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A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
A Magnetically attached charging connector for the new Macbook, Macbook pro and more USB C charged devices. One of the best MacBook / pro accessories.
9,830 backers pledged $378,758 to help bring this project to life.

A General Update

Posted by (Creator)

Dear Backers,

The shipping process is well underway with most of your goods packaged and transported to our cargo company, where they will be labelled and weighed individually and dispatched. To deal with the complex custom situation in many nations, especially to not request addition private information from you unnecessarily(many nations we ship to ask for recipients' personal VAT numbers for all non-postal packages), we send most of your rewards via postal packages, while they do take a while to cross the oceans, the avoidance of unpredictable delays and hiccups at the customs is arguably worth it. We are also progressing on improving the currently still manual tracking number query system that we mentioned in one of the previous posts, hopefully in the next week we are able to show you something.

Meanwhile, we didn't stop to explore new ways that Snapnators can make you life easier, the following are short clips of two innovative ways of charging made possible by Snapnator that we have came up with, we hope you enjoy it.


In case you don't want the connector sticking out from your laptop
In case you don't want the connector sticking out from your laptop


SN can charge your phone as well!
SN can charge your phone as well!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Chan Chee Mun Timothy on

      Finally my snapnator arrived! It’s a year late. But at least I didn’t get scammed. I have already given up waiting and it suddenly appeared at my house today.

    2. Anders Mårtensson on

      Still waiting for mine as well. Any updates?

    3. Missing avatar

      David W on

      Nothing in my mailbox! No refund in my account! No emails from the Snapnator people!


    4. Uday Nadgir on

      I dont invest in Kickstarter any more. it looks all these people are scam. I am going warn every one to stop doing this. I have sent multiple messages to this project. I have not received my item yet and no has given any update. It has been more than 10 months since I backed this project. Unbelievable.

    5. Michael Moldofsky on

      I need to stop investing on kickstarter. Scammed again.

    6. Missing avatar

      Punyashlok on

      Hi! What's the matter? Still haven't received it!

    7. David G. Tran on

      So disappointed that I backed this last year and still haven't seen delivery of the final product. There are so many other competitive products out there currently that are available and yet I have to hold my breath hoping this will one day get delivered.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bryan Leese on

      Still waiting for delivery, how much longer ????

    9. Jakob Persson on

      We are in August and still no sign of it. Any news?

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Greenberg on

      Still have not received either - when is the next update?

    11. Missing avatar

      Anuj on

      I haven't received mine yet, is there a way to check why?

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven Brown on

      I haven't received mine yet. What a disappointment this has been.

    13. Missing avatar

      charles guillermin on

      Still did not received , 7658

    14. Tyson Junkers on

      I still haven't received mine. Any update?

    15. Missing avatar

      Frutuoso on

      I have contributed to your project from its inception and I still have not received my reward. I am very disappointed.
      Julien FRUTUOSO

    16. Missing avatar

      Aliben on


    17. Missing avatar

      Ted Chavalas on

      I am very disappointed in the poor communication and total lack of any information pertaining to when my item would be shipped. All I know is my money has been spent and I have been waiting over three months with absolutely no feedback about when MY order might ship. Just blanket press releases...

    18. David G. Tran on

      It's the end of June and I haven't received anything yet. Super disappointed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Blake Perdue on

      I was doubtful based on all the comments but I received my Snapnator today (June 19th, 2017) and so far it works great. It doesn't heat up at all with my Macbook 12". I love the size and functionality and am quite happy to have received it.

      I understand the skepticism by everyone, but I just wanted to let you know I did receive mine.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lars Becker on

      Burn the money.. nothing... no answer to questions

    21. Mohammad Katayen on

      My Backer No. is: 3,575
      Today and all of a sudden, I've received my package: Snapnator + USB-C to USB-A adaptor + the Gift(Multi adaptor), they are as described here in the campaign, quality is acceptable, but unfortunately I don't need them any more. however, you do need the included stickers to force the adaptor to detach on the magnets point, otherwise the USB-C side will be pulled out of your MacBook, at the end, this is not so practical.

    22. Ben Phelps on

      Thanks but...
      1. I haven't received a reply from PM; and
      2. The (Service) and (Media) is sending bounce back when I've tried you via email.
      Not a good sign, guys. Evasive or very disorganised. This is very, very disappointing. Please process a refund.

    23. Missing avatar

      Masatoshi Kusakabe on

      Not arrived....

    24. Missing avatar

      Luis Populin on

      This is a ripoff. Since getting a refund seems to be impossible, have the decency of just going away with money. Stop sending these BS updates, they are meaningless.

      Luis Populin

    25. Missing avatar

      Rgtt on

      Nothing, no answer from PM..
      Is there a way to get a refund ?

    26. cynix on

      #6054 here, still nothing. Sigh.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lassi Kojo on

      Received mine, it didn't work at all.
      Send them an email and PM, no response. That was a month ago.

      I just want my money back and forget that I ever backed this project.

    28. Benjamin Chodroff on

      Backer 9631 - still no delivery.

    29. Jangho Bae on

      Still I didn't receive any.....

      I have no words about this situation

    30. Missing avatar

      Antonio Alabanda Parejo on

      Bla bla bla... More than 6 month since I ordered!!!! liars

    31. Boris Perov on

      When I received Snapnator I was super happy with its looks, how it was made and how it worked. But after about a month of moderate usage it literally fell apart. :( It looked like it was very well made and sturdy but in fact it was not so durable. The magnet from the USB-C component just stuck with another part and a piece of black plastic fell out of it. Tried to re-assemble it and it worked but fell apart again next time I used it. :( Love the idea but I either was unlucky or the product quality doesn't correspond to its looks. :(

    32. Christina Paine

      I'm backer #85 ! Still nothing. ??

    33. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Marini on

      I am a backer and I would like to know when finally I can get the Snapnator.
      I have been waiting for months!
      When do you think Snapnator will arrive in Italy to the Italian backers? Can you give me an answer, please?

    34. Verdi on

      Putting the Snapnator in the adapter instead of the laptop is great! I feel silly for not thinking of this myself. Just tested it by letting mu daughter run in full speed agains the wire, and it works perfectly ;-) Very happy with this product. Cheers!

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter Friskney on

      Im in the UK when will I get my product? Im backer 7588 please respond

    36. Missing avatar

      DENTY on

      I've almost forgot that I've subscribed with $30. I'm backer #5782. Hopefully I'll get this toy before Apple makes my MacBookPro obsolete...

    37. Frederik Wunderlich on


      After using mine for circa a day it fired the cable and the motherboard. Luckily my mbp has an extensive warranty and I can't say for sure it was the snapnator but it's pretty safe to assume it was the cause...
      I will not use it again. I am just sorry for my money and happy to have an extensive insurance.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andre Hedegaard on

      Its a scam of course. No one will get anything.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Campbell on

      Wow......if Backer #568 just received their item on May 19th, then I must be looking at sometime in the fall, or maybe Christmas.....I'm backer #6,698......these were promised to us in January, but I assumed they meant January 2017, not 2018.... Lol.....

    40. Missing avatar

      peggy on

      I also haven't received anything :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Preston Nevins on

      Updates=good. Waiting for mine.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Backer #568, received mine (grey) on May 19th (as well as a USB-C hub). Overall, everything is working well so far. It's not perfect, but it does the job, and it's a small price for extra safety on an expensive computer.

    43. James Cottrell on

      still haven't gotten mine --- i call BS.

    44. Steve Feinstein on

      Got mine about 2 weeks ago. Backer #120 It's what it claimed to be. works well enough so I have no complaints other than all the drama and non-communication up to this point.

    45. Missing avatar

      JC Smith on

      Has anyone anywhere received one? I'm getting the feeling that this is yet another kickstarter scam. So far I'm 2 scams out of three kickstarter attempts. No more KS for me.

    46. Missing avatar

      Blake Taylor on

      Yeah, still no sign of mine. Been half a year. I've basically given up on ever seeing it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mika Leung on

      Oh gees! Will it be a Christmas gift?

    48. Gene Gualtieri on

      Ship this gd thing already

    49. Missing avatar

      Chan Chee Mun Timothy on

      Still have Not received mine. It's been more than 6 months!!