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This eco-friendly cube is a practical solution to hold your toothbrush and simplify your daily routine.
This eco-friendly cube is a practical solution to hold your toothbrush and simplify your daily routine.
This eco-friendly cube is a practical solution to hold your toothbrush and simplify your daily routine.
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    1. Márton Németh

      Received in Australia. They all look very well done, thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jesus Chavez

      Received in Mexico. Nice work. The only thing I complain is the shipping package. 2 of the 8 I order were scratched.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesus Chavez

      When will I receive my pledge?

    4. W L Eric NG

      No response and No items received ?????

    5. Missing avatar

      Gerlof Dijkstra on

      We are now 18 May 2017. Despite e-mail promises nothing, nothing, and still nothing has arrived in France. I consider that promises broke I am eligible to a full refund.

    6. Márton Németh

      Hello, Australian resident here.

      I hope these are still on their way, considering it's mid-April now...

    7. Missing avatar

      Gerlof Dijkstra on

      Hello there !
      We are now April 3rd. No delivery as yet has been made to me in France. The reasonable additional delay has passed, so what's up ? Please do reply with a factual and committed delivery date.

    8. W L Eric NG

      Any I get an update where are my Cubes ?
      Almost end of March already.

    9. Missing avatar

      Corey Fainstat on

      Can we please get an update? You are 2 months late on delivery with no communication or update. If don't get a reply within 24 hours, I will have to assume is is fraud and report you.

    10. Missing avatar

      anstevens on

      I received my order today and they are pretty much exactly what was promised. Very functional and I like the size. I love these!

      However, I hope that going forward with other projects you guys will be more communicative and accessible to your backers. I don't mind delays, but even just a two-line e-mail every couple of weeks to let us know what's up would have been appreciated.


    11. Missing avatar

      anstevens on

      Hi guys,
      As of March 5 I have not received my cubes. Could you please provide me with a tracking number within the next week or refund my order entirely?

    12. Jason Bierz

      Got mine yesterday. Looks like my f tard mailman delivered somewhere else first. But they're nice and solid, look great on the counter! The only issue I have is, they're too narrow for any of my razor handles. Maybe go for a large version if there's a round 2? Nice tooth & tongue brush holders though!

    13. Missing avatar

      Erick Mar on

      Got my 6. Not perfect. Some scratches, but overall really nice. Thank you!

    14. David Russell on

      Got mine. They were in the mailbox today. Look nice.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Califano on

      got to be honest mine had many nicks and even a dents on the sides these do not look new. i'm pretty upset about this !

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris Mays on

      For anyone interested, I received mine (2) today. Using as toothbrush holders, I think they're pretty cool!

    17. Missing avatar

      Melvin on

      Hi creators. Thank you for the updates, but I suggest you still release an official update instead of just dropping a comment!

    18. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Hello EverCube Backers community. I want to sincerely apologize for the delay in responding. Some unexpected events related to work load, manufacturing, and shipping have happened since the last time I gave an update. Manufacturing was delayed as well as shipping. Rest assured your EverCubes are coming. Expect the orders of 1,2,3, and 4 EverCubes within the next week. Orders of 6, 8, and 10 before the end of February. Thank you for your patience

    19. Missing avatar

      William Smith

      Can we get some kind of update? Anything would be nice at this point.

    20. Drew Gasser on

      When are the rewards shipping out

    21. Drew Gasser on

      Where is my reward

    22. Missing avatar

      James Garlick on

      When are these going to ship?

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Califano on

      where are tracking info ? poor communication

    24. Missing avatar

      Ed Schuldt on

      So here it is 3 Feb and no sign my reward has shipped. Remember the communicate with your backers thing?

    25. Drew Gasser on

      Any update on orders shipping out? Just wondering what the timeline should look like

    26. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Hey EverCube Community! We are finishing up the final stage of manufacturing and will have orders starting to ship out by next monday 1/23/2017. Thank you for your patience! Looking forward to shipping them out to you!

    27. Missing avatar


      Has this actually started shipping?

    28. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Yea we have tested it and the EverCube had no problem holding a softball. Even gave it a knock test and it was pretty stable. It would only fall if you intentionally were trying to make it fall.
      Unfortunately, we can't add a larger dimple because the manufacturing process is already set up for the design of the cube. Good news is though, the hole already holds up pretty stable when placing round objects in it.

    29. W L Eric NG

      Baseball size object. I am just worry the hole is just too small for the round object to have a secure footing (too shallow because the hole is small). Round thing might fell off easily with a slight knock or vibration. If I am using a few of these cubes near each other and domino effects can occur.

      So I was thinking is it possible to add a dimple (larger diameter than the hole) on one of the flat side.

    30. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Hey Eric, we have actually experimented using the EverCube to hold several round objects such as a golf ball and baseball. Surprisingly the hole in it is already big enough to hold those up in a display like fashion. What kind of round object did you have in mind?

    31. W L Eric NG

      It is possible to have one side with a Concave finish so I can also use this cube as a stand for round shape object ?

    32. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Hey Philipp, good idea, we will definitely consider implementing that if possible. (:

    33. Philipp

      @creator: als you started with stretch goals talk in your update :-)

      Here's a proposal: a fitting rubber inlay to avoid eventual scratching of pens by the Al body of the cube...

    34. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Thanks Robert Erkelens! Very happy you can be a part of this journey with us! (:

    35. Robert Erkelens on

      Goal achieved!
      Congratulations, am very curious about the Ever Cube

    36. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Thanks Florian Rossignol, the price drop is because we have worked out better manufacturing deals. To answer your question, the quality of the EverCube has actually improved because we now use partially recycled aircraft grade aluminum. Also, the design of the cube itself has been improved giving it a more modern and appealing look.

    37. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      Yes Robert Chen, the EverCube team has discussed implementing some stretch goals within the next week two weeks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Florian Rossignol on

      Hi !

      Nice design and multipurpose. Excited to have some.

      But I saw that the price now is like four time less than your first Kickstarter attempt. Will it affect the quality of the cube ?

      Thanks and hoping you'll reach the founding !

    39. Robert Chen

      Have you considered doing anodizing or different metals as stretch goals or addons?

    40. Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo 2-time creator on

      The EverCube is 4.6 ounces. As for a cable organizer, we have tested it and its weight was sufficient enough to keep the cords organized and hold them together. Keep in mind, the EverCube's hole has a 0.75 inch diameter.

    41. Missing avatar

      John Chao

      How much weight for a cube? Would it be too light for cable organizer?