.

    25. Missing avatar

      Abdulaziz Homaily on

      Dear 1,371 new backers. You have been SCAMED ask your bank to refund your credit card!

      How come Kickstarter allow such a scam!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andre Hedegaard on

      As usual, just full of bs.

    27. Anastas Belev on

      BULLSHIT! Have some decency and stop posting all these updates. This campaign was a SCAM and no one received anything.

    28. Matthew on

      Backer #6145. Have not moved. Have received nothing. Sent many emails. No responses. Emails through KS; no responses.

    29. Mike DeLaet on

      I ordered a year ago and nothing. This is a SCAM AND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED ASAP!!! ����

    30. Missing avatar

      David on

      It’s been a year and still nothing. $4O and tons of time writing emails and messages begging to send me mine. FU Snapanator

    31. Missing avatar

      Nathan Snelgrove on

      I don’t think I believe any of this. I haven’t moved since placing my order, never got a shipping update, and sent my address to you every time you requested it here.

      Projects like yours have turned Kickstarter into a joke.