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A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
9,830 backers pledged $378,758 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Plan
 in November

Posted by (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We would like to update you all that we have currently shipped out 6000 units of Snapnator while there are still 3355 units are pending. We just received all units from our manufacturer today. We are doing our best to inspect them as fast as we can and get them shipped. We hope to be able to ship 2000 within November and the remainder before the Christmas season arrives. 

We understand there are tons of you must have changed your living place, please fill out this form to confirm the final recipient information.

Sincerely yours, 

Snapnator Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      bessam on

      Apple will realise a new fucking USB and you still come with new excuses.. kickstarter is a joke

    2. Arturo on

      Stop teasing the contributors; I have not changed the address and you do not even answer in chat or messages ... examples like yours also point to the lack of controls on this crowdfund platform. Respect the commitment taken, respond to those who gave you confidence, it's been over a year, delivered or gone away!

    3. Hugo Gomez on

      I got mine yesterday, November 21, I am in Canada. The product seems to be working great. I am glad that this project was not a scam.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick A. on

      STILL have not received this reward, despite all of the empty promises from the developer. I guess it really WAS a scam all along. Too bad KS is not following through on these types of scam projects more aggressively!

    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce Fredricks on

      Hey guys: Not only did I receive mine about a month ago but so far it seems like a sound product. The connection is good and it isn't falling apart. Granted it was about a year late but at least it works.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fran Tao on

      I just want my refund.

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Received mine but stop using it after 3 days. Disappointed with quality.

    8. scott on

      Is it guaranteed NOT to damage my Mac?

    9. Łukasz Hlebowicz on

      Quality is not your strength.
      It's far from promised product and not even close to original MagSafe...
      The best part of the whole campaign are USB to USB-C dongles...

    10. Stefan Vitz

      I wonder what happens if you change the delivery address of a backer number that is not yours...
      They clearly are not that keen for "Standard processes"...

      Facebook Screenshots...
      Google Document Surveys...


    11. Missing avatar

      Jake Sirois on

      You can keep mine at this point!

    12. George Harris on

      I have also been waiting for around a year. I have not changed my address so I would like my product or my money back. Please and thank you.

    13. Yefei Jiang on

      I have never receive it while they ask me more information many times

    14. Martial M.

      I am one of the few that received mine early June. Unfortunately, the build construction is poor, the unit felt apart and some of the contacts melted internally to the unit

    15. Missing avatar

      Radek Suski on

      There are backers with numbers higher than 10000. Son it's a bit strange. The whole campaign is fraud anyway

    16. Missing avatar

      Emanuel on

      Before you postet all the sh*t on Facebook, now I need a Google Account for filling the form? What the hell is wrong with you guys?

    17. Anders Mårtensson on

      Sounds like people don't understand what crowdfunding means.

    18. Missing avatar

      Fil Up on

      I'm wondering why kickstarter condones this type of behavior. Obvious scam and no refund policy.

    19. Jakob Persson on

      Quality is worse than poor. Mine broke after one hour. I wrote them about it, no response.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andre Hedegaard on


      Beware - this is a scam.


      I hope these guys get whats coming to them someday. Thieves!

    21. Missing avatar

      Razvan Bunea on

      If you can still get your money back, you should.
      Build quality is bad:

    22. Missing avatar

      Uli Dillmann on

      how can "Snapnator" be contacted? No way to contact on their Homepage.
      The last Mail asks for filling out a form - only possible by making a Google Account??
      Asking for my "Backer Number"?? Where is that to find?
      Oh my God...

    23. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      Thanks for the much needed update.

      At this point I am looking to get the pledge back, not the item. Please offer the option of a refund (or better yet, start automatically refunding orders). It's the only respectable thing to do at this point.

    24. Missing avatar

      denis on

      What a total fk this has been.

    25. Missing avatar

      Theis Skafte on

      Would also like to see visual proof of someone actually receiving the product before I send any more personal information to these guys...

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Chuang on

      At this point, I can't say that I have not lost any if not all faith on ever receiving my backed items, please just let us know how we can get our money back.

      What I don't understand is this: how did this project (one of the most funded Kickstarter project at the time if I recall correctly) went silent for a whole year and now practically coming back from the dead saying "oh hey guys, we are still trying to deliver, please confirm with our most current / up to date info"

      Are you guys for real? Let's be real for a second, has ANYONE actually received what they've backed? Where's the picture proof of that? Let's assume that you guys did somehow managed to send some out to the backers, from what I've read in the comments, the review had not been very positive, what actions have you guys taken to correct the issues or are you guys simply at the point of trying to mail them out and call it a day!? I mean.... That is if you guys DO actually mail them out... I am not holding my breath for it�

    27. Missing avatar

      Max on


    28. Amol Gupta on

      Backer No: 7,509.
      I've been waiting for a year now, please please ship me at the earliest.

    29. Missing avatar

      wonjin tae on

      stop lying!!! I have been waiting almost a year. Let me have my money back!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Markus Laatz on

      I do not have a google account, so I can’t fill out that doc.